Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pretty Pretty Cakes at Tous Les Jours

It has been a whirlwind and chaos mode these past few days... My two siblings, Kevin and Stacy have finally fled and left Manille. I can't believe it's been almost one week already since they left and now they're new ~ "New Yorkers" haha.

On their last day in Manila, me and my other siblings wanted to have some nice last meal with them and looked for something they liked. The night before that, Stacy mentioned she tasted the prettiest cake with her friends... She described it as "The pretty rose cake". 

So I sneaked and asked her friends where they got that cake. Hehe... I learned that they got that pretty cake in a bakeshop named "Tous Les Jours".

Pretty Bakeshop/Cakeshop Tous Les Jours in SM The Block

Theia & Liley buying some treats in Tous Les Jours
So I Googled where is the nearest "Tous Les Jours" in Quezon City and had a quick stopover at SM The Block to find the "Rose Cake" and luckily, it wasn't hard to find at all and service is pretty quick as well too! I also learned that Tous Les Jours is a French-Asian Bakery from Gu-Ri, South Korea. No wonder it's not like those Western bakeshop/cakeshop/doughnut shop with extremely sweet palette. I must agree with Stacy that they have the prettiest looking cakes and they taste very sophisticated too! We really had fun just going to this bakery because the cakes looks sooooo pretty! You'll almost think twice if they're really edible cakes and not just some display. The French Macarons looks so pretty and they tastes pretty too! What I liked more about their cakes are they are affordable... even more affordable than coffeeshop cakes like those in Starbucks and the likes... Well here are some of the photos I stolen inside. Hehe. They didn't mind me taking photos anyways. hehe.

So many breads to choose from!! I wanna taste them all!! Haha!

The Pretty Cakes displays everything looks so adorable and fancy!

Here are some of my picks at the Tous Les Jours Bakery...

French Macarons and "The Rose Cake" that we got for my sister, Stacy.

Lovely Heart Cakes that would melt your heart! Haha!

Stacy was surprised that we pulled it off to find this cake she liked in just a day! I totally agree with Stacy that it tastes freshly made with fresh fruits and ingredients! 

We cut it in 6 equal parts as we are six bros and sis haha!
Rose Inspiration Fresh Cream Cake for P498 <3

It was merely a meal-break from packing and last-minute shopping on Stacy and Kevin's last day in Manila... But it was at least extra-special with our fancy cake to top our "Last-Meal-Break" altogether. 

Our silly photos altogether six and Atreyu! We had a great mini-party!!

It was of course bittersweet when two of my  siblings left for New York. But it was still nice. 

Gomen nasai for being quiet for the past few days, it was crazy hectic and problematic with last-minute shopping and packing of my siblings, few client deadlines and I got a scare that Atreyu got Dengue Fever. Luckily, he was tested negative for Dengue and he just have some infection. Thank god! Hopefully, I can update more in the next coming days. I miss writing and I haven't finished my last Tokyo trip yet... >_<



  1. the last photo is very nice. especially atreyu looks so funny haha. i should try their macaroon haha

    1. Oh wow! Thanks for making comment! I know you're already sleepy and dizzy! i really appreciate it always! Yeah let's have it when you come here it's really nice <3

  2. I miss those photos like you are with family.


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