Friday, October 05, 2012

私は ファション 雑誌 が好きです! I want Fashion Magazines!

LEFT to RIGHT: November 2012 Issue Kera Magazine, November 2012 Issue PopTeen Magazine, November 2012 Issue TUNE Magazine, November 2012 Issue FRUiTS Magazine
BIG 30 Wish#5: I've always collected Fashon Zasshi (ファション 雑誌) through-out the years. I just love the lay-out, the spread and the interesting styling combinations I learn from Japanese Fashon Zasshi. I don't really adapt or copy them totally... But they're really interesting to look at. Actually, even at my age, I still dream and aspire to be a contributor at any Japanese Fashion Magazines... May be their English Correspondent? Haha! But I took up Nihonggo because I still dream I'll be eligible for a Japanese Magazine Job. Haha. Dream. Dream. Dream. <3

FRUiTS Magazine
November 2012 Issue
I want FRUiTS!
I remember my first Fruits Magazine that my ex gave me several years ago... Japanese Fashion Magazines were so scarce then... Good thing my ex was into street fashion as well that he eventually gave in to giving my this magazine.

My First FRUiTS Magazine... dated 9 years ago!
Over the years... I found myself HOARDING... errr... collecting FRUiTS Magazine. It was actually the only Tokyo Street Fashion magazine that I knew about for several years. What I like about FRUiTS Magazine is how organic the fashion snaps in the magazine. "Ideally" the featured people in an issue are un-staged fashion people lurking around Harajuku. Some rumors says they actually stage the photoshoot, may be, may be not... But seeing Tokyo Street Fashion in real life... I don't think they'd need to stage people to look how they were in FRUiTS.

Hoarding FRUiTS Magazines! Thanks to many friends! Haha!
I remember my first time in Tokyo... I was so sad I didn't get to buy FRUiTS Magazine because #1) I didn't realize that FRUiTS Magazine was kind of a specialty magazine that I wouldn't find it in convenience stores and #2)when I realized I may have to look for it in a bigger bookstore, it was already sold out in ABC Bookstore (Aoyama Book Center) in Roppongi Hills~ that bookstore is open until 2:00am cool, right? Too bad they didn't have FRUiTS at that time...

Instead I found lots of Beatles Books! Whaaaa!
October 2009~ It would have been great if this is in English. I couldn't find FASHON ZASSHI! Huhu!

I just settled getting myself "The Tokyo Lookbook" instead
I got this book on my first Tokyo Trip!
Anyways, from then on... I always ask any of my friends going to Japan or in Japan to get me FRUiTS Magazine! It's an obsession! 

When there's no FRUiTS Magazine... I try to look for KERA since this is easily available at any konbini store
I also love these sister magazines of FRUiTS:
The European street fashion magazine~ "STREET" and the men's Japanese street snap magazine~ "TUNE"

On my last trip to Osaka last year, my kareshi took me to the biggest bookstores in Osaka. Those big bookstores sell back  issue of wide range of fashion magazines~ Gothic Lolita, Kera, PopTeen, FRUiTS, Street and TUNE! OMG! I suddenly become a Zasshi Shopahollic! I think I bought additional 5 Kilos worth of magazines! Haha!

Kobe 2012~Fashon Zasshi in a Kobe Bookstore

TUNE Magazine
November 2012 Issue
BIG 30 Wish#5: TUNE November 2012 Issue

KERA Magazine
November 2012 Issue

BIG 30 Wish#5: KERA November 2012 Issue
PopTeen Magazine
November 2012 Issue
BIG 30 Wish#5: November 2012 Issue
I always get this for hairstyles haha!

Anyways, I've said so many stories just for a simple BIG 30 Wish#5~ But definitely I will love these!! Please Japanese Friends and Japan based friends... SEND ME MAGAZINES! Haha! LOL!


  1. magazines are heavy but i didnt know you got 5kilos of it haha. so funny and craved haha. i will get some for you

    1. Haha! Be careful you might be 5 Kilos overload too LOL

  2. One of your biggest achievements is Vivi and soen.


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