Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mission Accomplished: Send Postcards from Tokyo!

My postcard loots from my last Tokyo Trip!
Traditional and Pop Culture Postcards!
Ever since I was in elementary, every time I go on a trip somewhere it was my personal tradition/ritual to send some postcards to my dear friends back home~ I'm nostalgic like that! Haha! So even now as I go on trips, I still enjoy sending (and also receiving) postcards from all over the world. It makes me feel I'm sharing a piece of my adventure to my friends and love ones. And I'm so glad that one of the oddities I share with my kareshi is we appreciate those postcards (... and travel maps too)...May be because we are both wanderlusts who dreams of traveling the world and learning about different places in the world. So now, from my old tradition of sending postcards to friends, I get to do that with Taka sending off postcards to our friends every time we come visit each other! That's why I made sure I put it in my "Things to do" list on my Tokyo Trip.

Mission Accomplished: Taka and I accomplished our trip routine of sending postcards in  Tokyo!
Not only that... I got to visit a Japanese Post-office for real

It was actually my first time to go to a Japanese Post-office and send the postcards together with Taka. There weren't a nearby Post-office to pass-by during my other trips... Well this time it was nice to find a Post-office at Kamata. We actually passed-by it going to the train station from our hotel. I like Kamata, I can easily find Post-office, Grocery, Purikura Machines! HAHA!

Kamataekim E Post Office (?) is that what's written...? Anyways, this is the Post-office! Hooray!

Because this trip was shorter than the others, I almost thought I wouldn't get to write postcards because I take too long writing and I didn't get to find a quiet time to sit and write... But since my flight going back to Manila was scheduled in the late afternoon,I found sometime to cram for postcard writing to Atreyu and my friends before checking out the hotel.

I don't really know what this is... May be it's a Stamp Machine? HAHA

I was actually quite excited to send postcards this time since I found some cool postcards while roaming around Tokyo... Not only that... I even got to "stamp" them with those "Tourist Stamps" I found in some places in Tokyo! They look really cool I wish I could have stamped more things with them! Haha!

I'm such a GEEK for finding these STAMPS SOOOO COOL!!

What I like about postcards is that they cost a standard rate anywhere you send it in the world... I think for Japan, it's 70 Yen... I like them in the traditional old-school stamped mail though not those computerized stamps nowadays... 

Taking some souvenir photos at the Kamata Post-office! Haha! Taka did all the sending off postcards haha!
Since my time was short, I just sent off few postcards to few of friends (and of course Atreyu, too) namely Coreen, Hazel, my cousin Janina, my Japanese friend Hitomi (since I've longed promised her I'll send her a postcard) and my former client Maria (whom I've been enticing to go to Japan since last year). I hope all of them arrive to their rightful receivers!

Few weeks ago... Hitomi finally got her postcard! I was so glad she liked my mail!

I love it when my postcards arrives to their receiver safely! Haha! I'm glad Hitomi got my postcard in just a week! Well generally I just love postcards haha!
Yesterday... After three weeks Atreyu finally got his Sumo-Wrestlers Postcard from Asakusa! He was so interested to learn about them!

Atreyu got his postcard from Tokyo!
I hope all my friends get their postcards soon! Send me a photo so I can post it here! Haha!


  1. haha that machine is not a stamp machine but ATM haha. Japanese post office is also a kind of bank too. here is a tip. you can get an old tranditional stamps at convenience stores. or also post office too. you can ask clerks to give stamps with how much you need. so you can get it and paste it on your cards and letters.

    1. HAHAHA "Stamp Machine" HAHAHA it's an ATM LOL I sound so clueless hahaha!

  2. hope you can send me also someday :))
    and also, I'll send mine :)

  3. That machine is actually ATM. We should have had more postcard.


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