Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Toreishi-san's Random Hello Kitty Collection

Since I'm feeling the Hello Kitty lovin this moment... Having to finally accomplish my two-month-old-way-overdue Sanrio Puroland Blog Post... I'm now in the zone for more Hello Kitty overload. Well, may be not overload... I don't really religiously collect Hello Kitty stuff. These are merely random special gifts and random impulsive buy whenever I find some irresistible Hello Kitty stuff. Hehe. (But really... I like Kuromi and My Melody more. haha.)

White Day Gifts from Kareshi
March 2012 ~ My Kareshi visted me here in Manila and brought me his White Day peace offerings (LOL) and some of my tomodachi's omiyage from Tokyo! 
The Pretty Hello Kitty Cup and more lovely White Day gifts from Kareshi 
That cute Hello Kitty cup with a cute Hello Kitty Stuffed Keychain was the best and my most favorite among them all! LOL! It's the only cup I use now. ♥

Hello Kitty Downy Innocence Limited Edition Grocery Loot 
Summer 2012 ~ Even at grocery shopping I find Hello Kitty goods!
Even at grocery shopping, I found a Hello Kitty good! Haha! I don't need fabric softener since I don't do laundries at home... but I still got myself this just for cleaning. Haha!

Hello Kitty iPhone 4 Case Shopping Loot ♥
June 2012 ~ I love iPhone Case shopping that even if that Hello Kitty iPhone Case was so fat and heavy I still insisted on getting it for my iPhone. The Gameboy iPhone case is for my kareshi ♥

During the months of May to July this year was one of the saddest and busiest months I've had. I worked as a TV Production Stylist, yet again and it was really hectic... It was just these random Hello Kitty Shopping that cheered me up during this busy months.

14th "Month-sary" Gift Surprise from Kareshi 

July 2012 ~ Taka surprised me with a nice parcel from Tokyo with a Hello Kitty Candy! Oh so cute!!
Since I was so busy with TV Production... I didn't even notice our 14th "Month-Sary"... My Kareshi surprised me with a cute little parcel with candies. It's one of the most unexpected gifts I've received... And it sure was very nice. That Hello Kitty candies sold me of course. How cute is that? It tasted like powdery tarts. 

And for those who doesn't know what "Monthsary" is.. It is "An important day, very much like an anniversary, but it is celebrated in terms of months, as opposed to anniversaries which are celebrated in terms of years." I'm not sure if other countries practices monthsary but it sure is celebrated here in the Philippines... So because it's a nice to celebrate monthly, my kareshi and I celebrates it.

My First McDonald's Hello Kitty Happy Meal Toy ♥ 
August 2012 ~ McDonald's had a Special Edition Hello Kitty Happy Meal Toys!
This was my first Happy Meal Toy for MYSELF! LOL!
.... and I've completed them all in just 2 weeks! LOL
When it comes to Hello Kitty, my 8-year-old son Atreyu even makes fun of me how childish I am. he didn't get to have his own McDonald's Happy Meal Toys for a month since I wanted to collect all Hello Kitty Happy Meal Toys!! Whaaa! I've made it!! The smallest one was covered by the red Hello Kitty though. Haha!

Hello Kitty iPhone 4 USB Cord and Charger ♥
August 2012 ~ Whaaaaa!! This is the cutest of all iPhone Chargers I've found!!
Whaaaa!! Among all the Hello Kitty random collection I have, I think this is the best buy! Imagine, I just got this for PhP 100?! And it already has a kawaii Hello Kitty plug and a USB Cord!! I have a fixation over iPhone chargers because I always tend to break my chargers ever so often! Crazy! Well, I'm glad to say that these GREAT BUY is still in good condition and is still working very well for a price of PhP150?! I got really lucky! hehe!

Anyways, thats all as of the moment. I'll be celebrating my birthday soon may be you can bring me some addition to my Hello Kitty random collection? BIG 30 Wish#6~ Well I'd like this~ Hello Kitty-Maneki Neko Plush toy! 
I just randomly found this online but I really want a Hello Kitty- Maneki Neko Stuffed Toy!!
I actually found this in an Amazon.com link. Whaaaa! I wonder where I can get this item here! It's actually from HK and there are only 4 left in-stock!! Oh eBay.com is also selling it too?! Haha! But even just a simple Hello Kitty Wet Wipes, I'd appreciate because it's too cute!!
March 2012 ~ Picnic in UP Sunken Garden with Atreyu and Taka and Hello Kitty!!
Even the wet wipes is too cute!!


  1. i didn't know you have that much hello kitty stuff haha, what a freak haha. and atreyu didnt get any happy meal toy because you took it? hahahhahaha you are so cute but funny too!

    1. Haha! You always make fun how freak I am haha! Yeah I didn't buy him any happy meal because IT'S MINE!! ALL MINE! LOL!!

  2. Your power adapter was even hello kitty.


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