Sunday, August 19, 2012

Nakamise Dōri Shopping~

Hello BIG KEWPIE Doll!
Why so pricey?!
I almost forgot to post these photos! I missed blogging for two days now because I had to meet some people and do some errands. Haha. How I wish I could just write longer and more often. Haha.

Anyways, SHOPPING (or even window shopping) is one of the most fun activities you can do in Tokyo. Obviously. Haha. Even in the "Old-World-Japan" ~ Asakusa... It was really interesting to stroll around amidst the swarm of tourists. Nakamise Street is the shopping street in the Sensouji Temple. I think it has been a shopping street for a very long time since I saw in the Sensouji Temple postcard paintings that I've got illustrating that street as a shopping area even in the ancient times. I think shopping is really innate with Japanese culture... even on the ancient times you'll see them shopping! hahaha! NOT-THAT-I'M-COMPLAINING! Haha! Not at all! I like shopping in Japan (errr... may be more of window shopping because Japan merchandise are expensive!!) But nonetheless, it's really fascinating to take a look around to see interesting goods and cute items. Even if they're ridiculously expensive ~ like that Giant Kewpie Doll priced 4,980 Yen (almost PhP 2,500) I just wonder what's so special about this doll?! It doesn't even have any clothes or box! Haha! I wonder who shops for this!

Nakamise Street Tokyo's prime shopping street since ancient times!
One of the oldest shopping centers in Japan!
I wish I could have taken more photos though. To be honest it's hard to take photos while I'm so into the things I'm seeing (plus people bumping into me from all sides an directions). What I liked the most are the stuff you'll be seeing in this blogpost... I find this items so quirky and very pop-culture Japan... Well, I'm no expert I just find these stuff like the Kewpie character & Monchichi so iconic (also Ampanman, Astro Boy, Maneki Neko, Peko-chan ~"Milky", Ultraman) are classic Japanese! 

Monchichi wearing Maneki Neko!! Of course I love this! Haha!

You are so cute even if I don't need you haha. 
I should have bought this cute KEWPIE Babies for souvenirs!!
There were even more interesting stuff from food like mochi in different flavors, okaki biscuits (hand-made rice crackers) and many others... Sorry I didn't get to take photos of it... I'm too engrossed looking for my postcards and others.

Being a souvenir shop area, there were a lot of those kimono dresses, cute geisha dolls and figurines, lanterns and many many others... I also stopped by Kamikazari Shop... I wish I buy more of them... I'll use it for Tiara by Tracy Dizon product development! Haha!

I love Kamikazari!!
There were also toys for kids... I was thinking of getting Atreyu some sword... But he already has lots of swords and I don't wanna carry this sticking with me all along my trip! Haha! But they have cool looking samurai sword toys... So I just took a photo instead! Haha!

I think this kinda toys would just cost less than PhP 100 in Divisoria haha

A very harmless sword... made of fabric! May be for babies toys.
Oh I really wish I could have taken more photos to share! I really feel this is so bitin! As for me shopping here, I'm already happy with my postcards! I'm just a simple girl. Haha! And I don't wanna be robbed by overpriced goods in broad-day-light! But a stroll in this place is entertaining enough, you don't need to buy haha! It's already fun and amusing! 

Oh but I think one thing they should sell in Asakusa~ They should sell special flavored KitKats here... As opposed to the popular tagline of those "KitKat made in Japan" chocolates, it was really not readily available in convenience stores or even grocery market. They should sell those in Asakusa altogether with the souvenir items, for sure a lot of tourist would buy those!

More shopping blogs and more Tokyo blogs soon! Wish a day is 48-hours long! haha!


  1. wow i didnt realize you took that many pics on that street, so sneaky haha. you like that cupid doll haha. atreyu will be scared hahahahha

    1. Haha! You think this is many pics! I find it so little! Haha! I should have taken more photos of the kimonos, more toys, the postcards too! Haha! But it was so crowded in Nakamise Dori! But it was fun! You always come with me and join me!

  2. Yiu better got something more there too. Especially Kewpie


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