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Kawaii Shopping at Sanrio Puroland

Kawaii Shopping Bag from Sanrio Puroland!!
Hello again. It's a "Hello Kitty" blog yet again! Haha! As I've mentioned in "The Happiest Girl in Sanrio Puroland", I'll be making a PART TWO since I was already over-photo-spamming. This would be short since I didn't get to take as much photo as much as i want to. Since I'm in Japan, I always have this feeling I can take photos without permission or at any stores... But I got to sneak-in few shots anyways. Haha!

And as I imagined, it would be... Sanrio Puroland is a HEAVEN of KAWAIINESS!! Haha! If only I can buy all those cuties I would have! There were lots of special edition items you can only buy in Sanrio Puroland. Shopping is one of the main activities you can do in Sanrio Puroland actually, I even felt a little jealous seeing Japanese Moms leaving Sanrio Puroland with 3-4 giant bags of shopping loots! OMG! Can I be a child and give me one huge shopping bag?! Haha! But I didn't leave empty-handed! I got myself some souvenirs and omiyage for Atreyu and for my fellow-Hello-Kitty-loving-cousin too! There are several shops in Sanrio Puroland~ Festival Plaza, Kitty House Shop, Jewelland Gate and Vivitix. Except for the Kitty House Shop which has long line to get in, I've checked them out all.
The Hello Kitty House had a very long line! 
If you happen to visit Sanrio Puroland, the first shop you'll see is the Festival Plaza... and as the name says it... It would really seem like a festival of all Sanrio characters in there. It's actually the biggest shop among four.
Festival Plaza
Here are some of the photos I snapped there...
Hehe... Why should I be complaining? Haha. I wanted to get Atreyu that Shinkansen Magic Pencilcase but realized these types of pencilcase are just PhP200 in Manila! Haha!
I wanted to get Atreyu a pencilcase but I think it's too expensive though. Haha. But he would have liked that Shinkansen Train pencilcase I bet.
But I got him Pandapple Plush Toy to add to his "Pets" he collects. Haha!
Well, I got Atreyu instead this Pandapple Plush Toy... That I also got in Festival Plaza. It took me a long time figuring out who this Sanrio Character was actually since he doesn't have his Apple Cap. 

Since I love "My Melody" and "Kuromi" I stole some shots of few of my favorites in the store! Haha. I actually liked "My Melody" this time since Kuromi's clothes fit for Halloween then. I love My Melody's Pastel and Tropical Theme...
Pastel My Melody! So Cute and Round!
And this one is my favorite because since it was summer then, My Melody perfectly fits well for the climate! Tropical My Melody!!
Whaaa! They're a bit pricier than the other My Melody Toys there...
But I kept coming back to look at them! They're so cute and tropical!!
Kawaii Shopping Loots I got from Sanrio Puroland! Finally I got to take home Tropical My Melody!!

Another shop in Sanrio Puroland is the Jewelland Gate... This is at the basement (lower ground floor) of Sanrio Puroland Village. Most items here are Jewelpets... If you are looking for a postcard souvenir item from Sanrio Puroland. This is the only place they have some! Although there were no Hello Kitty postcards... Just Jewellpets. it's okay they're still Sanrio Characters and they're still cute!
Jewelpets Gate located at the Lower Ground Floor 
The only postcard for sale I've found in Sanrio Puroland... no Hello Kitty! >_<

Jewelpet Postcards from Sanrio Puroland!
... And finally, the last among the shops I've seen was the Vivitix it's located at the Second Floor of Sanrio Puroland. These shop is made for grown-ups like me who loves Sanrio stuff! Haha! 
Vivitix located at the Second Floor
I fell in love with this Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel Wedding favors! So Cute! Actually this is a whole window display of wedding favors! Whaaaa! What a cute wedding that would to be themed Hello Kitty! 
Super cute window display by the Hello Kitty Store! I think they are wedding favors! So cute!!!
Gomen nasai... I just took 5 decent photos. Hehe. next time I will try to sneak in more photos if I ever come back again and visit Sanrio Puroland! I was happy with my loots before leaving coz since I kept coming back to Tropical My Melody... Taka already got one so we can leave. Haha! 

Amusement Park
Address: 落合1丁目31番地, Tama-shi, Tokyo, Japan 206-8588
Website: http://www.puroland.co.jp/english/welcome.html
Operating Hours: Mondays to Fridays 10:00 - 17:00
Saturdays to Sundays & Holidays 10:00 - 18:00
Map & Access:


  1. hahahahahha heaven of kawaiiness hahahaha so funny expression. you are so into sanrio, how does atreyu like that panda? of course you are jealous of even atreyu's omiyage hahha

    1. Yeah he loved the Panda we gave him... He puts it beside us in bed all the time. Haha! Yeah I'm kinda jealous of his cute omiyage haha!

  2. waiii~ kawaiiness overload! that tropical my melody is sooo cute!!!!

  3. You liked it there so much. I have seen many blogs about it from you.


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