Monday, August 20, 2012

Spotted Kawaii Girls in Harajuku!

FLASHBACK: October 2009  ~
Toreishi's first visit in Takeshita Dori! I love this place!
My most favorite place in Tokyo is Takeshita Dori in Harajuku... that's an understatement. (I even claim it as mine! haha! LOL!) In the three times I've been to Tokyo, it was only on this trip that I finally got a chance to come see Harajuku on Sunday. I've read in my favorite Tokyo Fashion resource book~ "The Tokyo Look Book" that most fashionable people of Harajuku can been seen during Sundays. Finally... after many years! I finally got to experience and see kawaii fashion girls in  Harajuku!! Although I didn't get to take any decent photos... Most are even stolen and chased shots. I'm still happy to see them in real life! Although I've seen a lot of kawaii fashion girls during my other trips, Sundays in Harajuku seemed indeed extra special! Aside from my iPhone and camera's batteries both failing on me on last hours in Harajuku, it was so hot and crowded filled with shopping people during this time. I too was distracted finding cute finds instead of taking photos. Huhu >_<

During trips like this, it is really best to have my own photographer to document everything happening in my trip! LOL! How vain of me. Anyways, this is not much... I just got three chased and stolen shots. I'm a bit shy to ask them if I can take a photo with them, some are really snobby and some may be just don't understand English. Gomen.

But what the heck... I'll just share some of my sloppy fashion snaps. Haha!

Left: spotted this Caucasian girl walking by Takeshita Dori in her pastel Fairy-Kei outfit love her tights!
Right: spotted this kawaii Fairy-Kei girl right outside 6%Doki-Doki store in Jingumae Street.
Sorry I couldn't chase them fast enough to take better shots! Gomen nasai >_<

This next girl I took a photo of... I was so ecstatic to see her in real life! Haha! She's really so cute walking in Takeshita Dori standing out in the crowd of people of that narrow street! Too bad my digicam was so slow to even catch her I only got to take a photo of her from the back and meters away!

Strawberry Girl spotted in Takeshita Dori! Please don't walk too fast!!
I wanna take a photo of you!

Few days after my trip coming back here in Manila, my sister, Theia, told me she recognized the girl I took a photo... She said this strawberry girl was featured in RIDSNAP.Com ~ a Tokyo fashion snap website. I was so amused to see her in the website! I'm so starstruck again! Haha! I learned that her name is Moco an my sister said she's always featured in street snaps in Tokyo. Well if she always dress-up so cute like that I wouldn't be so surprised!

August 5, 2012 ~ I'm so amused with the fashionable and kawaii girls I saw in Harajuku on this Sunday Afternoon in Takeshita Dori and I even got more fascinated when my sister Theia told me that this girl got featured on a fashion snap website and in! Oh she's sooo kawaii!!!
Photo from:

A few more days later... I got so excited to see she was featured in! I even learned so much about her and her fashion and her own blog

I was so happy Moco was featured in I saw her clothes more upclose!
I wish I could have taken a photo of her of my own too!
It was so fun seeing these girls in sight! I wish I could always come see Harajuku on Sundays. It would be such a dream! Haha! Or as I always daydream... I wish I'll be featured myself in some street snap photos too! I could die a happy kawaii girl if that happens! Haha!


  1. haha sneaky taken photo blog haha. you are like "wait wait!"

    1. hahah yeah!! Please wait Strawberry Girl!! Choto matte kudasai!!

  2. ohmmygaahhd.. its moco!!!ahhh so love her outfits in!!!
    harajuku my dream paradise~~
    love the girl and her fashion brand~~

    1. I saw her! She's really memorable! Almost like a cartoon walking in Takeshita Dori! haha!

    you were so lucky to spotted her :)

  4. You really did sneak attack. I liked it.


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