Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mission Accomplished! プリクラ Everyday in Tokyo

August 5, 2012 ~ My DAY 4 in Tokyo!
Trying on Kyari Pamyu Pamyu's Puri-Ma-Donna
プリクラ Machine!
Since I wrote quite a bit long entry yesterday about my trip to Asakusa, I felt a bit drained so let me just post a light blog post for today! Haha! It's light and it's my favorite topic...
プリクラ !! 
As I prologue in my previous entry ~ I wanted to accomplish to take purikura everyday of my trip. Haha! What a wasteful idea? Well, for me it's not... for a cheap price of 400Yen~ (that would be roughly PhP 200) Purikura always make me picture perfect and happy all-through-out the day. Haha! Plus photos lasts for a long time... I remember when I was missing my kareshi and the times I spent together with him... looking at our プリクラ brings me back nice memories. Well, not only with Taka, also my other friends I've shared プリクラ photos with (Mikas, Junnie and especially Kaira-chan!) Oh... Filipinos are PHOTO-CRAVED! Haha! YES. Simply because us Pinoys, we are very sentimental human beings haha! For sure, if these up-to-date and brand-new プリクラ Machines get exported to Manila it will be selling a lot. Especially with cosplay events and conventions stuff. Well, I just assume. Haha. I'm no expert on those things. But definitely I'd love to have that machine here in Manila!

Mission Accomplished!! I got to take purikura everyday of my Tokyo Trip!
Actually I love PURIKURA so much that even if I'm not good with my Katakana, I can read プリクラ whenever I am looking for a プリクラ Machine in the area. LOL. The things that I can do when you love something... Haha!

Anyways let me get along with my purikura photos that I've been looking forward to posting...

DAY 1: プリクラ with Kaira-chan!
August 2, 2012 Takeshita Dori ~ the only "BTS Shot"
I took when Kaila and I are taking プリクラ photos!
Kaila and I definitely love プリクラ! She's one of my dear friends who helped me operate a プリクラ Machine at first (Well aside from my kareshi who barely knows about プリクラ but because he's so nice to me he tries to teach me how to use it. Haha)  I love how she recommended the best machines to use. Coz I encountered some machines that only prints out fewer shots than others some even make our eyes look distorted. She definitely is the プリクラ expert I'm lucky to visit in Tokyo! Even if we just had a short date together in Takeshita Dori~ It was all worth it because we had fun taking プリクラ first and foremost! Haha

I got this from Kaira-chan's Rainbowholic Blog!
Kaila had our  purikura in high-resolution since she got to email it on her
SoftBank email address!
More プリクラ!! We're so KAWAII!

I love our プリクラ photos together because we even have high-resolution copies! But for posterity's sake, I'll also post my scanned version of our プリクラ Photo...

プリクラ #1 with Kaila!
Hi-Res looks better of course!

DAY 2: プリクラ in Sanrio Puroland!
Toreishi-san in Sanrio Puroland プリクラ
 I was actually really looking forward to taking a プリクラ in Sanrio Puroland thinking that the プリクラ Machines there would be extra kawaii. It was actually the first thing I looked for upon entering Sanrio Puroland.
I was like a child in a candy store seeing the プリクラ Photo Booths all in line at the lower ground floor of Sanrio Puroland! I actually couldn't decide which photo booth I would like to use! Actually I really wanted to try one of each プリクラ photo booths... But I was just shy to tell my kareshi (who was just sitting tiredly by the bench beside the プリクラ machines and game claw machines) but I really wanted to try another machine because I didn't like our first プリクラ. Well it's my fault. Haha! Being over-excited that I am... I think I over-decorated our photo and since we were both wearing black that day, we seemed to have looked like floating heads surrounded by Sanrio Characters! Haha! So creepy and so overdecorated haha! Well... It's my fault. From this day forth... I learned my lesson well... Not to over decorate プリクラ because I won't be seen in the photos! Haha!

