Friday, October 12, 2012

Toreishi's (RARE) Life in Mono.

This would probably a rare chance to see me in B/W so as me and my imouto's decided to dress-up in B/W in MUJI... Here's a random snapshots while waiting for MUJI to open. If you know me enough you'll probably agree that this is a rare moment for me. Haha.

Seattle's Best Bonifacio High Street: Sitting and waiting for shops to open at Seattle's Best Boni-High. I was so bored, I decided to camwhore. LOL. I love my Paradigm Shift Shredded White Top... It's always very photogenic.

FULLY BOOKED, Bonifacio High Street: My 8-year-old son was almost lying on the Fully Booked carpeted floors just to take a photo of me by the book shelves. He was telling me, "You look like a model, Mom. Like those in ANTM, your favorite show and I'm like Nigel." Haha. He's so cute. I always tell him I want him to be my photographer someday.

Of course, my favorite crisp white and clean laced socks. I'm obsessed with it. I should have bought more of these in TOKYO.

FULLY BOOKED, Bonifacio High Street: These are the only greeting cards that I know of that makes a MONTHSARY CARD. Avant-garde Greetings. Only in the Philippines. I hope they can make more designs though... Since I think I already bought 18 of their monthsary cards for my kareshi... and I hope to buy millions more of these cards.♥
FULLY BOOKED, Bonifacio High Street: THE MISSING PIECE and THE MISSING PIECE MEETS THE BIG O are the saddest books ever. I remember reading this book to Atreyu before bedtime and ended up crying to sleep. Yeah, we're so dramatic like that. But it's true. Well, it's interesting because it's merely almost children's doodle-like drawing in pen without colors... but the message of this book is so powerful.


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  1. yes it is rare you are in black and white haha, but this is still artistic i believe. and what intersts me is how atreyu took your photo. i wanna see him laying down to take your photo haha

    1. Haha! Yeah, this is rare chance I'm in Monochromatic clothes! haha! Atreyu is amazing taking photos haha! I trained him haha!

  2. I remember you didn't like my plain style. And here is your rare post in monographic


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