Friday, October 12, 2012

MUJI-ing with Imōto-sans

October 6, 2012 ~ My sisters and I visited
MUJI in Bonifacio High Street 
I think I may say I don't really go so often in Fort Bonifacio Global City because for one, I live in Quezon City. Haha. All the more I'd be having any time to join my sisters going here either. But because it was my youngest sister Theia's S.A.T. Exams last Saturday... which she took in British School Manila, nearby Bonifacio High Street, I accompanied her going there. Since it was a rare occasion that I'll be tagging along with my sisters (I forced my other sister Liley to come along too, LOL) I thought we might as well wander around and dress-up in coherence~"Omotesando-Style", practice some photography and visit MUJI.

Haha what a long intro. I'm not done yet. LOL. What is so strange is even if I've been to JPN several times, I've never come to notice MUJI there. Since MUJI opened September last year and heard how "VERY-JAPANESE" this place was, I got curious what's the hype about. But I still haven't got a chance to check it out, though.

I asked Taka, "How come I've never seen MUJI in Japan?" and made fun of me answering, "Oh may be you just never  notice it because it's not your style." I can imagine him making fun at me with his answer. Haha. He furthered answered, "It's just usually inside department stores, but not really a separate big store." No wonder, I realized he might be right, I wouldn't notice it probably especially if it's usually in デパート (Depa-to~Department Stores)'coz we only usually pass by デパート to take some shortcuts going somewhere. Next time, I'll look for it in JPN.

So together with Atreyu and Liley (while Theia was taking her S.A.T..'s), we went to check out MUJI. I even thought we might not find it right away but it was the first shop we saw as we got off Boni-High Street.
MUJI 無印良品 in Bonifacio High Street
in Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

MUJI opens at 11:00am a bit later than the other shops in Boni-High Street... Haha. Probably Japanese would protest, "It's not Japanese Time!" Haha!

We were probably the first customers for that day since we've been loitering around since 7:00 AM?! Haha
As we went to MUJI,we were quite amused how "VERY JAPANESE" was it indeed. Liley's first impression was, "Ate, this is very Taka." Haha! It was like she read my mind! I was thinking the same thing too! 
Me and my sister Liley in MUJI Boni-High Street
Well one thing I noticed in MUJI are MUJI's slightly irritating shop girls tailing on you and relentlessly fixing every mark of a trail as I roam around the area. I find it rude they do that right away while customers can even notice it. I find it very blatant and customers won't feel accommodated but "MONITORED" instead. Nagdadabog pa ata si Ateng Shop Girl. Gomen nasai... But I just felt that while roaming around.

But nonetheless, even if those MUJI Shop Girls were guarding me like a hawk, I still got to sneak-in some shop photos. LOL. I think I'm starting to develop a talent on sneaking snaps.Paparazzi?! LOL. It's just a few though... very few... in fact just three. Haha.
Muji's Office Supplies all neat and simple.
Muji's Vanity Items ~ Mirrors, Hair Brushes, Make-up Brushes and Nail Files
... And my favorite section, Muji's PENS! Art & School Supplies!
Of course I couldn't resist myself from buying yet another pink pens!
Taka may be right, it's totally opposite of my style... Because this is completely his style, plain, simple, neutral, clean and neat. How polar opposite can more we be? LOL! But I love the home stuff and art supplies too. I actually didn't realize that I've been using MUJI colored pencils I got from Taka as a gift. It's really useful actually... and neatly packed. LOL. I was even sulking ("nagtampo") with Taka for getting me a very unromantic gift. LOL... Which I regret because I find it useful anyways haha! Now I'm publicly admitting I love it more and more everyday. Haha.
Arigatou gozaimasu, kareshi for this gift. I like it!
Since I've already got my loots we soon left and thought of taking nice pics by the window display of MUJI and pretend to be in Omotesando or something. LOL.

It's so funny how we were seriously even making "test shots" for fun. 

Well, we enjoy these kinds of things. Actually I think it's Atreyu who enjoyed this the most. Among me, Atreyu and my sisters, I think Atreyu is the most photogenic one and really good at poses. Haha! I'm grooming him to be a model LOL.

My 8-year old son Atreyu stricking a pose LOL

I'm so jealous of my newly-20-year-old sister, Liley, for looking so tall! I like her outfit too! Looks sophisticated. Haha! I can't believe I'm older than her by 10 years!!
Liley, I just realized now that you're still holding a tissue. LOL
My favorite part is her skull tattoo stockings I got her from Tokyo! 

Theia just came from her SAT's before taking this photo. She stills looks kawaii, right? She's often mistaken as Korean actually. Haha!

My Korean-looking sister Theia Dizon,
who just took the SAT's right before this picture.
She's popular in Tumblr. Haha! Check her out:
.... and her kawaii unicorn tattoo tight I proudly got for her in Harajuku and she also has that cute socks!
I took their photo together too! They look so nice... I'm so proud LOL even if my framing is a little bit off! Haha

And thanks to my sister, Liley for taking my pictures too! Haha! Actually, I don't know how to pose. I'm so awkward. LOL. Bite me! I wore my Paradigm Shift T-shirt, which everybody loves! LOL I'm so proud to own one. Haha! We said ALL BLACK AND WHITE but I can't help but to bring even at least some reds in my staple Betsey Bag and My Melody keychain?!? Haha Gomen nasai!! I broke our own rule! Haha!

Since the polka-dot pattern on my under-shirt wasn't noticed... I'm taking another shot haha!

My favorite laced socks as always.
Actually, I feel incomplete in my photo, so I brought my most favorite accessory, Atreyu in my photos... And it seemed livelier! Haha!
Look at this funny photo Theia took. But Atreyu still smiles so cute! Haha!He's the expert!

Too bad we didn't have a group photo coz no one else will take the shot! But it was a fun day exploring MUJI and taking pictures! Wish we could do this more often!

House Hold Supplies
Address: 2nd Floor, SSI Building, Quadrant 7, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, PHILIPPINES
Tel. No.: +632-6596731
Operating Hours: Sunday to Saturdays 11:00 - 22:00


  1. so envious!!! japan japan at its finest! love the shoes of yer sis

    1. Yeah my sisters are all shoe addicts and now they're problematic how to bring them all when they migrate. Haha! (They'll be all mine bwahaha! J/K)

  2. hahhaa last part is a photo session of course haha. i believer atreyu looks best hahaha j/k . it is you haha. im glad you liked pens from muji haha

    1. yeah Atreyu is amazing with his smiles and poses haha! Such a photo camwhore haha!

      yeah I liked the pens and the pencils in MUJI! Thanks for getting me I like it! even if it's not colorful!

  3. In this post, Atreyu is highlight to me because he knows how to be taken a photo of


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