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Fashion Stuff to Shop for in Tokyo by Toreishi

August 5, 2012 ~ Harajuku shopping and photo op with this creepy character!
One of the best things to do in Tokyo (or even in Osaka) is definitely shopping! Even window shopping is fun and interesting in Japan because they have so many unique things sold in their shops~ from crazy funky fashion items, wide variety of art/fashion magazines and books, unique special edition toys, cute and sweet snacks, to home keep-worthy items
I'm no shopaholic expert nor am I a hard-core shopaholic... (Why so defensive, Toreishi-chan? LOL) But I remember a friend asking me what nice things she could buy in Tokyo and I remember being ecstatic and excited to give her some rundown of things she could shop for... So I thought of writing this. It's not really alot.. These are just things based from my shopping (and window shopping) experience. It may be biased to my taste and style of course being this is my recommendation LOL... But generally, these are good finds to shop in Tokyo! 

Fashion Items:
I came to Tokyo obsessing about their recent trend of tattoo tights and lace socks matched with platform sneakers! They are love!!So one of the first things I looked for in Harajuku and Shibuya are these fashion key items! I wanna recommend these to buy in Tokyo since it's uniquely available there and you have so many styles and designs to choose from! 

These key fashion items aren't so brand new actually, since last year, I've been checking out FRUiTS Magazine and I've already noticed this trending style. Kyari Pamyu Pamyu's cover page of FRUiTS is really adorable! She rocked her look while looking kawaii and edgy at the same time! I love her style here!

May 2011: Kyari Pamyu Pamyu in FRUiTS Magazine Love her platform sneakers,
lace socks and bone-design tights!

Luckily, Kaira-chan (the owner of the super-kawaii website: and ) Is selling those fashionable platform sneakers for almost same price with the stores in Harajuku!! There are some random good finds in Takeshita Dori selling platform sneakers for ¥2,000 up but they are easily sold out in a few hours time! But the regular price range of ¥5,200 - ¥6,600 is not bad... I even actually saw some pricier ranging  ¥10K @_@ What I like about those platform sneakers is they're light-weight... So it's comfy to walk while boosting my height and it can be easily matched with any casual comfy clothing... even vintage fashion would match these pair! Good thing, even if this is one of my "Things to shop for in Tokyo" it's readily available online with Rainbowholic Online Store!

High-cut Platform Sneakers! ¥5,200 - ¥6,600

August 6, 2012 Narita Airport ~ I was so happy to wear my cute lace
socks I got from Porta Portese in Takeshita Dori
This is one of my frustration here in Manila. I always try to look for these pair of socks only to find them in the children's section of department stores... Some only even sell them in infant toddler sizes! @_@ arghh!! To my great joy, I knew I'll find these pair of lovely lace socks!! I love these pair of socks 'coz it's so kawaii and it can also look vintagey. I first found these lace socks in Shibuya 109 in the store called Poco a Poco. I was so hesitant to get a pair because it's priced at ¥1,050 (PhP 560.00 approx). I think my intuition was telling me that I might find some cheaper... But I got one pair anyways... just in case I won't be able to find it elsewhere at least I've already got myself a nice lace socks! Well a day after, I indeed found better and cheaper socks in Takeshita Dori! Not only Beam Chara Porta Portese had cheaper pairs like 3 for ¥1,050, they have lots of pastel colors to choose from too! This is one of the best finds I got in Takeshita Dori!

Another unique item I found in Tokyo are these super cute tattoo tights! Everywhere I see almost everyone wearing this cool tights! The price range even goes up to ¥5,000! Well, luckily I found a very nice store in Takeshita Dori that sells fairly priced tattoo socks... (As I mentioned in #2...) Beam Chara Porta Portese sells wide variety of tights and socks for fairly cheaper price among the other shops I've checked out. Wish I could take a photo inside but most shops in Harajuku don't allow photos to be taken inside their stores. >_<

Porta Portese Tatoo Tights: ¥1,050 -  ¥1,500 each!

I was so ecstatic to shop for my sister's tattoo tights here and got her some cute prints too! It really looks nice when you wear it, it really looks like tattoos on their legs! Will post a fashion photo of my sisters next time!

Beam Chara Porta Portese in Takeshita Dori
1-6-13 Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

I really wish I could have taken photos inside the shop... But it was really forbidden! But if you will go to Harajuku you should look for this shop sign! 

If you don't get a chance to pass by Harajuku, Poco a Poco in Shibuya 109 is also a nice place to shop for these kinds of hosiery and socks... It's a bit pricier though.

Poco a Poco Socks and Tights Store in Shibuya 109 has soooo many variants of different
pantyhose, tights, stockings and socks to choose from!

