Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Toreishi-san's Tokyo Summer Trip 2012!

For the 4th time, I applied for Japan Visa yet again!
Shouldn't I be getting a loyalty card already? LOL
At long last! I finally got to blog about this much anticipated trip. I was holding it off 'til it's over so I won't jinx it, like what happened last year. Well, it wasn't all that bad, but I just thought I preempted my trip last October 2011, it was a bit sad when I didn't get to do all in my "Things to do in Tokyo List". But it was still great anyways. This time I really tried my best to hold myself from talking until I'm back home in Manila.

I've actually been back to rainy Manila for two days now; like a polar opposite to Tokyo's HOT SUMMER weather, Manila has been rainy nonstop. Pretty gloomy nowadays with the calamities striking, I hope rain would subside soon. 

Anyways, going back, this trip was actually shorter than my other previous trips, it's almost like a long weekend trip, so I really opted to plan this well. Every minute counts! Good thing, Taka was able to take his summer vacation off during my trip so we can spend more time together. Of course it's much better to go around Tokyo with Taka~ I can get to spend time with him more, someone can take a photo of me and someone can carry my shopping bags if I'm to tired to carry them all (LOL Just Kidding). 

As I thoroughly researched for this trip of things I still haven't tried and seen in Tokyo, I came across this very interesting webpage about Tokyo Travelling! Check out "101 Things to do in Tokyo" it's actually quite interesting to read and really helpful for my trip this time.

101 Things To Do in Tokyo!
Of course I couldn't miss my favorite spots like~ Takeshita Dori and Shibuya Crossing. But this time I just wanna try some other things I can do in Tokyo or at least I can see. I tried checking my old blog entries for some of the things I didn't get to do.

But first thing is first... I made sure I get to do these top things to do during my stay~ Haha! One might probably think I'll be lisiting down hardcore Tokyo Tourist Spots~ but I just really wanna appreciate Tokyo in the mundane things I can experience.

Few of the most important priorities of this trip!

Listing down and mapping out the places for this trip!
I'm so happy to say that I've accomplished all these things on my priority list! Haha! With the help of travel books, travel websites and google maps and past flyers... and let's not forget the best tourguide and best kareshi in the universe, Taka (haha) Even if my trip is just barely 5 days... I didn't feel this trip was cut short nor did I feel I'm in such a hurry at all!
Well, Sorry for being so wordy and so many side comments. I'll try to make it as less wordy and more visual, basically, I just wanted to post my "planned plans" for this trip. I would definitely write about different tips I learned and discovered for this trip!I wanna share the happy memories I've experience in Tokyo as always. 
Getting on... Here's Toreishi's Places I wanna check out on this trip...

One thing I can say... "I will never get enough of Japan."

Tokyo Sky Tree
Narihira, Sumida-ku, Tokyo-to
1,000 Yen Entrance Fee
Tokyo Tower
Shibakoen, Minato, Tokyo
Opens at 9:00am until 10:00pm
Main Observatory: 820 Yen & Special Observatory: (additional) 600 Yen
Nakagin Capsule Tower

Architectural Wonder
Kaigan Dori, Tokyo
Beautiful Temples and Sights of the Old Japan
Nippori Fabric Town
Designer's Haven. 
Sanrio Puroland
Hello Kitty Love <3
Entrance Fee: (Advanced All Attractions) 4,000 Yen
 (Same Day Entrance) 3,000 Yen (Same Day All Attractions) 4,400 Yen 
Shimokitazawa ~ A more Boheme Fashion and Shopping Area
Some of these places I had to cancel and reconsider, but most of them I've accomplished and will be writing about them more soon! My dilemma now is where and how to start! Everything was great and interesting!


  1. 101 things to do in Tokyo... i didn't know that. You can be a tour conductor! You should discuss with PAL to get reasonable tickets to make a deal of Japan tour! haha you know everything about tokyo lol

  2. I liked to go to Sanrio together actually and the photo at entrance was classic.


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