Thursday, September 06, 2012

Village Vanguard: That Kakkoii Bookstore!

August 4, 2012 ~ I love going to this super kakkoii bookstore VILLAGE VANGUARD!!

One of the coolest shops I've seen in Japan is Village Vanguard! It was actually my Osakan-gurlfriend Tomoka who first brought me in the coolest bookstore I've ever been in the world. It was really great to be toured by an awesome tour-guide in Osaka! Haha!

August 5, 2011 ~ Thanks Tomoka-san for showing me this awesome bookstore in Osaka! I really enjoyed this shop! Let's go back again here when I comeback to Osaka!
My first visit at the "Exciting Bookstore" in Shimokitazawa, Osaka! Looks like a garage sale!

My kareshi also took me to another Village Vanguard branch in Umeda, Osaka... It was also awesome! Although the one in Umeda was inside a department store... So the "garage feel" isn't same as the one in Shinsaibashi.

Village Vanguard in Umeda, Osaka!
(The one in Shinsaibashi looks cooler though hehe)

August 2011 ~ Posing by the kawaii trinkets
at Village Vanguard

It was one of the highlight of my Osaka Trip last year... seeing this bookstore! I especially loved the fashion magazines and art magazine they have there... And I found cute little Kewpie and I got myself one. Hehe.

August 2011 ~ Kewpie and trinkets from Osaka and some other random stuff hehe.

On my last trip to Tokyo I was able to randomly pass by my first Tokyo branch of Village Vanguard... where else could it fit better but in the boheme district of Shimokitazawa... Going to Shimokitazawa, I didn't expect anything being it was my first time going there but it was fun seeing Village Vanguard on a rainy afternoon... I was able to kill time (until the rain stopped) and got to buy those artsy and funky things on my shopping list in one shop.

OKAY I look stupid because my eyes is yet again... CLOSED!! @_@
Village Vanguard, Shimokitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

I love the garage feel and busyness of this shop! Who would think this is supposed to be a bookstore? Haha
I don't know why I don't have any photo with the magazines. I should have had. Haha! May be I was too overwhelmed to remember to snap a photo. But what I found so fun and interesting are the funky things I found in this shop. They're not even bookstore-related but they're really really interesting and the really character items... Here are some of my favorites...

DREAMACTION Books by the entrance
Let's go DO our DREAMS!
Cute Camera USB Drive!

There were even skateboards at this shop. Haha!

I like this LEGO-looking plug extensions! Atreyu would like this of course
LEGO Lunchboxes! Atreyu would like this!
LEGO Lunchboxes in PINK! I love this! Haha!
Atreyu would like this of course... May be he'll gain more appetite using these spoons and forks haha!

This is where I got my sister's Kreepsville 666 accessories... although it was more expensive here. 

Guitar-shaped USB Drive hehe hard to miss this~
There were lots of cool iPhone Cases there but they were soooo expensive! Well at least I know I can buy it cheaper in Manila. Hehe
Wouldn't it be cute to make Mickey Pancakes on these pans??

I dunno why they have Danish Cookies in Village Vanguard.
But I really like the blue-willow-porcelain patterns of those cans.
I actually have this at home. Haha. 

This is my most favorite thing from that shop which i don't really need but it's just so cute... and it's pink! Haha! But it's 2K + Yen! Just for a plug extension??

Pink Doughnut Plug Extension!

Some sights and interesting parts of Village Vanguard Bookstore... which aren't really books! Haha!

Yes... Style is everything. This was posted right outside the shop.

I dunno why but you can play this oldschool video-game at Village Vanguard
... And Taka played some too! Haha!

I always see this cute head with big eyes...
she kinda looks like Blythe don't you think?
I really enjoyed shopping and window shopping in Village Vanguard. It's like I'm in some museum of interesting and cute things.Haha! I think it's a fun place to go to in Japan. I think Atreyu and my sisters would enjoy this place too! 

Marche Bldg.2-10-15, Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 155-0031 (北沢2-10-15 世田谷区, 東京都, 155-0031 Japan)

Tel.No.: +81334606145
Operating Hours: 10:00 - 24:00


  1. yes village vanguard is always so fun haha. you again sneakingly took a lot of photos of course haha. wish we could have got some for atreyu there!

    1. I wish I could have shopped A LOT!! atreyu wanted the LEGO lunchbox haha

  2. wow.. they got cool stuffs there~~ lols for the penny board in a bookstore...
    when i saw village vanguard's name on tokyo fashion, i thought it was a fashion store.. but woah, lo and behold its a bookstore! hahaha


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