Sunday, October 14, 2012

Toreishi's Maneki-Neko (Random Edition)

Here I am again posting my Maneki-Neko sightings in my random world. Haha. I have save and ample blog-worthy Maneki-Neko sightings so here it is...

Maneki Neko at Music Bang Set MYX Global 
(North America)
I used to work here at MYX Global (North America) as the show's stylist. I miss our set... and just realized recently that Maneki-Neko is on our backdrop set when Amber Davis used to do her spiels

Maneki Neko with Amber Davis  
This was one of our shoots last year, I used to style Amber with a bit relaxed and easy breezy ensemble. Well, look at Maneki-Neko peeping at Amber's right shoulder. Haha! So cute.

My Maneki-Neko Apartment Curtain
I wake up everyday seeing this mother and baby Maneki-Neko's by my window. They're my favorite curtains obviously. Haha.

Kutusita Nyanko iPhone 4 Case!
Last May, I randomly saw this iPhone cases in Quiapo, Manila, I wanted to buy it immediately but realized I lack cash. Haha. Poor me. I was sad coz I doubt I'll find it again so randomly in those many shops there. But...

My Very Own Maneki-Neko iPhone 4 Case!

 I didn't know I'll ever find one again!! Actually, I don't know if Kutusita Nyanko (by SanX) is really dressed up like Maneki-Neko or it was just coincidental. But nonetheless, I bought it right away seeing in again!! Well, I granted my own BIG 30 Wish #10... of finding Maneki-Neko iPhone Case again! This made me so happy! Now I bring Maneki-Neko everywhere! Haha!

Well actually, saying Maneki-Neko is my favorite character is an understatement. I'm still eyeing and stalking those Black and Gold brothers of Taka's White Maneki-Neko that I got him for our anniversary. It's only available in this cute gift-shop here in Manila named, "Tickles"... Here's one candid scene I've been caught checking out those Maneki-Neko in their store! Whaaaa!!

BIG 30 Wish#11: 
Black and Gold Maneki Neko Plush Toy from Tickles!
October 6, 2012 ~ Tickles, Market-Market, Fort Bonifacio, Global City. OMG I found TWO Maneki-Neko's here!! I wanna get them all!

Taka's Cute Maneki-Neko
I already featured him before but i just like him so much that I wanna put him again in this Maneki-Neko random edition. Haha. 


  1. you are the biggest maneki neko fan. let's check the gold maneki neko in Manila. i wanna get you one haha

    1. Yeah I think I'm such a Maneki-Neko Freak haha! He brings me good luck so I believe in Maneki Neko LOL

  2. You should write about your curtain on window at your apt.


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