Monday, September 03, 2012

Datenight with Rainbowholic Kaira-chan

August 2, 2012 ~ Takeshita Dori! I can't believe time flew so fast! I miss Harajuku!
It was exactly one month ago since my memorable and happy Tokyo Summer Trip... I can't believe time flew so fast that one month has already passed. What's so funny about it is even if my trip was just 5-days, up until now, I haven't finished writing my trip blogs and posting my trip photos! Haha! I wanna over-decorate them as how my eyes see things haha!

One of my first agenda in Tokyo is to meet up with my kawaii-soul-sista-Kairachan! I was really looking forward to catching up with her in Tokyo for this trip of mine. Actually, meeting Kaila in Tokyo was one of my main priorities for this trip (aside from my mundane-"Things to do in Tokyo" list) We actually planned this date since May 2012 when Kairachan took a short vacay in Manila. It was actually business & pleasure (sounds so serious). Haha. Imagine two kawaii girls doing serious business?! HAHA. But oh yes we did!

It was actually quite a misadventure... my datenight with Kaila... I arrived at the Narita Airport at around past 2:40pm and we set our meeting by the Takeshita Dori entrance at 5:00pm... after I leave my luggage at my hotel in Kamata. But!! I arrived in Metro Tokyo at around 4:30pm... and I still had to leave my bags at my hotel. I tried calling Kaila through my mobile, which unfortunately failed me. Yes, you still suck GLOBE. I tried calling Kaila at the payphone... But I didn't know what kept happening coz some old Japanese Lady kept answering her keetai bango. I was so worried she might be waiting for me too long... so even if my kareshi was still at the office I tried to call him instead and asked him to send Kaila an email or tweet her a short message. Apparently, I copied Kaila's mobile number wrong so I kept calling some other old Japanese lady... who must be so irritated with my wrongnumber calls HAHA!

I didn't know all the while that Kaila also left her mobile phone at home! Haha! So it seemed so impossible we will still be meeting in Takeshita Dori!! @_@ I arrived in Harajuku after checking in my hotel at around 7:00pm... I was trying to look for a wifi spot in Omotesando but failed to find a decent wifi access. Just when I was almost gonna give up... I walked back to Takeshita Dori entrance and saw Kaila sitting by Yoshinoya! I felt I heard "Hallelujiah" sound in my ears and almost leaped of relieved and happiness seeing Kaila!
As Kaila said, It was really meant to be, indeed!

And right after that we went straight ahead to the nearest purikura photobooth in Takeshita Dori! Yes! Haha! I always look forward to having purikura of course! What can be more exciting but having purikura with another kawaii girl! Haha!

Purikura with Kaila!!
Even if it was almost closing time at Takeshita Dori... Kaila toured me around and gave me short-cliffnotes-version of shopping recommendations in Harajuku which was really helpful in time for my shopping day! I couldn't be happier! Of course a trip to Harajuku wouldn't be complete without the Takeshita Dori wall photos!

A bit overexposed photo. Oops haha! Anyways the wall is nice still!
I love our Takeshita Dori Wall photo!! 

Kaila also took me around the newly opened mall Tokyu Plaza Mall... It was my first time to see it so it was an interesting place for me. Especially the popular Mirror Entrance! It looks like a maze! Haha!

August 2, 2012 ~ The famous Mirror Entrance by the Tokyu Plaza! It was my first time to see this place!

Of course I had to take some stolen shots in the store. Hehe. Gomen.

Doraemon and other kawaii cuties!
Cute pastels trinkets in Tokyu Plaza

After our speedy tour around Harajuku... Kaila and I had a nice dinner in "Jonathan's". ("Jonathan's" reminds me so much of "Denny's" in the US, BTW. hehe) We were actually in a hurry since I was meeting Taka and Yuhei in Meguro (...and I didn't realize that we also had a short dinner meal at Jonathan's in Meguro, too! HAHA) But I must say that the Seafood Salad I had with Kaila is so memorable that I'm still craving for it until now!!

DROOL. I still crave for you, seafood salad.
This was Kaila's Dinner... I like it too! Haha!

It was really an exciting meeting for me to see Kaila again because not only we get to chitchat and gossip like sisters... I was so excited taking part with her Rainbowholic Shop! You can now find Tiara Bows by Tracy Dizon at the Rainbowholic shop!! Hooray!!

Tiara Bows by Tracy Dizon now available at the Rainbowholic Shop! Grabbed this photo from  the Rainbowholic Shop!

Arigatou Kaira-chan!! ~ from Atreyu!

It was really a great night I spent with Kairachan... She was even so sweet to give me some welcome gifts! I gave Atreyu the candies and sweets when I returned to Manila! He's so happy munching on the candies and of course I'm so happy with the kawaii trinkets and cute postcard!! Arigatou gozamasu, Kairachan! I'm so happy with our date and the welcome gift you gave me ! I even use that Belly Flops pouch for my iPhone charger and cords now! Haha! It's so cute!!

I love this super kawaii and super pink postcard!!! Thanks Kaila!!
Oh aside from TiaraBows... I was super super excited to see Kaila coz I wanted to get myself those super cute pairs of platform sneakers from the Rainbowholic Shop! Soon after my trip, it was really exciting to look forward to the Rainbowholic parcel! Unfortunately, Philippine postal services sucks that they held it for a long time! When I came to pick it up near NAIA, it was reported to be "misdeclared" and customs wanted to tax me even! So corrupt right? But luckily, I was able to justify it well in the customs that they didn't tax me at all! HOORAY! (I think they thought the shoes from the parcel is D&G HAHA!) And after being held in the EMS Post-office and Customs... I finally got it!! Opening Kaila's parcel reminded me of our fun times in Tokyo together! I miss  Tokyo! I miss Kairachan!

Kaila's Parcel!! Before it got shipped out to Manila!
It was so fun opening the package! I even got lots of omiyage from the Rainbowholic Shop!! So many treats!! KitKat,Chocolates and a super rainbowholic-cute shop-bag!! WHAAA I wish all online shops and actual shop are all like the Rainbowholic Shop!

Even the bubble wrap is pink!!!
I'm so happy with all these kawaii trinkets!!

I can't believe it's been one month since my date with Kaira-chan. I miss Tokyo... I miss hanging out with Kaira-chan. I'm looking forward again to return to Tokyo and have more adventures with Kaira-chan. 


  1. yeess your platform sneaker finally. thats the one you longed for a very long. and of course you own takeshita dori haha. i know you are a boss there haah but i like anyways when you take pics at takeshita dori!

  2. YES!! I always keep it clean! HAHA! I love that I proclaim Takeshita Dori is mine! HAHAHA!

  3. I am so glad that I found your blog! You are so fun and quirky and I love reading about your fashion and all things cute! <3

    1. Wow! Thank you for your comment Alicia! I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog! My trip to Tokyo (and anywhere in Japan) are best trips I've had that's why I wanna share it and keep a memory of them in my blog! Thank you for reading and your comment! Hope you enjoy reading! I feel more motivated to write even more because of your nice comment ^_^ <3

  4. This was long ago. Now she's not good to you.


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