Monday, October 01, 2012


Kiko Mizuhara as Midori Kobayashi ~ ...and just because Kiko played as Midori I think she looks like me! LOL!
BIG 30 Wish#1: I fell in love with Midori Kobayashi upon meeting her in Norwegian Wood. Our similarity was so daunting and uncanny. Haha! I kept telling everyone and I kept bugging Taka how I'm so similar with Midori. I even made him read Norwegian Wood by force and I'm so proud he did like it. Haha!

I kept obsessing about Midori's fashion and quirky style... I really think Haruki Murakami met me in my past life.
I remember last year I kept obsessing about looking for a DVD copy of Norwegian Wood... And just recently after almost a year... I finally got mine!

I finally found my own DVD Copy of Norwegian Wood but now I don't have a working DVD hahaha BOO 
I love to look at Murakami Novels in the bookstore... I always take a picture of those nicely stacked Murakami books... I especially love them when they're all white!
Novels by Haruki Murakami in Fully Booked! I actually prefer these paperback copy! They look so neat!
More Murakami!
I remember seeing this stack of Murakami Novels in the big bookstore in Sannomiya in Center Gai! I enjoyed seeing them  there. Haha. my simple joys.
Look how obsessed I am... I made this mock-up make-believe movie poster for our first Valentines Day as a couple. Hehe. I always pretend we are Midori and Toru haha!
Taka & Tracy's: Norwegian Wood! LOL
Because I remember Midori had a curiosity with Porn Movies and I remember seeing this in Tokyo. Haha!
I've recently been stalking Haruki Murakami's new book 19Q4... This one was made into 3-Book Set because it's so THICK!! I actually want this for my birthday!
And I think October is my lucky month since I randomly saw NYLON Magazine (Singapore) has Kiko Mizuhara as their cover page!! I DROOLED!! I definitely want to have a copy of this!!
HELLO KIKO!!! I will have you for my BIRTHDAY MONTH!!
 ... and guess what? My sweet and gorgeous friend, Jane tagged me in an IG Photo she posted saying this:

OMG Thanks DEAR!!! You totally made me soooooo happy seeing this!!!
Today is the 1st Day of October! And it's starting to be okay! I'm super glad!! 30 more days to go 'til my BIG 3-0!! More wishes to come! Haha!


  1. tracy! define wlang manicure for a month!! hahaha! I guess my hands looks nicer if i have long nails but i just can't hhahaha! sending u the magazine nga pala this week nah! hehe muah! thanks for the specially mention hehe

    1. Haha! We all have our lazy mani-pedi months! Mine is 2-months old worth of laziness haha! Super duper thanks dear! I'm so excited! Haha!

  2. japanesewomen has a different opulence and beauty talaga no
    love etmiss u Tracy

    1. true ;-) Wag lang natin tignan ang legs nila J/K! I love Japanese guys though... pashy-effect parati. LOL... or probably that's how Haruki Murakami brainwashed me to believing they're these sensitive creatures! haha!

  3. i want you to get a DVD player anyway haha. portable one would let you play it on your bed till you get sleep haha. or i should get murakami books collection so you can display them on your wall or bed side haha. I follow your declaration that you look like Midori hahahahahha

    1. HAHA OMG I'm so bossy. LOL. I sound like a MARTIAL LAW ~ declaring I look like Midori LOL. Thanks. Thanks~ You know how giddy I am talking about Murakami Novels haha!

  4. Midori Kobayashi... Even its sound is stuck in my ear


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