Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Say a Little Prayer...

August 7, 2011
Taka and I made our first prayer offering in a small shrine
Mitsu Hachimachi Shrine in Shinsaibashi, Namba, Osaka
Last year, during my trip to Osaka and Kobe, I often seemed to pass by some shrines. I didn't get to see shrines in Tokyo then may be because I just glue myself to Harajuku or Shibuya. Haha. Finally, during that trip, I asked my kareshi to show me around a small shrine in Shinsaibashi in Osaka. It was my first time to make a prayer offering in a Shintoist Shrine. It felt nice and serene. I told myself I'll try to do that whenever I come to Japan.  It kinda felt nice praying by the shrine... there's this quiet peace I feel whenever I come visit or even just quickly pass by it. It's nice.
During my last Tokyo trip, I really planned on going to a shrine to offer again some special prayers for my friends and family. Since during this trip I planned on visiting Asakusa... where popular beautiful temples are located in Tokyo. I really was looking forward to doing it again in Asakusa.

But as I learned from my kareshi, Buddhist Temples are different from Shintoist Shrines. There's so much I still need to learn from Japanese Culture. But I'm happy to learn more anyways. Going to Sensouji Temple (a Buddhist Temple) we may not find a Shintoist Shrine. But may be we were lucky as we were on our way out of the Sensouji Temple. We found a small shrine with wooden block prayers hanging by.

Oh I just learned a new Nihongo vocabulary word just now (haha) that wooden block for prayers is apparently called "Ema" that wouldn't be hard to remember!

I love seeing these "Ema" (wooden blocks of prayers) hanging. I feel each of their good intentions and well wishes.
One thing I regret is I didn't catch the name of this shrine in Sensouji Temple >_<
So we went inside to get our own piece of  Ema to write. I didn't know how much it was because Taka was always the one who go ask for it, may be because the person in charge might not speak English. But As I remember it, I think it was 500Yen for one Ema.

Taka's turn writing on the Ema. We wrote the prayer offerings from
Me, Atreyu and Taka
I made a special prayer especially for my dear friend Coreen who's been  really working so hard with her medical residency. I really hope she gets to the best program 'coz she's been working so hard for it. Also, for my dear sister, Stacy, who'll be leaving us soon here in Manila and will soon be migrating to New York. I wish I could help them more with their new life phase but the best way I could help with that is through prayers... and Taka & Atreyu's too!

As I write specific prayer intentions, Taka always write something so relaxed. Haha.
This time too... I prayed for good fortune. It's rare I pray for myself, but since the series of many sad things that happened during the first half of the year... I just want to ask for blessing to have positive outlook and peaceful mind. I think it is the best gift I could ever have.

Our wooden block prayer offering joins the others on the shrine.
As we finish our prayers, we strategically hang our Ema on the top most nearest to the gods. So our prayer intentions would reach fastest to them. Haha. How silly we are!

August 4, 2012 Asakusa, Tokyo ~ for the second time, I offered a prayer intention with Taka (and Atreyu)
Hope this bring us peace and good life and protect us from bad fortunes.

It really felt light and nice going to the shrine. It's like a peaceful place where I could release negative energies and convert to positive. If I live in Japan someday, I'll always visit a shrine.


  1. You even made this ema look pretty haha. it is not usually a pretty thing hahahha

    1. I like it! I wanna take some home in Manila put it in my apartment as decorations hahaha!


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