Thursday, October 04, 2012

Kamikazari Love

I  want this PINK Kamikazari! 
BIG 30 Wish#4: Since I am a headpiece designer... I wanna experiment with different headpieces around the world... (Excuses-excuses! Haha!) I just simply love kamikazari~ kanzashi (I dunno what's the right word between the two). It would be nice to get one of these beauties for my BIG 30!! Haha!

August 2012 ~ Kamikazari in Asakusa
Before anythingelse... I wanna share this kawaii diagram of the parts of a Kimono Ensemble... I actually got this from a Kimono Shop Catalogue~

Parts of a Kimono Ensemble
I remember asking my kareshi for this for our first year anniversary gift... I always wear it on special occasions nowadays. This made me so happy! 

Thank you, Taka for the nice gift... I love this very very much! It's so precious to me!
I was thinking of studying the design of Kamikazari ~ Kanzashi to incorporate with my fascinators and headpieces... But I haven't done it yet because I want it kept safe. It's really precious to me!

As soon as I received it in the parcel, I wore it right away in Project Runway Philippines Season 3 Final Runway Show... I really love how it accented my quirky look for that event.

Toreishi at the PRP3 Final Runway Show Ramp! Hehe.
I love my OOTD!
I even wore it in Harajuku and it still look lovely! 
Hehe. This blog will just be short and sweet... for my BIG 30 Wish#4... I want a nice Kamikazari in PINK and please also note I want those with cascading petal accent! Okay? 


  1. the last sentence haha "please also note I want those with cascading petal accent! Okay? " so bossy haha. but im glad you like the kamikazari. it fits to you and you should wear it more!

  2. So this is what the headdresses normally partnered with kimono/yukata are called. Wow. *u*

    I really do think it looks nice even if it's not partnered with traditional wear. Hmmmm, might try that out sometime once I find one in the Philippines. Teehee.

    1. Yep. Kamikazari! They're so pretty! A bit pricey though... For a clip-on like mine costs 3,500JPN but the quality and the nostalgia it brings is priceless

      I wanted to design hairpieces inspired by them actually I always love them :-)


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