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Atreyu's Omiyage from Taka & Mommy!

It's one of Atreyu and mine's life dream to travel the Tokyo together... May be someday soon... or may be next year... (Universe, please conspire!) I was hoping I could bring Atreyu along on this trip but since he had school... We just decided we just try again next time if we could do it. Atreyu is very understanding, he always worries "How much would it cost, Mommy?". He's really saving up for his own Tokyo Trip someday. I really hope someday soon I can take him with me too! I'm sure he will have lots of fun, especially in the places he's fascinated with!

To make it up to Atreyu, I asked him to write me and Taka the list of the things he wants us to bring him home and reminders of the things he wants us to do... It's such a cute letter, he even told me he made it into a comic-like note so that we would enjoy reading his notes. He's really fun and creative! He even made a drawing of the three of us, it's so heartwarming every time I see his drawings! So even if Atreyu can't come with us in Tokyo, he's still in our thoughts and we want to bring him the best omuyage that he will feel happy have! 

There were even small reminders like "Hi! Try to read it well!" and "Here are the things that you should buy". The doodles are even so funny looking! Haha!
Atreyu's page 1 of  "Things to do" and "Reminders" for Mommy and Taka
It's so cute... He even made some comic-like speech balloons saying, "Don't forget to get a postcard, Bro!" and  "Don't forget to buy Yakult"

Atreyu's page 2 of  "Things to buy" for Mommy and Taka

"Things to buy in Japan List"
~Mission Accomplished!

"Things to do in Japan List" 
~ Mission Accomplished!

"Things to buy in Japan List"
This list was actually easier than the first list since Taka & I enjoy grocery shopping. Most of his requests are in the grocery anyways. I enjoy checking these things out

1) Chips
I don't really know why Atreyu wants to try this. May be he's curious if Chips tastes different in Japan perhaps? It's just the same haha.
We randomly bought this chips in the supermarket. Haha!
2) KitKat Flavored Chocolates
Atreyu wanted me to get him Blueberry-Cheesecake and Sweet Potato flavors (he calls it "Hopia" coz it tastes like hopia) but unfortunately the only available flavors in Narita Airport were Matcha, Wa-Ichigo and Sakura Matcha... Anyways, he still loved them I guess! I hope KitKat Made in Japan would be more available everywhere!

Actually, I felt accomplished looking for Kitkats because it was also in my own "Things to do in Tokyo" List
Mission Accomplished! I found Greentea Kitkats!!

3) Candy
Not only did Atreyu enjoyed this, but I enjoyed these candies too! Haha!! 

Japanese candies for Atreyu!! He loves everything!! haha!
Anpanman Chocolates
4) A Drink from Vending Machine!
Atreyu has always been fascinated with vending machine... May be because it looks so colorful. During my whole trip he kept asking me if we already tried the vending machine... And  at my last day, we made him a video operating a vending machine haha! 

Brought this soda back home to Manila for Atreyu to actually check it out! Haha. It tastes weird though.

Taka & Tracy's
"How to Operate a Vending Machine"

It was hard to film this. LOL

5) Teddybear and new "Pets"
Atreyu loves "his pets" these stuffed animals always takes so much space in our bed actually.  But may be because he's an only child he makes them his playmates haha! Anyways, we got him this panda "pet" in Sanrio Puroland. Now, he's also my bedmate together with Atreyu. Haha.
Got this Pandapple Sanrio Stuffed Toy! He has a new pet! But he named him
Just like Taka and me, Atreyu also have postcard fascination. He even used to collect those free Yo-Cards. He loves receiving snail mails from Taka and me so we sent him one and also bought him some animal postcards that he might like... He's really into animals.

Atreyu got a Postcard!!
Random kiddy postcards from Tokyo... McDonald's postcard and a Llama postcard.


Because of Atreyu's curiosity, he asked me to get him Yakult in Tokyo. He was curious if there's any difference between the local Yakult from the original Yakult in Japan. Well, to satiate Atreyu's curiosity, I really looked for something different, we found this Apple-Yakult-like product which Atreyu really enjoyed.

Some Apple Yakult 

He stormed them right-away! haha

"Things to do in Japan List"

1. Take a picture in Akihabara 
2. Video from Tokyo!
Not only did we take pictures in Akihabara, Taka and I also made a short video for Atreyu! It was under the noontime heat that we roughly filmed it... But it was great that Atreyu saw it right away. We really wish we could take him here in Tokyo someday to see it in real life.

Taka & Tracy in Akihabara!

This was our video telling him about Akihabara! It's always nice to take videos like this for Atreyu because he really appreciates simple messages like this. He told me after I got back from Tokyo he really enjoyed watching us.

Not only did I film one video... I made some snipets of stuff we saw and did in Akihabara for some short time. 

Trying to Get that Maneki Neko Prize 
in the Game Claw Machine

Taka trying to grab one Maneki Neko stuffed toy for Atreyu! But too bad we didn't win! It was too hard! LOL

The Story of Maneki Neko in the Game Claw Machine haha!
Well, as you may know, we are Maneki Neko lovers! We love that cat so much that I really wanted to try to get that cute stuffed Maneki Neko that we saw in the game claw machine in the Sega Building. But we didn't win it... Instead as a consolation, I got to take a close-up photo of the prizes since some game operator refilled the game booth with more of the Maneki Neko stuffed toy! Oh... how I wish we could have brought one home for Atreyu he would be so happy! (and also me too! LOL). May be next time if Atreyu comes with us, he should try playing this game! May be he has better luck to get a Maneki Neko than me and Taka! Haha!
It was fun experience anyway... But more expensive arcade games... This game claw machine is 400Yen/game (thats probably 10 games equivalent in Timezone!) Haha! Well if I'm gonna get Maneki Neko I won't mind anyways! Haha! But it was fun to try! But that Maneki Neko is really fat and so cute!

Some vending machines in Akihabara!

Well, I took more than enough photos in Akihabara for Atreyu but I think I should blog it separately since this will be too long of an entry!

3. Video from Kitkat Store
Unfortunately, I didn't get to take a video of a Kitkat Shop since I just found the Special Flavor KitKat in the Narita Airport... I feel weird taking a video just by myself. Haha Sorry Atreyu! But as a consolation... I got you your favorite Kitkat Chocolates anyways!

Atreyu's KitKat Omiyage!
Of course this is the best reminder Atreyu wrote, he's so sweet to even remind us to have a  good time!

It was actually fun to have Atreyu's list to accomplish during trips, I feel like he also joins me in my trip whenever I look at his lists and accomplish them. And seeing him welcome me home with excitement and enthusiasm wih our simple gifts is actually priceless. 


  1. Atreyu is so sweet to give us that card. We had so much fun by his card. And I am glad Atreyu liked our omiyage!

    1. Yeah... It was actually fun reading his reminders! It's so funny! haha!


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