Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Pink Platform Sneakers

I was so URESHI to finally receive Kaira-chan's PINK Platforms Package! Haha!
BIG 30 Wish#7 Here I go ahead drooling over Platform Sneakers!! Haha! Since I got my Rainbowholic Parcel... I've always been excited to go out and dress-up and wear my PINK platform sneakers!! Whaaaa! I super love it! Well may be except on rainy days~ But since recently, it's been sunny... I'm enjoying wearing it around the metro. Hehe.

It's always fun the dress-up! I love mixing vintage-dresses with cute accessories... And yes... I go out like this casually anywhere... anywhere clean at least (I don't want my pretty pink shoes stained! Haha! >_<) Anyways here are some of my quirky OOTD (Outfit of the Day) in the past few weeks~

Dinner Date with Happy-chan at Serendra
WHAHA~ I look prego?! It's the empire cut that's making me look PREGO?! LOL
I was wearing an old orange empire cut vintage dress with my staple Betsey Johnson bag and my PINK PLATFORM SNEAKERS!! LOVE IT!!

October 7, 2012 ~ Atreyu took this photo right outside our Korean neighbor's house in Loyola Heights
Just this weekend I was so psyched to see my highschool long time friends and their babies. (Wow time flies now we're all parents/pet parents!) I think even if time flew me by, I think I didn't age that much with my style LOL. Anyways, I wore my cherub printed dress, Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe Tote Bag and my neon pink tights matched again with my laced socks and PINK PLATFORM Sneakers!!

October 10, 2012 ~ Went out to do some office errands and still wearing my PINK SNEAKERS!!
Well, today, I went out to run some errands wearing my PINK PLATFORM SNEAKERS matched with my mom's old dress (she can't in this now of course LOL) I love vintage prints! I actually took this photo right outside the PAG-IBIG Office in Cubao while waiting for my name to be called. HAHA! And inevitably... I missed my name called as I was outside trying to get 3G signal on my mobile and taking this pic! LOL

Anyways for my BIG 30 Wish #7: I wanna have all of Kaira-chan's SUPER KAWAII PLATFORM SNEAKERS!! Haha! How frivolous of me! Well, it's free to dream and to drool! Haha!
I want that BLACK PLATFORM SNEAKERS !  This is perfect for my Black & White Ensembles!
Available at the Rainbowholic Shop for ¥5,500
I also want this NEON Platform Sneakers in PINK (AGAIN?!?)
Available at the Rainbowholic Shop for ¥5,200
Available at the Rainbowholic Shop for ¥5,200
How frivolous of me to get all of these! But if I was to choose I'd like the BLACK PLATFORM SNEAKERS the best! It can easily match with a lot of ensembles and it doesn't get dirty easily. Haha! I like Kaila-chan's Platform Sneakers because it's so comfy to wear! Even if it's high, it's not heavy either. It's really perfect for those street fashionistas who are casually-just-being-fashionable-in-everyday-life... like me. LOL... Plus it makes me a little bit taller and add some few inches to my petite height! Haha!


  1. one question on this, what is your shoe size? so i can get one for you hahaah

    1. Hahahaha!Oh Yeah!! I Totally forgot to mention my shoe size! LOL I think my shoe size is 5/6... the one I have here has 230 at the back of the shoes! Hahahaha!!

  2. Pink Platform sneakers are KAWAII!!!
    And you look tall in there :)

    1. You have Platforms Sneakers too right? ^_^

    2. yes but I gave it to my sis since she loves it and my feet doesn't feet it there XD

  3. It was another dream shoes and I like it.


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