Thursday, August 09, 2012

Those Kawaii Tokyo Trippers!

Gomen nasai, I promised to write more travel and Tokyo destination tips but here I am ending up blogging about this kawaii Tokyo Trippers! Gomen, gomen. I'm actualy a bit overwhelmed where I should begin my trip blogs that I ended up starting 3 different topics and not finishing any of them. Such a bad habit. Tsk. Haha. So anyways, let me break my bad habit by actually finishing this short blog about this SUPER KAWAII FIND... Paperchase's Tokyo Trippers!

X-Mas 2011! Happy gave me  the best and most fun gifts!
Including this TOKYO TRIPPERS BAG!!

Gurlfriend Happy Andrada
gave me this!

I find came across this cuties from my dear kawaii fashion designer gurlfriend and galpal~ Happy Andrada~ Since she's been taking some courses in Central Saint Martin for the past years or so, she always bring me back home this cute gifts! She really has this cool eye picking up super cute stuffs! She's so sweet actually coz she knew how I'm into writing and into cute notebooks and that's what she first gave me on her first trip to London! It has been so useful for me since I always feel the need to keep a notebook anywhere. Sometimes I even try to copy the drawings because they just look so cute! And unlike most fancy notebooks where the cover is so cute but sadly the notebook quality is so bad... They actually are made with good acid free-like thick paper! (I'm such a notebook geek) But what got me more curious and interested to know more about these Tokyo Trippers is "How come Tokyo Trippers are in London?" LOL haha pretty silly question but I wanted to know haha! They've been my travel buddy anywhere I always tend to bring them along with me at work or to run some errands and even on trips... So I wanna know! Haha!

Tokyo Trippers tripping with me in Tokyo! They even went with me in this famous
Sensoji Temple in Asakusa! Haha!

Apparently, Tokyo Trippers is product of Paperchase, a UK premium stationery retailer operating internationally. They're the same maker of those fancy Moleskine Notebooks. Fancy. Hehe. No wonder the paper quality is good. Well, let me just post some Kawaii Tokyo Trippers products that I've come across with. Oooh I want them!

I wanna rock the Manila Monsoon with this super cute
Tokyo Trippers Umbrella!!
I have this! Haha! Thanks to Happy!
So cute Postcard!! I love this!
Another cute notebook!
Even a cute bowl!
Is this a pencilcase or a small make-up bag?

New GB Trippers! They also
have an umbrella! But I like Tokyo Trippers' more!
Recently, I've been trying to surf around the Paperchase's website to check out more Tokyo Trippers products but apparently they're not available anymore?! Nooooooooo! Well I can only keep my fingers crossed. I really drool to have that Umbrella! But the good news is they have a new set of trippers! The GB Trippers! They also have an umbrella~ But I dunno... I still think Tokyo Trippers have more kawaii appeal to me~ Haha~

Which do you like better?

You know my vote! Haha! Tokyo Trippers are super KAWAII!! 


  1. BOOOOO there is no tokyo trippers for you haha. wish we could have found some rare ones in tokyo...

  2. At that time we were doing more like a touriest.


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