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KAITEN SUSHI! かいてんすしを東京で食べました!!

(... I should brush up my Nihongo. Hehe... and that Blog Title is one of the basics that I should have mastered already. LOL)
August 3, 2012 ~ After a very very LONNNG day I got to try Kaiten Sushi in Tokyo for the first time! Haha!
I love sushi! That's an understatement. More than any other Japanese dish (may be  Okonomiyaki is a close next) SUSHI is my favorite!! Haha! But coincidentally, it's so strange that I haven't tried sushi in Tokyo. I always end up having meals at Izakaya, coffeshops, McDonald's, Italian restaurants or at Ramen restaurants. Luckily, me and my kareshi have the same love for sushi... (of course he's Nihongjin haha) that one way or another he would most probably be looking for a Sushi place for lunch or dinner. Hehe.

August 5, 2012~ Taka-kun to Toreishi-chan: われわれは寿司が大好きです!! We Love SUSHI!! 
Lunch with our Tokyo friends at an another kaiten sushi in Omotesando!

I took this photo at a wall ad in Kamata... nearby the kaiten sushi place we ate at.
They're so nice to look at! So colorful and oishii!!

August 3, 2012 ~ Tried this kaiten sushi place for dinner at Kamata nearby the trainstation.
(I wish I know the place's name though LOL)
Errrr... May be it's soup? Or was this a cover for special ordered food?

Well one reason I was hesitant to enter in restaurants like this in Japan is the language of course... When we went to the kaiten sushi place in Kamata, it being a small place I'd probably assume that there are barely gaikokujin (foreigners) that comes in there and speaks Eigo (English). The food ordering would probably be easy since I'll just be getting what I feel like getting on the conveyor belt... But some, I must say... are really foreign to my taste-buds... and until now I never learned what some of those sushi that I ate. Haha. 

Is this squid or some other seafood? 

I got curious with this plate of sushi that looked like squid to me, since it's white colored. I wondered why it keeps going around the conveyor belt and doesn't get picked. Uh-oh! Upon trying the first piece (of two) I realized why no one picks this sushi plate. It tasted like hard rubber blended with fish scales... 
That white sushi (I still don't know what was this) but it tasted like hard rubber mixed with fish scales. @_@
Okay... so much for experimenting with different kinds of sushi. Haha!

Haha! I didn't die from it or anything so it was fine. I just learned my lesson to stick with my faves or ask Taka first before eating something different. LOL. It's fine, I still ate a lot of my favorites. 

Two kinds of shrimp sushi ~ I still like the big-looking one though...
Oohh too bad I didn't have a photo of the raw shrimp! That was good too!
After a very long day of touring Tokyo... We were definitely hungry! LOL! Haha! How many plates of sushi did we eat! Haha!! Oishii desu!

We ate alot! Haha! How many plates did we finish!?
And since I love sushi very much... My Tokyo friends set a lunch at another kaiten sushi place around Harajuku/Omotesando Area! I must say this place was really nice... The kaiten sushi place is "Heiroku Sushi" right across Omotesando Hills. 

Heiroku Sushi Kaiten Sushi ~ view from Omotesando Hills...
There was a little traffic so there were vehicles covering my shot. LOL
I didn't notice this restaurant before... I always overlooked places other than fancy shops in Omotesando! Haha!
We were lucky to get seats right away... Since it was a weekend and it was lunchtime... We were really lucky to get nice seats even! Haha! Or did we really come very early for lunchtime? Probably... I'm with Japanese friends!! (Always early! Haha!)

August 5, 2012 ~ Kaiten Sushi lunch with my Tokyo friends~ Yuhei Sasaki, Riho Ishibashi and Kazuya Hirano. Thank you, Yuhei for finding this restaurant, I really enjoyed it ^_^
I grabbed this photo from Kazuya Hirano... and decorated it haha! "Seafood Themed" LOL hahaha!
And since we were nicely seated I even got to take a nice short "Hello Coreen! Video" for our friend, Coreen. Kazu was so funny as always. Wish Coreen was there to join us! Next time we'll travel Tokyo together! Haha!

"Hello Coreen"
from Omotesando!

Having nice lunch at Heiroku Sushi in Omotesando

What's great about Heiroku Sushi is the English speaking sushi chef...? (errr... Is that how you call them?... Taka said they're called Sushi Syokinin) Well, actually I was really fascinated with the Head Sushi Syokinin attending orders nearby our seat because he's a proud Filipino! He noticed that I was a Filipina and had a little chat with me. He's amazing and they serve sushi very fast. Taka said, he speaks good Nihongo even (I wouldn't know if it's good or not since they all sound the same to me haha). Well, I'm proud! 

The Head Sushi Syokinin at the Heiroku Sushi is a Filipino! So proud!
Ittadakimasu!! Hello Mr.  Head Sushi Syokinin
There were lots of choices and lots of colors to see! Ohhh I miss those fresh Tuna Sushi!! But I must say it was hard to take photos while eating... I can't get more than I want to! Haha!

Ohhh that fresh tuna sushi~
Maki Rolls... I can't catch them while moving!

Desserts at the conveyor belt... that fresh orange! Haha! 
Everything was good... since I just ate what I know and I'm familiar with. I like octopus, squid and shrimp the most... but salmon and tuna are great too! Ohh I just like them all! I like seeing them pass me by my seat and looking at the colorful fresh food haha! I definitely wanna go back to these places again!

Well, finally with the help of my kareshi... I finally learned the name of the kaiten sushi in Kamata that we had dinner at... apparently it was "Ganso Zushi" 

Conveyor Belt Sushi
Address: Nishikamata 7-66-8, Ota-ku, Tokyo 〒 144-0051
Tel.No.: 03-5711-0903 
Business Hours: 11:30 - 22:00 

Conveyor Belt Sushi
Address: 5-8-5 Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Tel.No.: 03-3498-3968

Business Hours: 11:00-21:00
Price Range: 4,000-4,999yen


  1. hahaha you make me want sushi again! i didn't know you took so many photos like this haha. well always sneaky haha. glad you enjoyed sushi alot

    1. Haha! It wasn't even allowed to used Mobile phone hehe so I sneaked taking photos hahahaha!


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