Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Under my UMBRELLA!

TSUMORI CHISATO's Umbrella Spring 2012 Womenswear
Haute Couture Parasol! Adore!!
BIG 30 Wish#3: Since it has been raining really hard nowadays. There are literally days when I wake up in the middle of the night because the raindrops sounds like there are stones thrown on our roof. Monsoon season takes half of the the year (or even more) in the Philippines.  I think I consume around 3-5 umbrellas in a year... So I thought since it's raining cats and dogs these days... I might as well throw-in some quirky and cute umbrellas on my birthday wishlist! How quirky could it be to have a stack of pretty umbrellas at home! That would be a joy for me. But most probably I'll be minding more if they get dirty or broken rather than shading myself from the rain. I don't care. Hehe. I rather be in a fashionable and cute umbrella... Even if rain pours down on me I'd still look fashionable and pretty. Haha! How shallow! LOL! I'm just kidding. But anyways, I'm really fascinated with these umbrellas I found from few of my favorite designers and quirky brands... Please feel free to send me these parasols... I assure you that it would be very helpful for me. LOL!

MTA New York Subway Map Umbrella
I love maps, I love trains and I love New York! What more can I ask for!? This MTA New York Subway Map is perfect for my quirky and wanderlust taste! Haha! It comes in two styles... The folding and bubble transparent umbrella. 

This folding one is perfect to bring anywhere and fits right inside the bag. I need this especially when running my life errands. Haha! 

MTA New York Subway  Folding Umbrella for $21.99
It's amazing how this was perfectly designed for commuters of New York City. Haha!

While this bubble umbrella is cute and more resilient with the hard rains. I like them both... Map prints are always interesting. Well I'm a wanderlust... I always want to navigate going to somewhere! Haha!

MTA New York Subway Bubble Umbrella for $18.39
I like how the map routes and patterns pops out from the transparent umbrella!

Lulu Guinness Birdcage Umbrellas
Just recently, I've fell in love with Lulu Guinness' vintage-quirky designs. One thing I'm learning from Lulu Guinness is the art of branding... Why get some other umbrella where you can match a Lulu Guinness Umbrella with your pretty Lulu Guinness Bag? I'm amazed that she collaborated with so many big brands to expand her brand itself... With her umbrella designs... She collaborated with Great Britain's top umbrella manufacturer... Fulton UmbrellaI like her designs in T-shirts (since I came across her collection in UNIQLO), in bags... and now I've came across with her umbrella designs too! They look whimsical and vintage! I'd probably feel I'm Mary Poppins holding her umbrellas! I'd probaly needing a Lulu Guinness Dress too having this umbrella to complete the look!

Lulu Guinness Birdcage Handbag Collection

Lulu Guinness Birdcage Umbrella for £32.00.
Inspired from Lulu Guinness' Birdcage Handbag Collection!

I like how Lulu Guinness designs have this old world dramatic feel... I can imagine myself walking along the streets of Europe with this Street Scene Birdcage Umbrella! Oh the drama! I love it!
Lulu Guinness Street Scene Birdcage Umbrella for £32.00.
Too bad this had been sold out for quite sometime now. 
Of course I like pink among all... Lulu Guinness also designed this super cute Birdcage Ice Cream Parlor Umbrella inspired from her Pink Ice Cream Parlor Bag!! Whaaaaa I wanna die!!!!

Shoulder bag for £135.00 and Handbag for £175.00 

Lulu Guinness Ice Cream Parlor Collection! OMG!!! I want you all!!

Lulu Guinness Pink Birdcage Ice Cream Parlor Umbrella for £30.00

Okay before this becomes a Lulu Guinness obsession let me get on to my quirky umbrella wishlist! I can take all day drooling over Lulu Guinness! Haha!

Tokyo Trippers & GB Trippers Umbrella

by Paperchase
I've already blogged about them but I wanna mention them yet again! I still wonder how I can get myself this SUPER KAWAII Umbrella's!! 

RIGHT: Tokyo Trippers Dome Umbrella LEFT: GB Trippers Dome Umbrella
Which one is cuter? I like Tokyo Trippers more but I like them both!
These cute Trippers are seasonal collection from Paperchase so once they're off season I don't think I can find them on stores. Buhuhuhu... I hope they make some comeback sometime! I wonder how much were they... Can't find it on Paperchase's website. >_<

And now for one hardcore high end parasol...
Tsumori Chisato's Costa Rica Umbrella
OMG! Talk about the Haute Couture of Umbrellas? For a whopping $506 you can avail these super beautiful parasol! Well, I don't really knoww if it's just a summer umbrella... But sure hell I'll be demanding an umbrella-for-all-seasons with this price!! I couldn't complain! This is marvelous! I can imagine Frida Kahlo carrying this walking around Mexico! 

I love the colors and the vintage feel of Tsumori Chisato's
Costa Rica Umbrella!
Now this I'll be dreaming until I'm 50 may be? Haha! The opulent and intricate designs are so sophisticated and quirky at the same time!
TSUMORI CHISATO's Umbrella Spring 2012 Womenswear Haute Couture Parasol

 Someday, when my design empire becomes filthy-rich successful... I'll be strutting around New York, London, Tokyo and taking a vacation in Cuba carrying this jewel of an umbrella!

TSUMORI CHISATO's Umbrella Spring 2012 Womenswear Haute Couture Parasol
Costa Rica Umbrella for $506!!
I think among the umbrella's I listed here... on Tsumori Chisato really fits a grown-up 30-year-old. Haha! Well, I don't care! Haha! I'll forever have a child at heart... but may be I'll decide to grow up when I can get myself that haute couture umbrellas! Haha!

Well I won't mind those clear PVC disposable umbrellas either... They're actually my favorite coz they can easily match with anything I wear! Haha!

Classic Clear PVC Disposable Umbrella


  1. "I rather be in a fashionable and cute umbrella" hahahaha so funny quote. you are so stubborn hahaha. but i like those map looking umbrellas. i didnot know that kinda. it is cool!

    1. Hahahaha you make fun of me I can hear you from here! haha! yeah i should have asked you to get those Manhattan NYC Subway Map umbrellas for you and for me haha! But we missed it! It's okay... may be next time!

  2. ang cute nung birdcage umbrella inspired from the bag collection! and the street scene. tapos match it with printed colorful boots, scene stealer agad!

    1. So true!! May DRAMUUUUH right?! And definitely you'll pop from a crowd of umbrellas with these kinds! Amazing how Lulu Guinness makes her branding niche of matching accessories!

  3. I love all the umbrellas! I've been looking for a birdcage umbrella since the first one I got for myself. Unfortunately, there are none in the Philippines. =(

  4. Does the Michaela umbrella brand have these kind of designs? I saw a Michaella umbrella at (, yesterday and I'm wondering if the brand has some fancy designs like this. Thank you Tracy!

  5. Hope you still keep your tsumori umbrella


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