Friday, August 10, 2012

The N'EX Best Thing!

Tokyo 2009: Making poses in the bus. Haha!
My first trip to Tokyo!
For some couple of times that I've traveled in Tokyo I always just ride the Airport Limousine Bus thinking that it's the most convenient and most economic way of going to Central Tokyo. Narita is actually in Chiba Prefecture, so roughly it takes about an hour to 1.5 hours to arrive Central Tokyo depending on the traffic.

Well, as I look back on my old Tokyo Trip Albums as I write this blog... I've come to realize that the I actually felt so in a hurry upon arriving the airport . I even saw one photo having a caption saying;
"From Narita Airport, we had to take a bus going to Shinjuku... we were so in a hurry that we might be left by our bus!" 

October 2009 ~ Waiting by the bus terminal going to Shinjuku!

Haha. May be it was just I'm over-excited or simply panicky... But for sure, it's not even as convenient as I even thought it was. Thinking about being left by a bus is definitely not relaxing... even if there would still be another bus that goes to Central Tokyo every hour, one hour is still long especially when you're on a trip...This recent trip, thanks to my kareshi who could definitely be more experienced with airports and Japan, suggested I should take the Narita Express. I was quite hesitant at first since I probably just wanna do something I've come to accustomed to. I don't wanna figure out new procedures or whatever. But looking into the websites and recommendations online, it's quite enticing to ride the N'EX based from feedback. 

Well, to be honest, the first thing I considered is the fare price... The Airport Limousine Bus costs For ADULTS: ¥ 3,000 (roughly around 1,600PhP) and for CHILDREN 6-12: ¥ 1,500 (roughly around 800PhP) for a one way ticket. I couldn't remember if they have a round trip package for Tokyo and going back to Narita... But as I checked their website now, I couldn't find it. Anyways, with this rate, I had to prepare ¥ 6,000 leaving and going back to Narita anyways.

Since my kareshi suggested Narita Express, I also checked their prices. N'EX one way fare price For ADULTS is: ¥ 3,500 (roughly around 1,900PhP) and For CHILDREN below 12: ¥ 1,200 (roughly around 650PhP) Well,at first glance, it's a bit more expensive for adults, but I've come across with their roundtrip package that seems a good deal:

For a round trip instead of paying 7,000 Yen (3,500 Yen  + 3,500 Yen) for going back and forth to Narita,
they made a package that would only cost 5,500 Yen! That's even cheaper than the Airport Limousine Bus fare!

Having learned this rate I was convinced that I should take the N'EX. Not only it would cost me a little less than the bus, it would even be a faster trip with the train with 1 hour travel time.

So there I went and rode... I quite enjoyed the scenery of the green fields...

Some green field scenery while riding N'EX

There's a screen monitoring the train schedules and the airport info's

The seats are quite wide and spacious enough... and not crowded at all!
I think I was with two two other passengers for the whole Train Car
It even looks so modern and cool from the exterior!! Like a spaceship haha!

Well, I wish someone else was there to take
a photo of me in the train haha!
It was actually a nice ride come to think of it... I got to retouch my make-up and fix my things and freshen up a bit. Haha. Of course I think about vanity first and foremost LOL (j/k)

The amazing thing for me was, since I was supposed to get off at Shinagawa Station to ride my next train going to Kamata Station... I was actually surprised that I didn't have to pay for my fare going to Kamata no longer! I just had to show that I came from Narita express and the train operators just let me in! Aside from my 500 Yen saving from the round trip package, I even got to save another 150 Yen for my train ride to my station! What a joy! Haha! 

My own SUICA Card even looks nicer than the typical ones!! Haha! It's so nice!!

But more so, I was ecstatic to learn, since I think I overlooked the package deals that comes with Narita Express Ticket... I didn't realize that I was also given a Suica Card which I really think is really essential in Tokyo!! I was actually planning on getting another one since I lost my previous Suica and it costs 2,500 Yen to get a new card with 2,000 Yen credit for use. I was quite surprised I even got a Suica Card with the Narita Express Ticket I got with 1,500 Yen credit on it!

So not only I got a 500 Yen discount from the round trip package + I got 150 Yen discount upon reaching my final train station cost-less and I got a Suica Card for free with 1,500 Yen credit! Approximately riding the bus and getting a new Suica Card and getting on my final train destination would cost me 8,650 Yen ~ but I only paid 5,500 Yen! Haha! That's 3,150 Yen savings for me!!

I just love these train trinkets! More stuff for my memento!!
Haha OMG I'm starting to sound like a salesman! Haha! Am I convincing enough? Haha! So if you're coming to Tokyo! I highly suggest you get on the Narita Express! It's the best deal I've had going to Tokyo!


  1. I like narita express too. it is quite comfortable and fast. but you are happier with its nice deal and your own SUICA haha. Your charge will be valid for 10 years so don't lose it Haha

  2. Yes! Thanks to your advice I got a free SUICA Card and a cool looking one too! I will keep it forever until I live in Tokyo with you hahaha!

  3. NEX is your favorite. whenever I see NEx, i remember you


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