プリクラ in Sanrio Puroland I was overwhelmed which one to choose!
Actually, the プリクラ Machines itself in Sanrio Puroland wasn't as grand as I expected. They're quite smaller than the usual fancy ones I find in Shibuya and Harajuku... But surprisingly, it's even more expensive than the typical ones. Usually, for a 400 Yen プリクラ, I get two copies already with several shots (around 5-6 shots). But the one in Sanrio Puroland didn't have another copy to share and I only got 2 shots from it. But it's okay, at least I got to try it~

Well, without further ado~ Here's our over-decorated プリクラ photo from Sanrio Puroland! I can't even find our faces at first glance! Haha!

プリクラ #2 Taka and Tracy attacked by Sanrio Characters! LOL!  >_<

DAY 3: プリクラ with Mikas in Shibuya!
Last year, on my previous trip to Tokyo, I missed taking プリクラ with Mikas... I stayed with her for a couple of days last time but since we didn't get to catch each other or simply because I just forgot because I was so into deep with our conversations and "chikahans". I often forget to take photos with her. Well at least this time, I finally got to have a chance to take a プリクラ photo with Mikas! Haha! And she's so pretty in our photos! (Well, she is pretty in real life too but...) she even looked like a doll in our photo haha! I kept teasing her "Heart Evangelista is that you?" Haha!

I also loved my dress in this photo! The vintage prints on my dress looks nice and my pretty kamikazari too! Haha! I didn't look like I'm dead tired here! Even if my feet and legs were aching so much from walking and braving the Shibuya's crowded shopping area!

プリクラ #3 Mikas-san ga kirei desu!

DAY #4  POP-ART プリクラ in Harajuku with Taka! 

My fourth day in Tokyo was planned to go to Harajuku. Mochiron, I was extra-excited even more! I loved my プリクラ with Taka because I like his shirt. Haha. Of course I gave it to him even if I insisted so long before I even convinced him I will get him that cool Andy Warhol UT. Because of that shirt I think our プリクラ photos looked pop-art because that Campbell's Can design was emphasized in the photos! Haha!

プリクラ#4 Taka & Tracy's POP-ART プリクラ Haha!

プリクラ #5 Oh no! I didn't get to choose the right lay-out! I ran out of time!! >_<
We overdecorated this  プリクラ coz we're trying to put "Atreyu" in every photo!
LOL I just noitced now Taka is eating a cartoon ICE CREAM hahahahahah!

... and Trying on Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's プリクラ
I got curious and I wanted to try Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's プリクラ. I learned from Kaira-chan that it's the latest  プリクラ Machine. But it was kinda too fast for me I had some confused moments operating the machine. But the best thing I liked with  Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's プリクラ is it can actually send Hi-Res digital copies of the  プリクラ photos to gmail email address!! Hooray! At least I got to download one of the  プリクラ photos!!

Kyari Pamyu Pamyu's プリクラ: Why make my eyes so BIG?
One thing I find strange is my eyes looking a bit bigger than it is! Haha! I don't like my eye looking like that! Haha! But I loved Kyari Pamyu Pamyu's background designs! Pastels are so nice to look at! (... and now I tried not to over-decorate!haha)
プリクラ #6 I like the different lay-out and the
glossy quality of Kyari's  プリクラ!

プリクラ #7 I love that "STAMPS" style layout!!

DAY 5: My Farewell プリクラ in Shibuya!
It's always bittersweet during last days of trips because I don't feel like leaving yet! Huhu! But even on my rainy last day, I still wanted to accomplish my mission of having purikura taken everyday! This time, may be because of the weather and bittersweet feeling that I don't wanna leave yet I didn't decorate my プリクラ at all! It's even plain looking. But surprisingly, I liked this the best... I even use it as my FB Profile Pic!

プリクラ#8 I love my shots here! School girl look! Haha!

プリクラ#9: Finally learned the Art of SIMPLICITY haha!
I really appreciate my kareshi, always playing along with all the antics I do. He has no interest with these things but he always joins me and patiently waits for me every time I go to プリクラ Photobooths. He's really so sweet for him to do that for me. I know some guys won't even bother joining or being in  プリクラ areas but he always puts up with all my silliness and frivolousness.

プリクラ#9 Tracy & Taka as High School Kids! I love these photos the best!

