Thursday, November 01, 2012

Tiara by Tracy Dizon's Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel Halloween Headpieces!

It all started with my Fashion Designer-Oneesan, Kate Torralba's New York phonecall last week... I still couldn't thank her enough for the trust and for believing in me that she endorsed me to Maxene Magalona to make her a matching Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel Headpieces for her and Renz Fernandez. Above all, I was sooooooo happy to make these pieces just because I'm totally a Hello Kitty lover myself! Haha!

Feeling kinda catty while making Maxene's Matching Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel Headpieces!
October 24, 2012~ IG Caption: Haha right after our photoshoot yesterday I went straight to fascinator production for a rush client job order wearing my couture make-up LOL my hat maker kept laughing at me for looking too couture! LOL

It was so fun making them actually... I enjoyed picking the perfect fur materials and the most stunning looking fabrics fit for Hello Kitty's Bow! I actually wanna embellish Dear Daniel's Ears more but I restrained myself... It's a boy's headpiece! haha!

Making the Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel Headpieces...
Choosing among the cutest fabrics fit for Hello Kitty! Of course Hello Kitty is the MUSE!
Hello Kitty sat by me the whole time haha! She's supervising what we were doing. LOL!

Inspiration Board for Maxene...
Of course I have to make a kawaii inspiration board! It's always fun to conceptualize cute ideas!!
I always enjoy making inspiration boards for designs... It's like a conglomeration of ideas! It's actually my favorite part in creating my pieces!
It's Finally Done!! So CUTE!
Finally it's done!! Haha! So cute!!

Delivery Time! Haha! #ootd
Well, I just have to put this delivery-time #ootd don't I?
I just like looking fashionable while working!
My next favorite part of creating designs is actually delivering them to clients! Haha! I feel like a parent taking her child to the first day of school! Haha! Like a big feeling of relief and sense of pride. LOL! So dramatic!

But it's true... It's actually priceless to see clients looking so pretty and satisfied... I always have this vision in my mind how they would look like and I feel like a fulfilled parent whenever I see any client in-sync with my vision as a designer...

Oh BTW, today is my birthday! (errr... may be by the time I get to post this it would be 'YESTERDAY was my birthday') Haha! Yes, my birthday is Halloween! But since I celebrated the whole weekend, I just fell asleep this evening. Haha! But the good thing was... I woke up with a very nice WhatsApp picture message from my gurlfriend Coreen...

Thank you Coreen and CoRics for this photo!
I'm so happy to see Maxene rockin' my creation! I remember her saying she thinks she's Hello Kitty... Haha! I must agree!! You really are the real-life Hello Kitty, Maxene! Super fits you perfectly!

Grabbed from @maxenemagalona !! You're the real life #hellokitty , Maxene! You rocked it!! #tiarabytracydizon !!
Grabbed from @maxenemagalona ! Maxene Magalona and Renz Fernandez as Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel!! I love #hellokitty and #deardaniel !! I super enjoyed making Maxene's and Renz's matching ear headpieces!!
Grabbed from @maxenemagalona ! Rockin a #tiarabytracydizon matching #deardaniel #hellokitty ears!!
 This was a super fun gig to make and I'm so happy my fashion-oneesan, Kate Torralba and of course to the real-life Hello Kitty-chan... Maxene trusted me to make this! This was a really fun design to make, like a cherry on top of my formal and dainty wedding gigs... I got to make something I really like and so fun! 


  1. i always like your concption board because it reflects a your talent. and hello kitty must be the one you can be the best for

    1. Haha! Thank you! You're always supportive! Haha! I always get energized by your encouragement! And I love Hello Kitty! Haha!

  2. Hi I love your kitty headband. May I know can you make some for me? Do contact me at

    1. Hi Fion! I sent you an email, please get back to me soon so we can further discuss! Thanks!! ^_^

  3. I think I saw a photo that you made up like a kitty. I am not sure if it was around this time.


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