Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Quirky Dream Heads for Tiara

BIG 30 Wish#14: Blythe -like Mannequin Head for my precious
"Tiara by Tracy Dizon"
BIG 30 Wish#14: Blythe - like Mannequin Head for Tiara! I don't really often talk about my precious Tiara by Tracy Dizon ~ headpiece, fascinators and hats brand, 'coz I don't wanna sound I'm hard-selling myself. I just want my creations to speak ffor itself. Tiara is my precious baby next to my real-life baby-boy, Atreyu. Making designs for me is always like giving birth that's why I treat Tiara by Tracy Dizon as my precious baby. I'm so protective of her and I get really sensitive and vulnerable talking about her! Haha!

It's so funny how I started formally designing hats and headpieces roughly three years ago... clients started asking me to make them matching quirky headpieces even before I started making them... I even started testing using bra-pads, experimenting with different textures and all. It's always a delight reminiscing humble beginnings as such.

I would have to say that one of the biggest blessing and opportunity that I was blessed with was being chosen to represent Team Philippines in the 47th Japan Fashion Design Contest because this is when I really found the means to develop hats and headpieces because my design entry then needed a really quirky Pillbox Hat... and the rest is history!

October 2009 ~ 47th Japan Fashion Design Contest
"Pinoy Pop Artista"
Pinoy Pop Artista Pill Box Hat ~ Hand Painted Art by Romir Sucaldito, Graphic Design by yours truly :-)
Pinoy Pop Artista in the 47th Japan Fashion Design Contest
Photo by: Mags Yap
Anyways, SORRY! I always get derailed from my own thoughts and have some side-stories within a story. Haha! I just felt a bit nostalgic. This is actually a BIG 30 Wishlist blog actually... Haha! I just wanted to introduce my Tiara. Haha!

Harajuku will always be one of my inspiration place, from cute stores, quirky accessories, shop girls, yummy crepe, Purikura Machines... How I wish someday I can build a store in Takeshita Dori! Haha! It will always be a happy thought and a happy dream for me.

With this in mind, I always see quirky details in the stores in Harajuku... This Blythe-like looking mannequin head is so adorable! Most of the stores selling hats or bonnets have this Blythe-like Mannequin Head display and they're so cute!! I've always thought this would fit well with my Tiara by Tracy Dizon creations.

October 2011 Takeshita Dori, Tokyo ~ kawaii autumn bonnets display in Takeshita Dori... Blythe Heads makes them look more kawaii!
October 2011 Spinns Harajuku, Tokyo ~ A lonely Blythe Head still looks so pretty!
I wanna have one for my Tiara by Tracy Dizon!!

I even saw a random Blythe-Head Mannequin in Village Vanguard in Shimokitazawa... She's not really wearing anything on her head but she still looks so cute just staying still...
August 2012 ~ Village Vanguard, Shimokitazawa, Tokyo
Blythe Head Mannequin just looking so cute and quirky. Whaaa! I love it!
Blythe Head Mannequins would be perfect for Tiara by Tracy Dizon especially on Wedding and Debutante Events I mostly cater to here in Manila... These precious moments for brides and debutantes are documented in photos and videos and I can imagine this Blythe Head would be perfect for display during event preparation! OMG! Whaaa! I wanna have this now for my upcoming wedding and debutante clients!! It's too cute to think about! Haha!

I found on online store selling Blythe Head Mannequin... but it seems so rare! is selling ONE Blythe Mannequin Head for $61.89! Oh I wish they ship here in Manila though!
OMG! I must have you!! Please be mine!!
Well, simply because this is perfect for my Tiara by Tracy Dizon baby and it's so damn cute, I'd surely wish for this for my BIG 30! Haha! This one I'm definitely determined to have one day for Tiara! May be one of these days Blythe Head would coming knocking on my apartment door. Haha! I'll have you soon for my future clients to come and use! 


  1. you are the one who can carry a manequine even on a train haha. this head piece should be waiting for you to be carried haha wish i can get one for you

    1. Haha you always make fun of me carrying mannequin all by myself in the train LOL hahaha you make it funnier hahaha

  2. It was one of the most exciting moment when you finally got the manequinne.


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