Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Journalizing with Cath Kidston

According to my IG this was posted 58 weeks ago, I'm not sure when was that though,
so my guess 1 year and 1 month ago... September 2011?
I have been collecting and writing on Cath Kidston Notebooks even if they sell for 550PhP!
BIG 30 Wish #12: Memories are the best gift you can give yourself. Ever since I can remember I think I've kept journals, diaries and memento & scrapbooks. I accompanied me in my saddest and loneliest times and it also brought me to trouble revealing my untamed thoughts to those unwanted readers. LOL. But nonetheless, it has become a part of my life... writing and "journalizing".

I'm pretty picky with journals. I want acid-free papers, perfect size for drawing and writing and even pasting pictures. This is why I'm very specific with my Cath Kidston's Notebooks... Haha! So picky!!
Cath Kidston's Notebooks!
Even before Cath Kidston became this "Vintage Fad" in bags and iPhone Cases... I have been a long supporter of her notebooks. It's so sad that i can't find them anymore in National Bookstore or in Fully Booked. I think I've bought all of their supplies. Haha!

My 4th Cath Kidston Notebook on my apartment floor and messy apartment.
 It has been my favorite task to make travel mementos... Eversince Taka & I became a couple, writing with my journal and making mementos are more fun, not only I get to write and keep my good memories, I can also share it with my kareshi in Japan. It's my way of keeping in touch with him even if we are in a long distance relationship. This is how I try to make our lives closer than how we are physically... at least in our thoughts we are always close by with our mementos.

Tracy's Osaka and Kobe Trip Memento Book
August 2-8, 2012
I remember being so happily dazed and in love during our first few months, I even make Taka memento books every month. Haha! It makes me smile just remembering the feeling that i was so inspired that all i want to do is write and draw and cut and paste photos! 

A page excerpt from my October 2011 Tokyo Trip in Shibuya with Taka!
I liked the Cath Kidston Notebook because it's sturdy and the size is perfect for collage and drawings. Well, at least for me. I'm now on my last notebook and I haven't got myself a replacement yet... So this is one of the main reason why I've suddenly gotten so active with my blog... My Cath Kidston Notebooks are running out!! Haha! I hope Fully Booked and National Bookstore still replenish their stocks!! Please... please!! Where else could I find them! I need to write more memories!

... Especially for my much awaited 30th Birthday! ^_^


  1. sorry to get a wrong size one but hope you can even just use my gift. i got it from amazon so didn't see actual size. that's why i made a mistake haha but just hope you can enjpy that too

    1. It's okay, I actually wanted the one you got me because of the design... But it's too pretty to write on! But you know I've put this on my birthday wishlist last year too! So Thank you so much for it!

  2. Now you are Tsumori fan in your journal. Your journal skill is amazing.

    1. oh i lost that too. unfortunately. journaling skills and memento aking skills? I stopped doing that because you hurt me so much.


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