プリクラ#11 Tracy & Taka as High School Kids! I love these photos the best!
Among the  プリクラ I have, all of them has a story...all of them I enjoyed. But my most favorite perhaps is the last day's set... Among all the  プリクラ pictures I have, they seem to be the simplest. But our smiles look the nicest. Haha. So sentimental again!

So there... in my five days stay in Tokyo I actually had 11 プリクラ Pictures?! Haha! I am an addict! Haha! But this is my simple joy in life! I  hope someday I can take more プリクラ photos with my other friends like Miyoshi-san & Coreen and Yuka-chan and Tomoka-san (in Osaka) and it would be awesome to have プリクラ Photos with Happy & Dimple too, all my three sisters~ Stacy, Liley and Theia! But most of all, it would be great if Atreyu can join me and Taka in our プリクラ photos so Taka won't have to draw an obscure looking drawing of a person shaped-like Atreyu in our pics! Haha!

プリクラ Everyday in Tokyo 
Mission Accomplished! Haha!


  1. you are the biggest puikuya fan ever seen. you are even like atreyu wating to play a game when you find a purikura. hahaha

    1. PUIKUYA haha LOL!! atreyu's term for Purikura! Haha now I'm shy and conscious LOL you even make fun of me going to purikura hahahah!

  2. hahahahaha!! I actually laughed out loud with your first purikura and how you overloaded it with sanrio pictures!! I would be the same, looking at all the cute characters and just keep adding them to the picture until its sanrio overload!!

    I have been to one purikura place in Melbourne (Australia) and I went craaazy taking pictures with my friend while Nath played on the claw games and won me a heap of hello kitty plush toys!! (=^-^=) weeee!!!

    Sorry I'm writting on all your blogs, I'm not stalking you or anything haha. Just find all of this stuff sooo interesting/exciting!! ^.^

    Love Em ox

    1. Oh! I love your comments! I really like getting fun comments like yours! Thanks for reading and I'm glad you're enjoying!

      Please give me more comments! I enjoy reading it! (My Kareshi is forced to make comments so I won't be sad... Haha! He's very sweet!)

  3. Ohhh yaaay! Glad you like my comments!! I will definitely write more for you! ^.^ haha awww, still, that's very sweet of him! Oxox ps. Does kareshi mean boyfriend or fiance? Was just curious hehe

    1. Kareshi means boyfriend! I think I should learn what's th Nihongo for fiance! Haha!

  4. Haha maybe you should! Just in case...I mean you never might need to be able to say it sometime soon ^_^

    Have you two been together for long? Nath I will have been together for 6 years this May...CRAZY!!! It doesn't feel like that long! We still get along sooo well and laugh alll the time! We're so silly haha

    1. Haha! I always tease Kareshi about those and I think he used to get some panic attack. LOL! But now he got used to my teasing! Haha!

      Taka & I have been together for 22 months... oh yes we count by the months to make it fun... A bit challenging because of the distance... but writing blogs like this makes me feel closer to him at least... It's like I tell him what have I been thinking and doing while he's at work haha ❤

      Wow! Amazeballzzzz!! I admire long relationships like yours and Nath! I always wished I'll also have it... but may be Taka & I will have that someday too! You two would be such a happy hubby & wifey! ❤

    2. Sorry it took me a while to wb to this!! I have to do it when I'm on the laptop, because I'm not very good at writing long messages on my phone haha.

      Awww you guys are adorable!! Nath and I use to count months too (then I lost count lol). We dated long distance for about 4 years!! Not as far away as you guys though, only about an hour away...although for most of that we only got to see each other on the weekends which was still hard, especially because I worked most weekends and then we wanted to catch up with friends too! So it must be super hard for you guys!! But I definitely think it makes your relationship stronger, and you look forward to see each other more and don't take those moments for granted! ^.^

      You and Taka will end up having a long and happy relationship. If you guys are so committed to it now then there's nothing stopping you!! <3

  5. that was certainly a number of purikuras, but if its that cute no one can blame you~! purikura saiko~!

    you and your kareshi looks so cute together!! you both look ur having fun :3 so like anime~ <3

  6. You even know some specific purikura brand. That is amazing like you like this but not that one etc.


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