Thursday, September 27, 2012

Welcome to TOREISHI-ta Dori! LOL!

"Let me take you down... coz I'm going to... TOREISHI-ta Dori!" 
Since this is my blog, I reserve the right to own Takeshita Dori in my blog. LOL. Just Kidding. But I must say I get giddy even just by the thought I call Takeshita Dori after my Japanese name Toreishi. hehe. It's an overrated statement to say Harajuku is my favorite place in Tokyo. I keep saying it yet again and again like a broken record. But in a few times I've visited Japan, I still haven't seen Harajuku on a Sunday Morning. I read in "The Tokyo Lookbook" by Philomena Keet that most fashion girls and people strut their best Harajuku Fashion on Sunday Mornings in Harajuku. Unfortunately, I haven't seen Harajuku on a Sunday Morning since most of the time I fly back to Manila on a Sunday or my weekends in Tokyo gets too busy. This time... I really insisted I WILL SEE HARAJUKU ON A SUNDAY MORNING!!

The Tokyo Lookbook is the first loot I bought for myself on my first trip to Tokyo.
It is so interesting learn about the growing diverse subcultures of Tokyo Fashion.
It’s a must have when you want to learn more about the fashion in Japan!

I remember Taka making fun of me looking over-excited for Sunday. I kept showing him my favorite "outfit" for the Harajuku Day and how I was so happy to get myself those cute laced socks to matched my clothes for the day. 
I was even up so early to prepare myself. Haha! This was at our hotel in Kamata.

I kept taking train photos on our way to Harajuku since I'm so happy Taka worn the UT Andy Warhol T-shirt I got him. Haha! Me and my simple joys.
Trainride snaps going to Harajuku!
Good morning Harajuku!! 

As we got off Harajuku Station... Taka saw this cool Harajuku tourist stamp nearby the Omotesando Exit. Of course I stamped my little notebook with it!
This is so kakkoii!! It's so cool!!

The agenda for that Sunday was stroll around Takeshita Dori in the morning and meet Yuhei and friends for lunch in Omotesando. I still have yet to shop for omiyage for my sisters and for Atreyu so Harajuku was the best place to do everything I need... and people watching of course. But first thing's first... PURIKURA!!
Kyari Pamyu-Pamyu's Puri Ma Donna Purikura!!
Taka's always so nice to join me even if don't like this girly things. Haha! 

Last time I went to Harajuku... Last October 2011... it felt a little bit gloomy... some shops closed down and it seemed lesser shoppers too... It was a bit cold then (since that was almost autumn/winter) so I didn't even bother getting some Takeshita Dori Crepe back then. Boo! So this time I got myself (and Taka too) those famous Takeshita Dori Crepe!! 

Angel's Heart Crepe
 Takeshita Dori
August 5, 2012 ~ Lovely crepe from Takeshita Street.
 I miss sitting by the bench eating this while people watching at Takeshita Street.
It was really nice to sit beside Taka and have this oishi crepe. He gpt peaches and I got ICHIGO!!
There were several crepe stalls along Takeshita Dori... I didn't know their difference actually... But I chose Angel's Heart because of they have lots of strawberry flavored crepe options... Plus their stall is pink. Haha! 

Takeshita Dori in the morning wasn't so extravagant as I imagined... but may be because of the extreme summer weather... most were just wearing simple and comfortable clothes. But then again, afternoon came and I realized everyone was just waiting for the sun to laylow. All of a sudden it was too crowded to even take photos! People were bumping from different directions. 

Crowded Street of Takeshita Dori
 Sunday Afternoon
Okay this is not what I wanted to see! Haha!
SUMIMASEN!! Please don't block my shot!!
I couldn't even take a decent photo since there's no space for me to pause and click my camera! But I still got to explore some places around Harajuku... We just look for small alleys to explore and wander around.

But since we tried to avoid the crowded areas and went to those small Harajuku alleys~ I finally found 6%Dokidoki Store right along the small alleys across in Harajuku! I love that neon bright colored store! It was too bad it's not allowed to take pictures inside!

