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The Happiest Girl in Sanrio Puroland!

August 3, 2012 ~ Memoirs of Sanrio Puroland! I was the happiest girl in Sanrio Puroland!
I think I suddenly forgot how old I am and thought I aged back to 10 years old going to Sanrio Puroland! I was even kinda feeling guilty about going there because I wanted Atreyu to see it too! i was kinda anxious going there even since I heard Sanrio Puroland is all in Nihongo... I wouldn't understand anything from it. But what the heck, I haven't been to any amusement park in Japan so it must be fun still to go there. I'm still excited though, I love Hello Kitty and I promised my dear-Hello-Kitty-lover-cousin I'll visit Sanrio Puroland for her and take some kawaii photos. It was exciting for me!

August 4, 2012 ~ We took a trainride going to Sanrio Puroland. The train had a sticker saying "Going to Sanrio Puroland" so it's more exciting for me!
We took a trainride going to Sanrio Puroland... We took the KEIOH LINE in Shinjuku Station and got off at the Tama Center. It's 30 minutes away from Shinjuku Station, so Taka had enough time to sleep... yet again. He often sleeps at any trainrides while I enjoy to enjoy people watching and sight seeing. The trainride to Tama Center was quite a boring ride though. Haha. There wasn't alot of people in the train and the sights were just monotonous ones. 

We actually had a very long day. During this day, we already went to Nakagin Capsule Tower, Ginza, UNIQLO Flagship Store and Akihabara. I actually couldn't decide what to wear! But I decided to wear one of my favorite clothes and a girly skirt so I'll match Sanrio Puroland! Haha! I sound like a child but I always say my photos will look nicer if I match my outfit with the place. Haha! Me and my silly ideas I know... But I enjoy them! It was hard to decide what to wear since we went on different different places I couldn't decide which should I wear! Haha! I wish I could be more pink... But then again... I won't match with Nakagin Capsule Tower and the Tokyo Tower. LOL! Haha! Me and my silly fashion dilemmas! Haha!

Anyways, going back to my trip... It was so exciting to finally arrive in Tama Center! But somehow I dunno how, we passed by the wrong direction entering Sanrio Puroland... But it's okay... I guess. At least we saw the exterior view of Sanrio Puroland... It looks like a Kawaii Castle!! The tiles were in multicolored pastels! LOVE!!
Passing by the wrong way... We saw the exterior of Sanrio Puroland! It was so cute in pastels!

Anyways we still found our way to Sanrio Puroland! We found the "Hello Kitty's Town" before going inside the amusement park. It's so cute that the town was called "Hello Kitty's Town"! Too bad we really didn't get to look around this area as much, we were kinda in a hurry since our ticket was only valid from 3pm to 6pm~ But I here are some interesting sights I captured here...
Welcome to Hello Kitty's Town!
The Town Map of Hello Kitty's Town
I saw this cool looking statue of an abstract snake-tree... It's a sculpture named: L'Arbre Serpent by Niki de Saint Phalle. OMG!! And it's all over the world!! I wanna see this sculpture all over the world!! I like this acid-LSD looking statue! And it seemed so random to find this in Hello Kitty's Town! This looks awesome! 
Such a Snake-Tree... Thanks to my Kareshi... He researched for me the name of this cool sculture...
L'Arbre Serpent by 
 Niki de Saint Phalle

Entering Sanrio Puroland... It was really so nice to look at! The grand entrance. I couldn't stop taking photos in it actually! It looked so grand!! Whaaaa!! I'm turning into a child! LOL!
Sanrio Puroland upclose!! 
Even the railing is so cute in Pastels!! While Taka falls in line for me I kept taking photos! Haha!
Make sure to check out Sanrio Puroland's Website to get good discount deals!
We even got a very cheap pirce ticket of 1,000 Yen! 

Actually my kareshi even got us this very good deal of 1,000 Yen entrance. It was a good deal for me since I wanted to see lots of places in Tokyo and I don't want to spend my whole day in Sanrio Puroland... I just wanna take pictures and buy some cute Sanrio items! haha! So better check out Sanrio Puroland Website first before going so you might catch some special discounts!

Entering Sanrio Puroland was so nice! It's like a dream come true! Haha! I'm so dramatic! But this was the first view you'll see... It's so great!
Entering Sanrio Puroland!
Sanrio Puroland Village Map
Sanrio Puroland is actually not so big you can just go around it an hour or so...Actually I was so silly to assume it was an outdoor amusement park... But apparently it's an indoor amusement park! Well that's better because it's air-conditioned! Especially on a hot summer day!

But first thing is first... I had to find PURIKURA Machines! While we still look fresh! Haha! But it was more expensive here! Purikura in Sanrio Puroland is 500 Yen! we even saw a photobooth and I insisted on taking photos on it too! Photo craved girl! LOL
PURIKURA Machine in Sanrio Puroland!!
Our Sanrio Puroland Purikura!! Whaa! It's even more expensive than the usual! But It looked too busy!

If i was still a five year old girl, I would have my photos taken riding these Hello Kitty rides!! They're all so cute!!
Nautical Hello Kitty and some kiddy Hello Kitty rides!

I wanted to check out Hello kitty House! But the line was too long! I like this cute house actually! It reminds me of Barbie Doll's House! Love! I like the the Hello Kitty Car too but I was too shy to ride in it because everyone were mostly KIDS in the Hello Kitty House! 
Hello Kitty Kawaii Kuruma and Hello Kitty House!

Even the small details around the Sanrio Puroland are adorable! Everywhere there! Even ice cream vending machine and those Shirousa and Kurousa dangling by an entrance. 
Some of my cute mundane favorite details in Sanrio Puroland
I was actually freak ou by this character but she's the only one who's lurking around to have pictures with!

