Monday, August 20, 2012

Mission Accomplished: Grocery Shopping in Tokyo!

August 2, 2012 ~  Supamaketto in Tama-shi by the train station
The first grocery store I've been in Tokyo! 
Another activity I longed to accomplish in my pass recent Tokyo trip was find a スーパーマーケット (Su-pa-ma-ketto) in Tokyo. Taka and I love grocery strolling... We just love checking out products and trying on trinkets of things like candies, drinks and snacks! We are like kids while at the same time, grocery strolling sounds like old retired people's activity. We enjoy it anyways. Haha! during my other trips to Tokyo, I didn't get to find any スーパーマーケット may be because I stayed mostly in the fashion districts and there is no chance there would be a grocery store in those areas. This time, during this trip, not only did I get to stroll around a スーパーマーケット ~ I think Taka and I got to check out many grocery stores along the areas we passed by. I think we passed by... (1) in Tama-shi by the train station on our way to Sanrio Puroland (2) There was apparently a Tokyu Grocery Store nearby our hotel in Kamata... We also stayed in Kamata during my last October trip, but we didn't have time to explore the Kamata area (3) There was an interesting スーパーマーケット by Shimokitazawa (4) There was an underground スーパーマーケット by the Shibuya Station apparently that I never knew about! Not only did we find one but we got to find 4 grocery places in Tokyo! haha!

Mission Accomplished! Finally! Taka and I found some スーパーマーケット around Tokyo
and did our typical routine of grocery strolling! We're both happy! Haha!
One thing I failed to do though is to take a photo with Taka in the grocery! Haha! We used to always do that whenever we visit each other! But yet again, I was too engrossed with my grocery shopping... Coz I was looking for Atreyu's request of flavored KitKat. But I didn't get to find those special flavored KitKat in any of those 4 スーパーマーケット but nonetheless, it was still fun for me! I got to shop for my favorite goods like~ Japanese Curry, sesame dressing, some Milky candies, Yakult, Lipton Milktea and some other trinkets of things.

Some cold goods by the スーパーマーケット in Tama-shi 

Check-out  counter and cashier by the スーパーマーケット in Tama-shi 

My favorite~ JAPANESE CURRY!!

I should have taken some exterior shots of each スーパーマーケット we went to! Because now, I am having a hard time recalling what are the names of those grocery stores we went to! >_<

Looking for my sister's (Theia's) melon bread by the スーパーマーケット near Kamata Station~

I was so glad there was a nearby grocery store where we stayed... I got to stroll around a couple of times looking for snacks and omiyage for Atreyu, my siblings and friends.
We found another スーパーマーケット by Shimokitazawa... Too bad I didn't get to catch the grocery's name yet again... But I liked that grocery because they had a lot of colorful packaging for most of the merchandise. 

スーパーマーケット at Shimokitazawa : I saw this from Patricia Casaje's FB link... I was so curious what was it... I don't even understand if it's edible or what haha! But the packaging was nice! I should have gotten this at that grocery in Shimokitazawa coz other groceries didn't have this product. I wonder how it tastes haha! 
スーパーマーケット at Shimokitazawa: I just love those colorful packaging! So inviting to buy! Haha!
It was during my last day in Tokyo when we found out that there was a スーパーマーケット by the lower ground floor of the Shibuya Station. Of course I checked it out but since it was already my last day, my digicam was already dead... I didn't get to take photos... but among the four groceries I found that Shibuya most crowded and least I liked anyways. so it's okay... It's not as colorful as the others I posted here anyways.

One thing I learned from this, I should take exterior photos and more interesting photos of colorful products... and when I find something interesting that's not to pricey ~ I should get it coz I'll never know if I'll find it elsewhere again! Haha!

Nonetheless, it's another crossed out task to accomplish in my Tokyo Things to do list... So I'm happy. Next time, I'll take more cute photos! I promise! Haha! I should make a mental note in my mind that I should take more photos! 'Til I see you all again Tokyo スーパーマーケット! Ja mata~

Grocery Shopping in Tokyo!
Mission Accomplished!


  1. "One thing I learned from this, I should take exterior photos and more interesting photos of colorful products..." hahaah sounds so serious. are you going to be a professional grocery travelor? hahah

    1. Haha because! It's hard to blog about some place that I don't know the name! I should have catch the names of the places we went to!

  2. We did grocery only in Japan and Philippines. Wish for more.


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