6% Dokidoki
LEFT:  My only photo at 6%Dokidoki!! They strictly don't allow picture taking inside RIGHT: Finally found where 6%Dokidoki is! Thanks to カイラチャ for teaching me the way around the side streets of 原宿‼   

I didn't even realize I shopped around that popular "Spinns" Store... I kept coming back there for fruIts Magazine and those sale platform sneakers!

Stolen shot from Spinns Store. Hehe.
I felt nostalgic seeing and taking pics of the window display design in Takenoko. Everytime I come to Tokyo I always take a photo of this...
Takeshita Dori
2009 & 2011
I always take a photo of Takenoko Store in Takeshita Dori
August 5, 2012 ~ I didn't get to take a photo with a nice angle because there were so many people!

I love Harajuku for the quirky and interesting things I see around... despite the crowded streets... I enjoy seeing those graffiti and the colorful shops and walls. Here are some of the unique and interesting sights I saw...

August 5, 2012
Right in front of 6%Dokidoki... I found this signboard. Hehe. If I'll ever need to be admitted in a mental clinic, I'd prefer to check-in here. Haha!
Kaira-chan showed me around Harajuku before I went back there again, she told me about this popular waffle place nearby 6%Dokidoki... She told this place was always fully booked and people actually line-up to get inside to eat here. I wonder why though...
Eggs'n Things
"Eggs'n Things" 

True enough... Going back again on a Sunday... I actually witnessed this insanely long line in "Eggs'n Things"?! This goes as far as Omotesando! The line took a whole block?! Just for a waffle diner?

I actually had to stitch two photos together to get a grasp of how long the line in Eggs and Things was!
I think this is an electricity fuse box (?) filled with stickers!!
Of course the fashion girls randomly appearing and walking around!! Kawaii!!
Takeshita Dori Wall
Takeshita Dori
Ooooh hello there again! I love this TOREISHI-ta Dori Wall!
Well despite the crowded streets or Harajuku... At least Taka and I still got to take some instax pics! It's all good! (I own this street anyways LOL)

Takeshita Dori Wall Intax Photos!
I can't believe time flew so fast that my whole day came to an end... I almost forgot to take a welcome sign Takeshita Dori!  So from the train station leaving Harajuku I took photo from afar... and this was also my last photo from my digicam right when my battery for my Tokyo Trip already ran out... Haha! So sentimental!

Time to leave Harajuku!  So sad! Bye Harajuku!!
But of course I enjoyed this Harajuku Day... Especially shopping for socks and those awesome tattoo tights... Checking out the the Platform Sneakers and trying on fashion accessories! Haha! Not to mention people watching and simply just being there. I think I'll never grow tired of loving TOREISHI-ta Dori~ It's my happy place forever!

Crepe Stall
Address: 1-20-6 Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
Tel.No.: 03-3497-0050
Business Hours: 10:00 to 22:00

Fashion Boutique
Address: 1-8-8 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 150-0001
Business Hours: Mon - Fri 11:00 – 21:00
Sat - Sun and Holidays 10:00 – 21:00

Breakfast Brunch Hawaiian
Address: 神宮前4−30−2, Shibuya, Tokyo
Tel.No.: +81 3-5775-5735
Business Hours: Mon - Fri: 9:00 am-10:30 pm
Sat - Sun: 8:00 am-10:30 pm

Fashion Boutique
Address: 2F TX101bldg. 4-28-16 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0001


  1. I like your photos on this entry because it is very emotional. you are an expert on decoration and makes me feel how you feel with each photo. this is one of the best entries you made, i think.

    1. Those balded looking characters looks so funny! haha!

  2. Wow! It really looks such a fun place (and that line was just so crazy!) I'm glad you and Taka had a fun day! :D

  3. It's always sad to see you sad wiyj leaving harajuku because I know you just purely love there.


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