Thursday, November 01, 2012

Tiara by Tracy Dizon's Finn the Human Adventure Time Halloween Hat!

This was one of those Project-Runway-One-Day Challenge! Haha! Rush but fun! I got a message from Maxene asking if I could make her brother Elmo Magalona's Finn the Human Bonnet Hat... Well, the challenge was not the design but since it's for Halloween, I was afraid fabric stores might already be closed... PLUS it's my birthday today (errr... yesterday... October 31) I wasn't sure I could pull it off! Haha!

But I love Adventure Time! I couldn't pass on the chance! I was greatly influenced by my son, Atreyu... Who made me watch it together with him... That I learned to like it too! Atreyu was so excited to find out that I might be making one for a client... So I might as well grant him his Adventure Time wish! Haha!

My son, Atreyu as Finn the Human!
CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Haha! So I went fabric hunting and found some options... I actually needed Atreyu's expertise choosing the right material for Finn the Human's Hat... I wanted to use like a towellete material but the shops didn't have it... I found some options but I had to consult my Adventure Time expert first for this expert opinion haha!

Finding the Right Fabrics...
I saw this white fur material... but Atreyu's Expertise denied it! Haha!
I asked Atreyu if this would do, but he said it's not the right material... because if Finn the Human wears something furry, he won't be "human-looking" anymore! Haha! That's so smart. Well, I'm relieved that I have an expert by my side while making this creation! Haha!

It was a relief to find Felt Fabric that's one of the most versatile fabrics I know... It can easily be shaped and tranformed into anything. Haha!

Found it!
Felt Fabric approved! Let's go FINN THE HUMAN!
Even if it was a 1-Day Challenge... I still wanted to make an inspiration board for Elmo... Since Moodboard Making is my favorite part of designing! Haha!

Inspiration Board for Elmo...

If there was even longer time, I would have looked for a flannel fabric so it would be fluffier! Haha! I find the Jake Cap cute too! Who wants it? Haha!

Challenge Completed!
Hooray!! It's done!! I hope Atreyu and Elmo would be happy about it! Haha!
Delivery Time! Haha! #ootd
My Fairy-Kei Birthday and Delivery Ensemble! It's so fun dressing up! Haha!
Of course I wouldn't miss out posting my #ootd! I delivered this on my birthday! Haha! So I looked extra-dressy! LOL!

Grabbed from @elmomagalona !! I love Adventure Time so I was so happy to make this
Finn the Human Hat for Elmo! Haha!
It was whole lot of fun making this for Elmo and for Atreyu! Haha! I love Adventure Time so the CHALLENGE was a success! Haha! Happy Halloween, y'all!


  1. kawaii ni elmo. dapat naka princess bubblegum outfit ka heeh''

    1. I super like Princess Bubblegum and Lady Unicorn, too! Haha!!

  2. hahaha as others say, it is kawaii blog about kawaii hello kitty hat haha. you are geneous with it, great work!

    1. it's not Hello Kitty Hat! LOL it's Adventure Time! You know... the cartoon Atreyu said you're like a "Business Man" Haha!

  3. You are good at fabric. Why don't you use this fabric more for your degsign


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