If you want to get some interesting Omiyage for girls, this might be interesting. This morbid looking (but cute) accessories was made famous again by Kyari Pamyu Pamyu... It's weird indeed. Morbid and gory accessories are not only for Halloween... It's now worn in everyday... As there's a global trend with Zombie Apocalypse, I think Japanese Street Fashion is joining the universal zeigeist of the Zombie Apocalypse. Haha.
Cute eyeball bows in different colors!

I got my sister this simpler eyeball hair tie! To my surprise, I got it for a very expensive price of ¥840?!
Only to find out that it's sold in half a price in Harajuku!
Japanese Fashion Magazines are my favorites! Even if you can't read Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji Characters~ you can still appreciate most Japanese Fashion Magazines because of their rich visuals! Unlike Western and even Manila's local magazine that's 1/3 advertisement... Japanese fashion magazines are jam packed with fashion spreads and street snaps which will satiate you from cover to cover! Usual price range is ¥400 - ¥700. 

Kobe August 2011 Super Kawaii Blythe Doll Books!

August/September 2012 Issues of KERA, Zipper and Seventeen Fashion Magazines for my sisters!

Tokyo October 2011 ~ Some random Japanese Fashion Magazines
Some stolen shot from a Shibuya bookstore
Kobe August 2011 ~ Girly Magazines!!
Another stolen shot from a bookstore in Kobe

August/September Issue of FRUiTS Magazine 
(and Vogue Japan) I love FRUiTS Magazine!!
I remember my last year's trip in Osaka & Kobe, I think I got trigger happy and bought myself every magazine I can buy in every bookstore I passed by! My favorites are FRUiTS Magazine and its' men's counterpart... TUNE Magazine and also STREET. They're more of an art-magazine, for me, because they are capturing the everyday street fashion rather than advertising brands and trends in the magazine. FRUiTS, TUNE and STREET are a bit harder to find compared to the other magazines which are easily available in convenience stores like 7-Eleven and Mini Stop, you have to stop by a bookstore to really find them... or in some boutiques like Spinns in Harajuku. For fashion enthusiast for like me, I think it's definitely a good stuff to shop in Japan.

Osaka August 2011 ~ Dolly Wink Lashes! Pricey falsies to look like a doll!

Ever wonder how Japanese girls' lashes look like dolls? Well, it's because of these fancy falsies found everywhere! Actually even the non-branded make-up items in Japan are really nice and good quality. But of course branded ones are even better. But I recommend buying make-up items in Tokyo or in Japan generally, it's good!

Of course there are tons of fashion items to shop in Tokyo! It even varies from one fashion district to another. Nonetheless, these items are the noteworthy ones for me for fashion keepsake! Actually, as I write this as of the moment one thing from another pops my mind to mention but I should stop here before I take a whole day again to finish! Haha! I'll definitely make another list of Grocery Goods and Snacks to buy in Tokyo and Souvenir Items too! 


  1. Girl's stuff always amuses you. haha You were even so serious to choose what socks to get haha. Keep all them clean! haha

  2. Haha! Yes it was so hard to choose from everything!! So overwhelming!! Haha!

  3. waahh~ the must have's of japanese fashion~~ ヘ(゚∇^ヘ)(ノ^∇゚)ノ ヘ(^∇゚ヘ)(ノ゚∇^)ノ
    i'm really fascinated over those tattoo stockings.. wish manila has them~~ (aggs, manila, why you don't have more cute items here~~)
    those gore-y eyeballs~~ i'm searching for something like those in manila, but there isn't one (≧Д≦), i think it will be one good fashion statement.. hihi, people will sure look weirdly at it :)) i'm wishing for something like Zaorick Mochasse designs here in the country~~~
    and platform sneakers!!! i can only hope they have my size when i'll buy one~~(sucks to have a big feet~~(´A`。))

    1. Actually, it's too cold for Tattoo Stockings in JPN now haha but it so pretty! The winter alternatives are those pretty printed tights! It's LOVE!! Actually, Purple Cow's Attic (my other sponsor) sells tattoo tights and very cheap too (in JPN it's soooo expensive!) But you should check it out!

      And I'm actually working on some eyeball headpieces! It's gonna be sooooo RAD!! Hehe! Zaorick Mochasse is one of my pegs with "weirdness" haha but may be some fusion with my TSUMORI CHISATO Patron Saint (LOL)

    2. awwww. sometimes cold weather is really a downer in fashown~ hihi, 'cause at times no matter how adorbs your clothes is, you have to wear huge thick coats over it to fight the cold..

      ohh~~ that'll be choo kakkoii :3 <3
      only seen some design if chisato on tokyo fashion.. a fusion of the two of them will i guess be balance out/tame down zaorick uber out of this world designs~~ hihi

  4. You have known kyari long before she is famous


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