Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Paint My World with Tria

Letraset Tria Marker Haven in Fully Booked!
I'm such a sucker for pens, coloring materials, fancy markers and anything writing and drawing materials actually. I always believed that handwritten notes and hand-drawn illustrations has more organic feel into it... It's more personal and more intimate... So I really splurge on good quality marker pens... And my BIG 30 Wish#15: LETRASET TRIA MARKERS!

If any of you, my dear friends, would like to get me a very affordable gift... Please get me any piece of TRIA MARKERS!! It's available at Fully Booked Stores (Katipunan Branch, Rockwell Branch, Bonifacio High Street Branch, Greenbelt 5 Branch~ are the Fully Booked Branches I'm sure Tria Markers are available) for PhP150 a piece... 

I wish I could complete them all someday and never run out! LOL!
I always drool on these whenever I pass by the bookstore. Haha! I think I've been collecting these markers since 2009, ever since it was available here in Manila. I used use Zig KURECOLOR for my fashion illustrations but since I tried Letraset Tria Markers I found it more fit for fashion illustration. Zig KURECOLOR, on the otherhand, I think fits more to architectural and interior design illustrations because they're more translucent. TRIA MARKERS have this watercolor and soft finish that enhances the garment details on illustrations.

I really recommend the skintones of TRIA MARKERS because they have various skintone colors that can give various ethnicity...  
TSUNAMI by Tracy Dizon
East-Asian Skintone Color using TRIA MARKER

Pinoy POP-ARTISTA by Tracy Dizon
This is my outtake on South-East Asian Skintone...
I sometimes call it "Tyra Banks Skintone"
Hershey Rose Chua Debut Dress by Tracy Dizon
Fair Skinned Tone Shade TRIA MARKERS!
What I like more about LETRASET TRIA MARKERS is they have these colors set fit for different genres... FASHION DESIGN, ARCHITECTURE, PRODUCT DESIGN, MANGA AND COMICS... Whaaa! I want that!!

I always ran out of flesh and light pink shade of markers so I won't mind getting multiple shades of markers haha! 

Well, my birthday would be tomorrow but I've already celebrated it last weekend... I'm still enjoying making my wishlists though! Haha! Will definitely blog new and fun stories these coming days! It's so fun to be 30! Haha!



  1. sorry i didn't realize you wrote about this pen... if so, i got you one or two at the book store. but i can imagine you save them so let's collect and someday make a collection of all

    1. I even show it to you haha! But I don't wanna ask you to get me anymore.... you already got me alot for my birthday...

  2. Now you are a fun of Copic marker. You have many of them and found it useful.

    1. i had everything all planned and prepared for this second half of 2015 to draw and busy with blogs and designs, that's why i bought all of those. but because i didn't expect you will break us all too sudden, i couldn't find myself drawing again, all those copic markers are just rotting on my desk that i never use. I should have bought some sleeping drugs instead, that would be more useful for my life.


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