Monday, September 17, 2012

A Rainy Afternoon in Shimokitazawa

August 4, 2012 ~ Went to Shimokitazawa on a rainy afternoon... Too bad We didn't get to stroll around much!

Since it was my third trip to Tokyo, I wanted to check out other interesting places to visit in Tokyo. Shimokitazawa got my attention because of the "Bohemian Vibe", traditional mixed with modern styles and because of it's popularity with the youth (as I've read in most of the travel websites). I was easily enticed to see it seeing "Vintage" and "Secondhand Stores" attached with its' description. This place sounds different from the other fashion districts of Tokyo. Now I can really say Tokyo has various fashion districts for everyone~ from  high-end (Ginza), to avant-garde (Omotesando), to kawaii (Harajuku), to commercial (Shibuya) and now I've seen the vintage/bohemian fashion area in Shimokitazawa.

August 4, 2012 ~ Shimokitazawa's Welcome Sign on a rainy afternoon
So my kareshi (he was also interested to check-out Shimokitazawa) and I went to check out the place on the weekend I came to visit Tokyo. Too bad it rained that I didn't get to roam around much and take photos of the area. But I must say that Shimokitazawa is really artsy and colorful... There were mural paintings on the wall and on shop gates and doors.

For visual purposes... I grabbed some photos of some of the sights I've seen in Shimokita. I wish I could have taken them myself. During the time I was passing by this places the rain was really hard... and my shoes is getting wet! >_<

Kakkoii graffiti arts at Shimokitazawa Shops 
I remember taking a pause under this bridge while the rain was pouring hard and I even tried to show Taka how nice this is in the middle of the pouring rain.
Cool bookstore in a cool place like Shimokitazawa~

Shimokitazawa kinda reminds me of an artsy place in Osaka... It really resembles American Village in Shinsaibashi!
August 2011 ~ Cool graffiti art by the shops at Shinsaibashi, Osaka just like in Shimokitazawa!
August 2011 ~ Bohemian Shops at Shinsaibashi, Osaka just like in Shimokitazawa!
Just like in Shimokitazawa... there's a cool bookstore "Village Vanguard" in Shinsaibashi (I already blogged about it haha)
Do you notice the resemblance?

I was even surprised Taka was convinced to buy a cool vintage-looking shirt with Audrey Hepburn on it. Haha. So cute. I didn't know he has same birthday with her! Haha!

Despite the rainy afternoon, we very much enjoyed Shimokitaazawa especially this Himalayan Restaurant that served an awesome set of meal!! I love Barba!!

I love curry!! This was one of my favorite meal I had for this trip! Haha!

Even the supermarket in Shimokitazawa has cool interesting products to! Like this candy of some sort. 

I should have bought this candy there! Their packaging is so cute!!
August 4, 2012 ~ My last rainy photo of Shimokitazawa before we head to the train station back to Shibuya! BTW, this is just nearby Shibuya. Hehe.
Despite the rainy weather, it was still great to have experienced for myself a different fashion and shopping culture in Shimokitazawa. Being a vintage-meets-cute-and-quirky girl myself, this is a nice place for me... Especially the food and the (relatively) cheaper clothes! Haha! The artsy ethnic shops and small cinema houses are also interesting for me... If it weren't for the rain that was flooding my shoes... I would have stayed and explored a little more!

May be on my next trip! I'll visit this place at night time!

Shimokitazawa Map


  1. Yea, it was too bad to have rainy weather but it was interesting place for me too. Audrey Hepburn tshrit is now shurnk haha so sad

    1. yeah it's a cool place let's go back there again and get you a new XXL Audrey Hepburn Shirt! hahaha!

  2. I still have Audry T-shirt. The curry was nice there.


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