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Tracy's Favorite Fashionable Friends: Super Kawaii Kaira-chan!

So! It's been a while since I've written a blog-worthy "Tracy's Fashionable Friends" blogpost. It's more than a year since I made an entry! I'm actually so excited to write about this now! Actually, I've been eyeing on Kaila since May but I really wanted to make this "Blog Entry Comeback". 

Since Kaila and I planned on meeting in Tokyo this August on my last trip... I thought I'll make my comeback blog right after my trip. Haha! So here it is! "Tracy's Fashionable Friends" comeback!

My sister Theia and Kaila during the
Nihongo Fiesta Streetwear
Fashion Contest 
I met Kaira-chan few years back in a Japan Foundation Manila event~ "Nihongo Fiesta" (February 2010?). I actually came to that event to support my sister, Theia who was also a finalist in the contest of "Japanese Streetwear Fashion". Kaila and Theia were actually both contestants and she's one of the nice girls whom we met during that contest. We took lots of photos then and added each other in FB. Haha!

Kaila was very friendly and so nice even then. Even then, two years ago, she's already very talented with her photography. I even remember grabbing few of the photos she's taken during that event. 

That event was actually me and my sisters' first time to participate in such event and I found some of the "Hardcore-Japanese-Street-Fashion-Enthusiasts" a bit snobby and cliquish. My sister didn't win during that contest nor did Kaila... But it was still awesome coz we seemed to have gained another sister with Kaila-chan. Since then, somehow we come across with her during toycons and some cosplay events. Surely she's really blog-worthy to be "Tracy's Fashionable Friend" LOL.

Me and two of my sisters Theia and Liley!
Photo taken by: Kaila Ocampo
Candid Atreyu by Kaila
Fast forward one year after Nihongo Fiesta, I found her FB updates that she was in Tokyo and studying! OMG! Jealous! Haha! But it's all lovely~ I always get fascinated with her happy cutie kawaii posts and just by looking at her regular photos... She makes me feel closer to Tokyo somehow. From then on, I always tell her she's such a happy thought. I really feel proud and happy for her adventures in Japan and I'm so glad I get to come visit her and vice versa when I come visit in Tokyo or when she come visit Manila. Until now that she's living her dreams, she still remains this sweet little sister and still very down-to-earth. Unlike some of the  "Hardcore-Japanese-Street-Fashion-Enthusiasts-Wannabees" Kaila was actually living in Tokyo and not just some poser. See~ good things happens to good people! Most of those obnoxious snobs haven't even set a foot in Tokyo at all! (Oops sorry no offense meant) 

Our "Special Edition" School Girl Purikura in Shibuya taken last October 2011!
Gotta love having Purikuras with Kaila! So fun!!
Anyways, I'm just am simply proud of her because she's living her dreams and also somehow she's living mine too! Recently, she even got to spread her wings more... NHK World's  Kawaii International featured her fashion in one of their regular fashion contest. Upon seeing it on TV I was like a proud stage mom feeling so proud of her! I was (I think) even the first one to tell her about her TV feature!

NHK World's Kawaii International featured Kaila!!
I'm so proud and happy to see her fly high. Recently she's been doing a lot of Tokyo-fashion-related gigs and I'm so impressed how she manages her SUPER KAWAII BLOG~ She often writes about something so interesting and really cute and fun. And of course her fashion is so noteworthy too! Even two years ago, I was already so impressed by her photography skills, but now, her photography skills have even improved alot! She's really talented with her eye and hands maintaining her blog. To me, she redefined blogging as something real... not just "posing" like most blogger I see around.

More so now, she was just recently endorsed by (she's also a contributor here BTW!) with her awesome and super fun personal shopping services in Tokyo! This girl really knows Tokyo Fashion by heart! (Like me! Haha!) By the day, she spreads her horizon venturing to new gigs. We even have our own ventures that makes me soooo happy!
Love her "Fashown" here BTW!
One of my favorite among Kaila's fashion coordinates!
Not all can pull-off this look!! 
Well, I can go on and on about how much I admire this girl... But I think I should save some more for the next coming blogs! For now, I'll share some of my favorite "Kaira-chan's Super Kawaii Fashion Coordinates". Will definitely be writing more about Ms. Rainbowholic! 

Kaila-chan is rockin Tiara by Tracy Dizon's Tiara Bows!
Best endorser! Haha! Spring lovin look!
Of course... Another Tiara Bow appearnce!! Gotta love it!

I simply love Kaila-chan's childlike look! To be honest, I wanted to have a bag like that too haha!
Kawaii Nautical Look! I love it!!
Oh I almost forgot! To make this "Tracy's Fashionable Friends Comeback" extra special... I wanna throw in my fashion illustration rendition of Kaila-chan as the "Rainbowholic" ~ Rainbow Brite! I designed this actually haha! 

Kaila-chan Rainbowholic as Rainbow Brite fashion illustration by Tracy Dizon!
And because I was so inspired with the ultimate cuteness of Kaila~ I even made some DIY postcard prototypes. As you may all know I'm so into postcards... And Kaila-chan is one of my first muse with this new art outburst!
Tracy Dizon Postcard prototypes!
Kaila is my first muse!
As promised, I'll make it special and interesting... Hope you liked this! (especially you, Kaila!) More Kaila stories to come!!


  1. THANK YOU ATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;___; ;__; ;___; omg grabe naman to, i feel privileged na masama sa "Tracy's Favorite Fashionable Friends" hehehehe <3 <3 <3

    Please come back, gabi lang kita na-angkin. Hahaha! <3 Sana magka-reunite na rin kami ng ibang kapatid ko. Hi Theia : ))))))


    1. Haha! Yes I must comeback! More time with you!! That will definitely happen!! I actually had so much fun writing this I can't even stop! Haha!

      Someday, we will all be reunited altogether with our other sisters! Hahaha!

  2. I am also so endlessly proud and happy for Kaila. Remembering all our classes in university together and how solid her dream was to go to Japan was so very inspiring. I miss her but I'm also super excited for all the amazing things she's bound to achieve in life! :)


    1. Yeah! Kaila is a dreamer and a doer too! She rocks! Good things happen to good people like her! ^_^

  3. Well it is surprising to see there was this kind of era...


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