Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Golds & Whites for a Sweet Debutante!

Hershey Chua's Regal Gold and Whites Debutante Ensemble!
I love making moodboards for clients! It gives them the visual interpretation they need
to fully understand designer's ideas and concepts! 
For a change, I'll take a short break from my Tokyo Trip Travelogs and a detour blog on my recent project I've been working on these past few weeks. Actually, August has been really nice to me (since I have this divine faith of "The Best Fortune" that I got from the Omikuji Fortune Drawers at the Sensouji Temple in Asakusa HAHA. Keep'em coming) One of my latest projects is Hershey Chua's Debutante Ensemble for her Debutante Party this September!

It's a bit rushed since I just came back from my trip second week of August then the whole Metro Manila was basically paralyzed for a few weeks because of the relentless monsoon rains but it's okay. The great thing about it is I came back to Manila fully energized and ready to create designs!

I love debutantes! (Well, I love brides and weddings too!) But young clients like debutantes and prom clients give me more creative freedom to have more spunk! Whenever I create for young clients, I always imagine myself living like my Fashion Icon and Inspiration... Betsey Johnson! Somehow, she makes really classy and elegant dresses without compromising her character and style! She's always fun too! I wanna be like her~ from her spirit, energy and how she manages to be a fashion designer and a mom at the same time!

Anyways, without further ado... This is my design ensemble for my new debutante muse... Hershey Chua! I'm so excited for the "sequel" where I'll soon be posting actually party photos!  
Hershey Chua's 18th Debutante Party Ensemble!
by Tracy Dizon (Tiara by Tracy Dizon)

This is basically inspired from Kenley Collin's Wedding Dress for Project Runway, the Oscar Dela Renta gown Cameron Diaz worn on a red carpet event and that cute Jenny Humphrey outfit from Gossip Girl Season 2. Hehe. I love carousels and baroque colors of Whites and Golds! Hope you like it!


  1. you always make debutantes gorgeous. that's your talent! Great job and keep going with the best fortune haha

    1. Thank you for always making comments on my blog haha <3

  2. Your contribution in debut is so pretty all the time


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