Thursday, August 23, 2012

Good Finds in Tokyo by Toreishi

Some typical store with oishii sweets! Watashi ha ichigo ga suki desu! 
Aside from the fashion finds... there are lots of good stuff that you can find in Tokyo (er... Japan) Even those simple and typical Japanese snacks and goods are really interesting. Of course the ever so-popular "Made in Japan" KitKat is definitely a must find and a must buy... But there are also some other interesting sweets and snacks that we can find. Not only snacks but there are lots of interesting souvenir items and trinkets that is interesting to get and for me a must buy when you go to Japan. As promised, I'll be writing a part 2 from my   Fashion Stuff to Shop in Tokyo by Toreishi  blog. But I must warn you that you'll be reading kawaii and child-like stuff mostly here just because I like those things. Haha! (Who doesn't?) But for the sweetooth that is me... This would be biased a bit because i just can't get enough of sweets in the world. Haha! Well, if something not-sweet pops into my mind I'll try to pitch in some of those. 

Goods, Snacks and Sweets:
I think one of the most iconic Japanese pop-culture face is that Milky character~ "Peko". Pekochan and her cute smile with her tongue on the right side of her lip is such a classic. Until now she's still popular. I always get Atreyu this candy whenever I come to Japan. It's almost available in any convenience stores and supermarkets so it's really not hard to find. Fujiya (the maker of Milky) even has a store of their own~ like a bakeshop/candystore. 
Nippori, Tokyo October 2011 ~ found this small Fujiya Store in Nippori!
Nowadays the recent trends with snacks and goods is the "special flavors" and Milky has new special flavors too! Like the Green Tea and the Salt Flavored Milky Candy! 

Some new special edition Milky Candies! Green Tea and Salt Flavor! Taka sent these for Atreyu

You should look out for special edition snacks, sometimes they have special edition candies like this one I found in Daiso! Peko & Hello Kitty Soda Party Candies! So cute! It also has an interesting, soda/yogurt like taste. Interesting~ I saw this online almost five times the price I got it so you'll get it much much cheaper if you buy it from Tokyo (or anywhere in Japan) I know Hello Kitty collectors and lovers out there would be delighted to have this candy!
Peko and Hello Kitty Soda Party
Aside from  Pekochan, Fujiya has other sweets like Anpanman. They look really cute!

Anpanman Chocolates!

I dunno what this is actually, all I know it's also a sweet-candy of some sort.

Well, this is just my personal favorite. I dunno if this is a must-buy, but I just like it. Haha. No milktea shop in whole Metro Manila can beat this Lipton Milk Tea for me. What I like about it best it whenever I just feel like having it, I can just go to any convenience store and grab one pack. It's also half the price of Milk Teas here in Metro Manila.

My favorite MILKTEA!!!

Of course this is the ever so famous KitKat Made in Japan is a must buy in Tokyo (or in Japan). But first time I tried looking for these KitKat in Metro Tokyo I kinda had a hard time and didn't get to find it. One of my goals on this trip was to find in Metro Tokyo where to buy these oishii goodies. Unfortunately, even if I went around three souvenir shopping areas, four different groceries and several convenience stores in Tokyo, i still didn't find a single special flavored KitKat. I asked for Kaira-chan's expert shopping advice on where I could go find KitKat Made in Japan in Tokyo and she also advised me to just buy it in Narita ~ There may have been a store in Shinjuku (Okashino Machioka) that sells them, but I don't wanna waste time finding the store and getting off Shinjuku just for one agenda.

KitKat made in Japan's special flavors are seasonal as I've researched online. During my stay I only got to catch the most popular flavors~ Wa-Ichigo, Sakura Macha and Green Tea. Too bad I was just disposing my last Yen money so I didn't get to buy a lot...

Small Loots of KitKat Made in Japan I wish I could have hoarded more!!?
Best place to find KitKat Made in Japan is Duty Free Shops at the Airport

Not my photo. hehe. Just for visual aids~ here are the flavored KitKat Made in Japan

Trinkets and Souvenir Items

My postcard loots from my last Tokyo Trip!
Traditional and Pop Culture Postcards!
I may be biased since I collect postcards but Japanese postcards are quite interesting... Most places have just some typical scenery postcards for tourists to get, like "Boracay" then some white-sand beach photo... But Japanese Postcards varies with lots of artistic ones, cultural ones and just place simple scenery postcard. To me, it's a reflection how rich their culture is~ may it be traditional and pop-culture. Although, compared to Manila, postcards here may be just around PhP1.00 - PhP 12.00 for the typical ones and may be PhP 20.00 - PhP 50.00 for those fancier types, Japanese Postcards are a bit pricier, ranging from ¥ 90- ¥210 a piece... Well, cheapest I found is in DAISO which costs  ¥ 105 for two postcards. But for me it's a nice memento and keepsake and also a nice omiyage for friends.

Nice Souvenir Tokyo Tower Postccards for ¥180 I liked the artsy looking one on the lower right
but I thought it was too expensive for me. Hehe.
Couldn't find any Hello Kitty nor My Melody Postcards in Sanrio Puroland only these Jewelpet Characters!
But even if they're ¥210 each I couldn't miss my chance to get a Postcard from Sanrio Puroland!
There are lots of Japanese Dolls in Japan... from the "Ningyo"(traditional) to the fashion dolls like Blythe, Jenny (Takara Tomy) and the Obitsu Doll (more technical doll where you have to construct and accessorize to your likeness) and my favorite Pop icon Kewpie Doll. Gomen for being biased, mochiron, I  have inclination with dolls and fashion dolls because of my fashion design background but I really think these items are uniquely Japanese. Even their typical cheap fashion doll looking like "Jenny" looks like an anime character. 

Asakusa August 2012 ~ Cute Kewpie Babies is a cute Omiyage from Japan!
August 3, 2012 ~ Doll window display in Ginza
Jenny Doll in Baskin Robbins!

October 2011 ~ DAISO, Takeshita Dori
Kawaii "Jenny" looking fashion dolls for ¥105!

Wouldn't it be nice to have your foreign name translated in Nihongo? I think it's an awesome and useful keepsake to have a seal stamp in Kanji characters. I've first seen this Hanko Stamps in DAISO... and I think it's not really hard to find these since it's typically used by Japanese as signature and seal for their letters and envelopes.

Hanko Stamps in 100 ¥en Store
More Hanko Stamps! 
Well, there are many things aside from the things I've mentioned here of course. I forgot to mention Yukata, Kimono, Kamikazari and the likes of those... But I didn't recommend them because it's pricey but I'm sure it's well made and of superior quality. Also, unique Japanese designer fashion items from Comme des Garçons (I love their bags there!), Issey Miyake (love the scents!), Yohji Yamamoto (an interesting piece of top would be a good investment), and my personal favorite Tsumori Chisato (I love her quirky Cat RTW pieces!) but be careful with the customs they might realize it's highly taxable items! Haha! Hope this can be a useful information to those planning on shopping in Tokyo! 


  1. i was amazed how many kinds of kitkat are available at the airport. i can imagine you were like jumping and running when you found it haha. Green tea flavor is rare now so you are so lucky!

  2. I just grabbed those photos in some other blogs I just found Wa-ichigo and Greentea at Narita! When you leave for Milan please get me lots of KitKat at the airport!! LOL haha!

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  6. You wanted hanko for yourself so much. Toreishi


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