Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Omiyage for Friends!

This is just a short (hopefully I can make this short LOL) photoblog. Since I like seeing photos all overdecorated, I made my friends' omiyage photos extra colorful and simply busy-busy-busy to look at. Haha. Because I'm a maximalist-like-that! LOL 

This trinkets of things with my JP Visa Photo is for my dear Make-up Artiste-Extraordinaire: Tippy!
Because he made me so gorgeous for my JP Visa  application! Haha! I got him an interesting Wedding Magazine
and that dolly eyelashes that may be useful for his clients!
For my favorite fashionable friend~ Coreen! Got her some uppers sugar-sweets that
 would energize her review sessions for her exams
For my fashion gurlfriends Dimple and Happy! Wish I could buy the whole bookstore for us! Haha!

I was actually taking a photo of that cute Hello Kitty notepad (and the pen which was cropped off the photo)
This is for my lovely cousin Janina who loves Hello Kitty so much!! I got her a notepad so she can use it in her office. Haha! The Panda and Tropical My Melody are just bystanders! Haha! 

Okay I'll keep my word this time and keep it short! haha! Don't i just love overdecorating photos?!? Anyways, more posts next time!


  1. It is a miracle you made it Cute pop stuff for omiyage all the time, never get noncolorful things haah

    1. WHAHAHA! You make for of my short post huh? Hahaha! Yes... It's a miracle! I love colorful things!

  2. We had fun here in comment. That is nice.


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