Thursday, September 20, 2012

UNIQLO Ginza Flagship Store: All 12 Floors of UNIQLO but I still couldn't find my UT!

"Sunglasses Shirt"
Lulu Guinness for UNIQLO UT

So do I still need an explanation why I must have this UNIQLO UT designed by Lulu Guinness? Well I think I rather show why...

LEFT: Obviously this is ME. Haha! A lovely candid shot by Julles Roberto from way back three years ago at the PRP2 launch.... It's been years that I have been wearing this red-catseye specs. RIGHT: Whaaaa!! I'm going GAGA over Lulu Guinness' Catseye designs!! You all should be mine!!

It is such a disappointment that I didn't even dare to look for this UT in Uniqlo in SM Mall of Asia since I know I won't even have this in my own size... Since I've heard sizes left in UNIQLO are just the L & XL's. So since I've planned my Tokyo trip, I might as well go find this in UNIQLO's Biggest Flagship Store in the World... The UNIQLO Flagship Store in Ginza, Tokyo.

I was really excited to visit this place mainly because I wanna wear that Lulu Guinness UT for my trip. Haha! So since I was in the area around Ginza strolling and sight-seeing... I might as well pass by. (Haha. Nah... I really meant to go here. LOL.)

We even came just in time for the store's opening hour. People are already lined-up waiting for the store opening! 

And of course I had to take some pics by the colorful wall. Hehe.

Nice UNIQLO neon lit wall! 

Pink hues of the neon lit wall

... and now Tungsten shade of neon lights!
I think generally... Picture taking in any retail stores are not allowed. But of course I got to sneak in some shots haha! Well, it wasn't alot because I was sneaking in my shots. 

Pokemon Window Display at the nth floor of
UNIQLO Flagship Store in Ginza.
I've lost track what floor were we in.

Few floors midway... We started feeling tired already. Haha. We even had a couch break at the men's casual wear floor

UNIQLO's Boxers Shorts Hanging by the Window Haha. I don't know what floor were we on. 

We sat by this floor where these boxer shorts were hanging by... I think this was the men's casual wear floor? Probably? 

Nope. This is not a UNIQLO Ad. LOL haha! It's just me and Taka taking a couch break from roaming around the 12 floors of Uniqlo Flagship Store haha! This is the view from the nth floor... may be this is the 11th? or 10th? We can see the Tokyo Tower from our view!

I actually like this floor because I found some cool UT!! The Andy Warhol Collection!! I love POP-ART!!!(Get ready to be bombarded with Andy Warhol UT Photos haha!)

Of course from seeing this rack at first I was looking for women sizes for these! I love anything Andy Warhol!!

The Brillo UT looks nice too but they didn't have it in white... gray looks too hot for me.

The cool Banana UT would have been nice but just like UNIQLO elsewhere most sizes left were L and XL

Well since I love Pop-Art so much and they didn't have these UT's in women's sizes... I kept insisting Taka he should get one. Because it looks cool and colorful is nice. Of course him being a guy... he doesn't like anything too flashy. Haha.

The colorful Andy Warhol UT Collection!! I want them all for myself!! But it's for guys!! Haha!

What's more awesome in UNIQLO in Tokyo? Well... These cool rack of Andy Warhol UT's are just priced... 790 Yen (that's about PhP 395?!) Now how much are the UT's in Manila? PhP 790? Almost double the retail price in Japan? Well may be this is a very special sale!

I <3 Pop Art!

I almost forgot that  I was looking for my "Sunglasses Shirt" UT seeing the Andy Warhol UT's. Haha! But since we were almost on the 12th... We might as well look for it up to the last top floor!

The 12th Floor of UNIQLO! TOP FLOOR!

Amusing myself by taking escalator photos. Taka looks miserable! LOL! Haha! We're almost on top!! Don't be sad anymore, Taka! LOL! haha!

We finally made it to the top floor! My last hope of ever finding my Lulu Guinness Sunglasses Shirt! This floor looks awesome! It looks like the "UT Museum" or the "UT Gallery" everything was here except... MY LULU GUINNESS UT!! BUHUHU!

Uniqlo Global Flagship Ginza Store's top most floor (12th) has a "Museum/Gallery-Like" display of all the Uniqlo UT's... It was my last and only hope that I'll find my Lulu Guinness Catseye UT!! But It was long sold out... Even at the LARGEST UNIQLO STORE IN THE WORLD!! >_<

But it was still fun anyways... On this floor I learned from the UNIQLO sales attendant that the "Sunglasses Shirt" was long sold out in most stores. It must be a very popular T-shirt (that I should have! haha!)even online it's already sold out! OMG how can I have this UT!!

But nonetheless, there were alot of nice UT's to choose from... too bad that my heart was already set for that that I didn't get anything for myself anymore. Haha!

Hello Kitty UT! You're all so kawaii!

LULU GUINNESS UT's!! Why must you be sold out too soon??
So my search for my Lulu Guinness "Sunglasses Shirt" was not a success. But it was still fun seeing the largest UNIQLO Store in the World! Haha!

On our way out at the UNIQLO Ginza Flagship Store
But we didn't leave the store empty-handed. Well, since I kept insisting Taka to get an Andy Warhol UT. I just got him the plainest and the least colorful Andy Warhol UT available. Haha! This was by force that he let me get him a nice shirt... but he ended up liking it anyways! Haha! Thank you for letting me get you a nice Any Warhol Pop Art UT, Taka! Haha!

August 5, 2012 ~ Hehe I'm so happy Taka worn the Pop-Art UT I've been obsessing about. Hehe.
I wonder when will UNIQLO have another batch of that shirt that I want. Huhu. Well, may be next time I come back they'll finally have the UT I've been searching for! Haha!

銀座6-9-5, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
(Ginza Komatsu East Wing, 6-9-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan)
UNIQLO Ginza Map
+81 3-6252-5181


  1. it's like a huge shop. nice shop for uniqlo. nice blog too. keep on posting. can't follow you, i am on tumblr kasi eh.:S

    1. Hehe! I know you'll like this UNIQLO blog... especially the 790Yen = 395PhP UNIQLO TEE! Imagine that... where it's sold 790PhP here right? Haha! Thanks for reading Sef!

      I have but I don't use it anymore for blogging haha!

  2. thank you for getting me the Andy Wharton tshirt haha. i look so modern with it haha. your sense is nice.haha lulu guiness finding is not successful but you should keep your eyes on uniqlo web because they release new designs i guess every two weeks

  3. Thanks for getting this T-shirt. I also keep this now.


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