Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Strolling Omotesando with Tokyo Friends~

August 5, 2012 ~ Kazuya and Yuhei leading our way strolling along our long and very hot walk around Omotesando
It's always nice hanging out with my long-time Tokyo friends (Haha! Is three years considered long time?) But I always look forward seeing them everytime I come visit Tokyo. I'm so lucky that Yuhei is a fashion designer... that's why he gets to show me around the nice designer shops in Omotesando. I always enjoy taking a stroll with them, despite my limited Nihongo (thank god my kareshi is so good at translating haha) we still enjoy times together... And I always tag them along with my "tourist photo" so I won't look too touristy haha! So after a nice Kaiten Sushi lunch with them in Omotesando... we went along strolling again in one of my favorite places in Tokyo. <3

Kazuya and Yuhei ~ it was nice seeing them altogether again!
Kazuya was as funny as I remember him three years ago!
Some street view of Omotesando on a VERY VERY HOT SUMMER day.

I think we had to cross the street?
Omotesando and some shops
Some traffic at Omotesando
I really couldn't believe I've experienced extreme hot weather in Tokyo. I actually thought of wanting to go to a pool while we were walking under the scourging heat.

We can barely smile for the camera because we were blinded by the sunlight! Haha!
But it's still nice. There's no other way to appreciate Omotesando but by walking and visiting door to door those nice designer shops! Too bad I couldn't take photos inside because the shop ladies are very strict which picture taking! >_<

Comme des Garcons
I'm so glad Riho-san always joins me with the photos! This was right outside Comme de Garcons in Aoyama/Omotesando
Hajimimashite Riho-san! Thank you for joining me in my photos!
The Comme des Garcons store in Aoyama/Omotesando is one of my favorite places there... The shop itself is like a maze and the shop ladies are freakin fashionable!! Too bad I can only describe them because I couldn't sneak in any photo inside >_<

The Prada Building
Of course I can't miss the $80 Million Prada Building.
Gotta love the modern architecture of Aoyama/Omotesando

I am still so happy whoever took this fashionable-well-framed photo of me and Taka. I think it was Riho since Yuhei and Kazu said they didn't take photo! Haha! They're so funny!

I still laugh everytime I read this funny thread  when I asked Yuhei,Kazu and Riho who took our very nice photo... This is still one of my favorite photo for this trip! Haha!
Since I love Issey Miyake's Perfumes, of course I passed by Issey Miyake's Stores too. I didn't realize the whole block were all Issey Miyake shop on one side of the street!

Issey Miyake
I love the pleated treated Issey Miyake clothes in this shop! Of course it was EXPENSIVE! haha!
I can see Kazu, Taka and Riho's mirror reflection! haha!

Sorry for the low-resolution photo. I just stole this mirror shot by the Pleat Please Store. What a poor photo this is haha!
Dear Pleats Please Issey Miyake Bilbao Tote...
I love you. -Tracy Haha!
I love this tote bag from Issey Miyake but it cost more than a plane ticket to Tokyo! Haha!

The highlight of this stroll for me was finally seeing Tsumori Chisato's Boutique! Too bad I forgot to visit Yohji Yamamoto's store... and more so, too bad Betsey Johnson closed down already in Omotesando Hills! But Tsumori Chisato for me is the Japanese Betsey Johnson... So it's a nice alternative for me! Hehe. But I think TC more surreal with her prints... BJ is more girly. TC loves cats that's why I love her even more. I couldn't have found this store without Yuhei's navigation. So I wanna thank Yuhei for taking me there! Haha!

Tsumori Chisato
I love TSUMORI CHISATO!! Thank you, Yuhei
for taking me to see her shop in Omotesando! 

I couldn't take photos inside again but I remembered these prints that I loved in the store! But sooo expensive!! Haha! I love how she mixes print on print!

It was actually my Tokyo friends who got my my first TSUMORI CHISATO... They're always nice!

May 2011~ Lovely Tsumori Chisato gifts from Tokyo friends! Together with Coreen <3 (I miss these days!)
October 2011 ~ Tsumori Chisato Tee!!! B-day gift from Tokyo friends!! Arigatou Gozaimasu!! I love this t-shirt forever!!

Okay I'm Tsumori Chisato-overloading already! Haha! Moving on... I wish I could have gotten more shots along the stores but unfortunately that's all I've gotten... But nonetheless I wanna share some more photos from our hot summer strolling at Omotesando...

This bus is so random. But so cute. It can match as Tsumori Chisato's Bus too! Haha!
Kazu, Toreishi and Taka under the scourging heat! Haha! 
Riho & Yuhei~ they always wear black. Haha!
After this long walk back and forth Omotesando we have got to find a place to drink. Haha. We were all dehydrated from the heat! Haha! We had to look for Starbucks! It was really nice catching up with them talking about fashion, our careers and just any other silly things. It was really nice seeing them again!

Riho, Yuhei and Kazu from my view while taking a break at Starbucks

Finally Shinya got to join us too even for a shorter time! After three years I met them altogether!

Writing this is actually making me miss Tokyo again. I enjoy hanging out with them, they always entertain me and give me a good laugh. Even Taka enjoyed their company too! He always tells me how funny my Tokyo friends are! I'm glad I get to keep in touch with them somehow. Nice. Nice times. I hope next time you all come visit me here in Manila and I'll be the one showing you around here! Haha!

I'll edit to match the other photos next time... feeling kinda lazy now. Hehe.

Changed the photos already. Hehe.


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