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Short Stop-over at the Electric Town of AKIHABARA (秋葉原) and Maid Cafe Girls

August 3, 2012 ~ Passed by shortly in Akihabara for Atreyu's request
As Taka and I promised Atreyu that we will try to accomplish everything on his "Things to do in Japan List". We made a short stopover to Akihabara after going around Ginza. Atreyu was very interested with this place having heard that Akihabara is popular for Anime, Manga and video games. In fact, it's the OTAKU capital of the world!! Atreyu is a video game freak (unfortunately... as all video game addict kids nowadays). But what I'm most proud of Atreyu is his enthusiasm to know and learn about different places in the world. I really wish someday... When it's more affordable, I could show Atreyu Akihabara at sight.

Atreyu's "Things to do in Japan List" and #1 is "Take a picture from Akihabara"
Taka and I didn't really know where to go around this area... But since we saw the striking red Club SEGA Building upon getting off the train-station... We just thought we might as well check-out the place and take some photos for Atreyu to see.
Club SEGA Building ~ Multi-Floor Gaming Arcade
Walking towards the Club SEGA Building, we passed by the popular Akihahabara Intersection. It was around lunch time at this time so it was quite hot and a bit crowded to take some photo but we took some anyways and also took a short video. I like the street of Akihabara because of it's colorful buildings and billboards... It was indeed animated! Haha!
AKIHABARA INTERSECTION and a Maid Cafe Girl handing out flyers
Taka & Tracy in Akihabara!
We took this video for Atreyu
After crossing the Akihabara Intersection, we went to check-out Club SEGA Building to take some few shots here and there for Atreyu to see...
Toy Vending Machines in Club SEGA Building
LEFT: Arcade Games GALORE!! RIGHT: Those Maneki-Neko Game Claw Machine!
And of course as I've mentioned before in a previous blog... I was so fixated with this Maneki-Neko Toy that I even made Taka play this Game Claw Machine! Haha!

Trying to Get that Maneki Neko Prize 
in the Game Claw Machine

I wanted that toy... but we didn't win it! Huhu!

After our sad defeat with the game claw machine, we left the Club SEGA Building to check out the alleys around Akihabara. 
Alley around Akihabara Area (I was trying to steal some shots with that Maid Cafe Girl)

I wanted to check-out the Maid Cafe Girls... I just wanted to have a picture with any of them but it was hard to steal some shots! Haha! I didn't want to eat at the Maid Cafe because I've heard they don't serve good food... and they're kinda over-priced. Hehe. So I just settled to stealing some shots! Haha! This will do...
Maid Cafe Girl handing out flyer again at the Akihabara Intersection
These Maid Cafe Girls dressed up so nice... I wish their manager wasn't blocking my angle!! 
Sumimasen Manager-San! I wanna steal some shots! Haha!
I even tried to take a short video to capture Maid Cafe Girls to show to Atreyu. Haha! I think I look so stupid trying to make this video in the middle of the street! Haha!
Trying to Capture  
Maid Cafe Girls in Akihabara!

Was it good enough? Haha! Did you see the Maid Cafe Girl?

I watched NHK's Kawaii International last weekend when Kaila-chan (Rainbowholicwon   (the Otaku Contest FIRST PLACE) and I also learned so much about Akihabara, Otaku and Maid Cafe Girls. 

I have to post this! I was so happy and proud of my little sis Kaira-chan for winning yet again NHK Worlds Kawaii International Contest!! I was so ecstatic that I took this TV Screen Photo to show it on the FB Page!! Haha! Omedetou!!
Fashion in Akihabara Episode!

Kawaii International featured Hitomi, a top maid of 108 maids in one of the busiest maid cafe in Akihabara. Learning about Maid Cafe Girls made me think they are the modern day Geisha-Girls... They serve and entertain their customers in a kawaii way. I am amused to learn how modern and traditional Japanese culture adapts to the youth culture nowadays. I find it really interesting... And now they're dressed looking like French Maid Girls. Haha! Well... that's just my point of view. They're really interesting and cute. No wonder lots of people still visits Maid Cafe even if the food isn't that oishii.J/K.  Haha. Gomen nasai... I'm just kidding

Anyways, it felt actually cool to actually (well, technically at the slightest degree) experience Akihabara while I was watching Kawaii International. It's really interesting that this Otaku capital of the world is now starting to be a fashion district as well. It's good to know how fashion is constantly growing and merging into other cultures. (Oh I sound so expert... LOL). I personally like the neon light effect anywhere and everywhere... It's actually interesting to merge it with fashion, I think.

Toreishi-chan still trying to capture a photo with a Maid Cafe Girl... But I still FAILED!! LOL!

Posing for the photo at Akihabara!
Even if it was just almost a short stop-over in Akihabara... But it was fun. It was actually my first time going there too! So I enjoyed it. I think Atreyu would have so much fun with Cosplays, Anime, Manga and Video Games here. I hope someday Taka & I can take him there too.


  1. yes akihabara is a place for manga and anime. but those manga and anime are kind underground harcore that are not like simpsons hahaha. i think you would like them more! atreyu would play games all the along haha

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  3. Your sneak attack was hit here. Sneak attack to maid girls.


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