After the Sanrio Puroland Parade Show, we went up the Wisdom Tree in the middle of of Sanrio Puroland Village... We found the cutest Shinto Shrine ever up in the Wisdom Tree! We found the "Hello Kitty's Bell of Happiness"!
So Cute and So Pink!
... and of course I have to ring the bell to bring me good fortune and good vibes!
Toreishi is asking for Good Fortune! Haha!

OMG This is the cutest Shinto Prayers Shrine!! All the bells were prayer intensions!! It's so cute!! I wanted to try and say a little prayer... But we didn't know where to get those "bell papers"
Shinto Shrine Prayers!
Seeing them upclose! I can't find anything in english though haha!
Whaaaaa!! I wanted that cute postcard looking Hello Kitty card but
I couldn't find any shop lady to assist me in the Bell of Happiness Shrine >_<

There was even this love meter of some sort also on top of the Wisdom Tree... couples should hold hands and the compatibility will be rated by some meter. BOOOOO my kareshi and I only got 50% so horrible!! >_<
I don't believe you LOVE METER!! BOO YOU!!
Can't you see, Love Meter, we are perfect together?!! Haha!
We took this instax photo we are in front of those Hello Kitty display at the second floor!
Don't we look perfect?! What 50%?!

I kinda wanted to try these food out but I was too overwhelmed to have thought of ordering! Whaaa I wish I did! LOL!
Cute cafe in Sanrio Puroland Village!

I wanna make a separate blog for some of the cute stuff I found in the Sanrio Shops since I'm photo-blogging overload already! Haha! But I got some cute stuff from there too!
Shopping loot from Sanrio Puroland! Blog about it next!
Anyways after going around the Shops and all the rides and sights... We needed to go since we had to catch Tokyo Tower at night. I actually was amused with the Hello Kitty Stamp they put on to me. Hehe.
The Hello Kitty Entry/Exit glow in the dark stamp is so fun LOL!
And soon it was time to go...I actually can't stop taking photos outside. Haha. I kept asking my kareshi to take pictures of me! He was getting photos overload already! Haha!
More Sanrio Puroland Photos!!! More Please!!
Toreishi & Taka in Sanrio Puroland! Thank you for taking me in one of my most favorite places in the world!
I was The Happiest Girl in Sanrio Puroland for that day!
And I love this photo we had in my Instax Camera... It's really dreamy!! It was right outside Sanrio Puroland when we were about to leave. This photo we took was the best memory when I think about my Tokyo Summer Trip... How my kareshi brought me to Sanrio Puroland and endured girly childish things with me, took never-ending photos with me in my iPhone, my digicam and my Instax camera. No one has ever done that for me and just by him taking me along this girly and childish place I was the happiest girl in Sanrio Puroland.

Amusement Park
Address: 落合1丁目31番地, Tama-shi, Tokyo, Japan 206-8588
Operating Hours: Mondays to Fridays 10:00 - 17:00
Saturdays to Sundays & Holidays 10:00 - 18:00
Map & Access:


  1. i am happy you enjoyed there. actually i had some fun too. wish i could have bought everything you wanted as you mention here. thanks for introducing sanrio puroland and an opportunity to visist there

    1. It's a lovely memory and fun place! I hope next time we could take Atreyu there too!

  2. Bb omg! So inggit right now! Cute photos are cute~ Would love to go there too ^.^

    1. Glad you enjoyed my blog post and thanks for your comment ^_^ Will tag you again when I post my PART2 haha!

      I hope you can visit there someday! Make sure you check the Sanrio Puroland Website for discount coupons! ;-)

  3. Do you know whare to buy unicorn for hello kitty moblie charm been trying to find it online its the all thing i want for the holiday please let me know if you eveny places online lines

    1. Sorry! I didn't notice your comment post until today... December was very busy I didn't get to check my blog all the time... But anyways, I'm so sorry but I don't really know if there's any Unicorn Hello Kitty character... I haven't seen it yet. Sorry!

  4. Heeeey Tracy! Its Em! (aka emmy_lebean) Waaaah this looks amazing!! Its made me sooo much more excited to go haha. Your soooo cute! ^.^ I think I will be exactly like you, taking millions of photos and feeling like I was 5 years old again lol. And my fiance will be exactly like your Kareshi...getting dragged along hehe. Did you find it hard with everything in Japanese? thats what I'm worried about, although I guess theres lots of diagrams and things. I'll have to read your next blog now about all of the kawaii things you bought!! Weeee!! (=^.^=) love Emmy! oxox

    1. Hi Em!! Glad you enjoyed my Sanrio Puroland blog! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun in Sanrio Puroland... and take LOTS OF KAWAII PHOTOS!!

      I was actually thinking if it would be hard since the shows and everything is in Nihongo... But it didn't really matter I just watched the parade in Japanese but I still enjoyed the visuals anyways...

      The trainride going to Tama-Center is a bit quiet and rural looking... Unlike the Metro Tokyo that has English Subtitles and Translations... I'm not sure if I heard an English translation on train announcement for the Tama-Center train ride... That's one thing you should note, But Tama-Shi is Romanized anyways.

      Sanrio Puroland staff knows English mostly, I think they could at least understand English but couldn't speak...

  5. Ohh thank you! I'm sure we'll be able to make our way around (I hope haha). I'll have to get a translation book too I think.

    Haha yes I'll be taking LOADS OF KAWAII PHOTOS!!! I'll be snapping away like crazy! And Nath will have to get at least a few pics of me with every of me with EVERYTHING!! haha

    1. Haha! You sound so excited! I'm excited for you and Nath too! I'm sure You'll have fun as much as I did!

  6. woooow!!! it's so beautiful!!!! I'd like to go there!!!!!!!

  7. It was a fun place to go even for adults without being like 10 years old.


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