Tuesday, October 02, 2012

I want Ponies and UNICORNos!

TokiDoki Unicorno Blind Box Mini-Series! Whaaaaa!!! You're all so KAWAII!!
BIG 30 Wish#2: I can hear myself sounding so juvenile like a 5 year old spoiled brat. Haha! Sorry I can't help feeling like a kid. Haha! I think this is a severe effect of being a young mom... LOL. (Excuses-Excuses!) Kidding aside I just want this trinkets of cuties.

Childhood Memory~ My Little Pony and Friends!
Back in my childhood My Little Pony and Friends used to be popular... I think I had a few of them... I remember having one of those big toys which I insanely murdered and written with ink. WHY did I do that?! WHY!! Haha!

Hello Starlite! I regret not playing with you when I was a child! LOL (So Dramatic!)
But you're cuteness is timeless! You're the ORIGINAL!!
I remember I used to have Rainbowbrite's Horse~ Starlite Toy but I never got to play with it! Buhuhu! It's been locked in the cabinet like forever!! Haha! Now my childhood's repression is catching up on me! I wanna play with these toys! Haha J/K. 

... And as my kareshi pointed out, I'm so obsessed with unicorns I even hoard... errrr... collect them in my iPhone app game, Treeworld. LOL

I have 8 UNICORNS in my Treeworld! Haha!

I think early this year, I saw my Petite Chic Fashionable Friend~ Coreen's IG Post... She posted these cute creatures when she was in SanFo... Whaaaa!! I fell in-love with these cuties!!

I'm so obsessed with them I even stalk Nina's IG 32 weeks ago! Haha!

So for my BIG 30 Wish#2~ I wanna have this modern-day My-Little-Pony-and-Friends-Hip-Version... Tokidoki's Unicorno!! I want those in pink shade and rainbow colors!!
I want Stellina, Dolce and Bellina!! Please be mine!!

Actually I want this plush toy better... Because it's soft and cuddly. Yeah... I am really growing old backwards. Haha!

Dear Stellina Unicorno Plush Toy, Please be mine... Because you're so cute and colorful ~ Love Tracy

Tokidoki are so cute... I like them... They give grown-ups like me an excuse to get cute childish things for myself. Haha! More wishes! 28 to go!


  1. haha you are such an unicorn crave. even tree world you loved unicorn. but it looks very cute and I can really undestand you like it just because of its cuteness haha

    1. Oh yeah!! I almost forgot my UNICORN COLLECTION in TREEWORLD!! I must put a screen grab of them here too!! HAHAHAHA!! Thanks for reminding me! You really know me well, Taka! HAHAHAHA

  2. This feels like a long time ago about pony


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