Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Five Days of Tokyo Fashion!

My obsessive-compulsive "Wardrobe List"
last year for my Osaka Trip
The most "critical" part of my trip is my packing. Haha! I always plan ahead which ensemble to wear and for what itinerary it would fit and what color schemes should I be wearing on a trip. Haha. Yes. I am a heavy packer. But it's my joy... especially to dress-up in Tokyo is always fun for me. I have an over-obsessive-compulsive wardrobe check-list, I list down up to the last detail which socks to wear or which accessories I should bring. Well, it's more fun to dress-up in Japan... Especially on my street... Toreishita Dori haha... er... I mean... Takeshita Dori haha! I was actually excited for this trip coz I'm finally getting myself that pink platform sneakers I've been seeing in Tokyo street fashion magazines and also from blog posts care of my dear little sista~ Rainbowholic Kaira-chan!

Love these High-cut Platform Sneakers! Check it out on the Rainboholic Shop!!
Anyways, that's a whole other story of shopping and wishlists of Tokyo Shopping haha! Let's get it on with my 5 OOTD's (Outfit of the Day) for this Tokyo Trip! Being summer season in Tokyo is a lot easier ~ lighter to pack since it's summers in Japan is like 12-noon-all-day! I just bring light clothes! Haha!

DAY 1: Takeshita Dori with Kaira-chan!

Upon departing Manila and arriving Tokyo this has been my outfit... I kept thinking before leaving for my flight what should I wear that would fit Takeshita Dori haha! Well, it was more modest during my flight rolling up my thigh-high socks and all but my legs couldn't take the Tokyo heat that I just had to put it down. Haha! Thanks to my fashionable sister Liley who traded her Betsey Johnson Bag... Despite the extra weight it has, that Betsey Johnson Bag really looks so nice on photos!

DAY 1: August 2, 2012 leaning by Takeshita Dori
What a great fashion snap by Kaila Ocampo 

DAY 2: Sanrio Puroland! ~ and whole other places!

May be black is not the best option for the summer heat in Tokyo but I like my Tsumori Chisato T-Shirt! My friend Miyoshi gave it to me on my birthday and I haven't shown her yet that I've worn it... although I always wear it in Manila! Haha! Ideally, since she lives nearby Tama I thought I could meet her before Sanrio Puroland... But our schedules didn't match up... Oh well! It's okay coz I still rocked my outfit haha with that cute fancy laced skirt haha! This ensemble went to many destinations~ Nakagin Capsule Tower, Uniqlo Flagship Store in Ginza, Akihabara, Sanrio Puroland and Tokyo Tower! Haha Talk about over exposure! Haha! 

DAY 2: August 3, 2012
Wish Miyoshi saw I wore her pretty Tusmori Chisato T-shirt gift! I like it so much!
DAY 3: Asakusa and Shimokitazawa (and a date with Mikas)

Is that you Heart? LOL!This dress is
Purikura Photogenic! haha! 
This vintage dress is actually one of my favorite pieces for this trip! I really wanted to wear this in the Shrines and temples because of the old-world feel that it imbibe and I get to wear my one and only favorite Kamikazari! I just love that hair piece! Since Shimokitazawa is a bohemian area, I think my dress would look nice in there too! Haha (How weird am I thinking how my clothes matches the destinations I go? LOL)

Actually Mikas really liked my dress she wanna have it! Haha now I know what Omiyage I should bring her! A Vintage dress that I revamped! Haha! I really like the dress it even looks nicer in purikura photos! Haha! Next time I visit Mikas I'll bring her same dress! LOL

DAY 3: August 4, 2012 Sitting by the temples in Asakusa.
Vintage feel with my Kamikazari and my Red Polka Dream Shoes! Haha!

The Prada Building
and Kazuya haha
DAY 4: Harajuku and Omotesando!

I love my skirt/shorts here... I love floral prints and pinks as always! and I love that laced socks I bought for myself in Shibuya and I wore it the next day right away! How excited am I! Haha! I actually picked that shirt Taka's wearing haha because I love Pop-Art I insisted I give that UT for him haha! So bossy.
I love this photo. I think I look Japanese too! Haha! because of my kareshi accessory at my side haha J/K. I still wonder if Yuhei or Kazu or Riho took this shot because it really look so nice and I look rich and tall haha! Well, We look rich because we are in front of the $8 Million Prada Building in Omotesando! Even if it's was probably my third time visitng this place, it's my first time to take a nice shot at it!

DAY 4: August 5, 2012 with Taka wearing that Pop-Art UT! Behind the famous
$80 Million Prada Building! Don't we look $80 M richer here? Haha!

Highschool  Kids? haha!
DAY 5: Rainy Day at the Shibuya Crosswalk

On my last day after the hot summer weekend rain poured in Tokyo. All last days are bittersweet and I have to go back to Manila! But it doesn't mean I can't dress nicely still! Haha! I even color-coordinated with Taka since he was wearing black and white because I wanna take final purikura photos with him! My life's simple joys! Haha. I think unintentionally we kinda looked like school boy and a school girl with our looks haha! So funny. I even got more laced socks in Harajuku so I wore them right away again haha! I had grown some fascination with socks nowadays because of the nice socks trends in Tokyo. I noticed that lucky cardigan always makes my Japan trip coz I like it so much I always wear it. Haha!

DAY 5: August 6, 2012 Despite the rainy Monday in Shibuya
I still insisted on having purikura and rocked my school girl look! Haha!
For some reason, may be I'm still sleepy it took me a whole day writing this blog haha! I feel sentimental already!! It's been a week since my trip! Time flies! Will blog more nice memories of Tokyo!


  1. i like the photo at asakusa most. it looks peaceful and cute. your fashion is always interesting and im proud of being with it. i will get your socks later on

    1. I thought you liked the Harajuku outfit LOL! Haha! Thank you for playing along with my silly fashion things haha! You always make fun of me with my clothes hahaha!

  2. i love all the outfit!! <3 its all so cool and cute!!
    i love the outfit for the 4th day the most!! <3
    hihi. i actually do that too, plan all the outfits i should wear during the trip, nothing beats being picture perfect in every moment~~

  3. You look really nice with your polka dot sandal. I like it when you wear these


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