Wednesday, October 10, 2012

♫ ♬ Harajuku-Girls-You-Got-A-Wicked-Style♫ ♬

August 7, 2011 ~ Umeda, Osaka Harajuku Lovers G tagged along
with me on my Kobe/Osaka Summer Trip last year!
BIG 30 Wish#8: Harajuku Lovers Fragrances! This is the ultimate me! I love Gwen Stefani and EVERYTHING KAWAII! Gwen Stefani truly is one of my style icons (next to Betsey Johnson!) Gwen Stefani definitely transcended being a rockstar icon and now also has become an ultimate fashion icon. When she started her clothing line L.A.M.B. (Lamb. Angel. Music. Baby.) and Harajuku Lovers, I totally felll in love with her more! Among the celebrities making their own fragrances... I think Gwen Stefani is one of the most noteworthy, well deserved and cutest among all!
As I was checking out some product shots of Harajuku Lovers, HL Fragrances has multiplied into several collections and special editions. OMG! They're so cute! They look like toy dolls!
HARAJUKU LOVERS (Original Collection 2008)
Love. ('Lil) Angel. Music. Baby and G
HARAJUKU LOVERS (Summer Cuties Collection Summer 2009)
Love. ('Lil) Angel. Music. Baby and G

HARAJUKU LOVERS (Snow Bunnies Collection Autumn 2009)
Love. ('Lil) Angel. Music. Baby and G
HARAJUKU LOVERS (Wicked Style Collection 2009)
Love: Sweet Lolita. ('Lil) Angel: Gothic Lolita. Music: Visual Kei. Baby:Kawaii/Decora
and G: Omotesando Girl
Super G for Women
G of the Sea
Jingle G
I can't believe there are so many HL Fragrances!! May be I'll probably interested with G of the Sea, HL Wicked Style Baby, and the classic Harajuku Lovers G. Hehe. I checked out the Harajuku Lovers Website and found a very nice interactive thingie where you can make your own Harajuku Girl... I made my own version too! Haha! it's so fun like a virtual paperdoll! 

PixieToreishi-Harajuku-Lover Girl!
This is ME! PixieToreishi-Harajuku-Lover Girl! Isn't she kawaii?!
You can also make your own HARAJUKU LOVER HERE
I love perfumes and scents... I always say it reminds me of a special occasion or a special memory. All the more I these perfume! They're SUPER KAWAII!! But I still wonder howcome there are no HARAJUKU LOVER STORES in HARAJUKU?! They should have it!!


  1. haha what a funny blog! it is so cute. I am going to look for this perfume. i have never seen it haha

    1. Haha! It's so strange that there aren't Harajuku lovers products in Harajuku or in Tokyo! I haven't seen it there yet too! There are lots of those here in manila though haha

    2. This perfume fits your style. That was a vivid memory


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