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Tracy's Dear Diary: Tokyo Summer Days with Kareshi ♥

Tokyo Summer Days August 2012 ~ Fun times with Taka! It's always great to take snaps like these with him!

Finally! After more than two months! I've finally come to my last "Tokyo Summer Trip" Blog. Coincidentally yesterday was Japan's 体育の日 Taiiku-no-hi(Health-Sports Day) ~ Taka told me, this day marks the official last day of summer... >_<

It sounds very sad, actually. I can't believe another season has passed and now Autumn officially starts. But I think this trip was one of the best trips I've ever had... Even if Japan's Summer Days are even Crazy-Hotter than Manila *@_@* it really was a whole lot of fun. It was only Atreyu that was lacking in this trip. I hope someday, i can take him there too.

As I have been writing most of our adventures together, I just want to write this for Taka. I just want to show him how memorable this trip was to me. Before this trip, I've felt a little (errr... may be a lot) on the downside I just felt burnt out from working here, I felt really sad for half a year not being selected for UNIQLO last January. I got a job in TV Production again only to encounter disgusting un-professionalism   and unexplained "missing money" incidents. What a big sloping snowball of disaster. I don't wanna brood my drama's all over again of course... But after this trip I felt happy and creatively inspired all over again. It brought me back to my positive self when anything I dream of can be possible.

I just want to make a final recap of my favorite times with my Kareshi as I finally conclude my trip. Oh I'm feeling sad already! >_<

We accomplished everything in my things to do list!! I finally saw Taka's Dorm!
As I have this mundane "Things to do" List for myself I really wanted to see Taka's Dorms. It was very untimely for him that time as well, since he suddenly got a schedule to move out from his old dorm in Ohta-ku and move into his new dorm. I really wanted to see his dorm!

Although sadly... NO GIRLS ALLOWED. Haha! So strict!? So I just came to check out his dorm and just stayed outside. HUHU. POOR ME! It's okay I don't mind. I just wanted to visualize how his life is every time he goes off to work or get home from work while we are exchanging messages in WhatsApp. 

I finally saw Taka's Old Dorm in Ikegami, Ohta-ku!

Aside from seeing Taka's Dorm... I enjoyed helping Taka do his laundry nearby our hotel. Although I didn't do anything much, I just enjoy folding his clothes and keeping them clean! Haha! 
It was my first time to see a laudry place in Japan!
Since we are both wanderlusts, we enjoyed discovering and seeing places for the first time...
Like the Nakagin Capsule Tower which I even knew more about it than Taka! Haha!
Seeing the Tokyo Night Sky at the Tokyo Tower!
Seeing Asakusa for the first time and saying our prayers too!
Taking dreamy photos in Sanrio Puroland! I love this photo!
Having sweet crepes in the middle of Takeshita Dori!
It's actually... TOREISHI-Ta Dori... It's mine. LOL!
Taking Street Snap-like looking photos in Omotesando
One of the most awesome things we did was to take a photo in the middle of Shibuya Crossing while everyone is crossing the road! Thanks to Mikas!
Just being awesome taking photos in the 
On my last day in Tokyo, Tokyo must have been so sad that it cried rain. Haha! But in one week of summer vacation, it was only on my last day that it really poured hard. It made me even more somber to leave...

I felt nostalgic and thought I'll miss those mundane things I love about Tokyo... Like those train ride and figuring out which station to get off and which trains to ride...
I will surely gonna miss taking Taka's SLEEPING-IN-THE-TRAIN-PHOTOS
and just sitting beside him.
Oh I'm gonna miss the sound of the announcements and buzzers at the Train Stations the most! I feel I'm definitely in Japan once I hear these alerts!
Toreishi Loves
Tokyo Trains!
I took this video in Kamata Station on my last day in Tokyo
This was my last Metro Tokyo ride >_<

My last stop was Shibuya, since I got a N'EX Ticket going to Narita Airport in Shibuya. I wanted to spend my last hours in Tokyo in Shibuya so we I could still take some Purikura Pictures...
YES I'm so VAIN that I had to take
PURIKURA all by myself... AGAIN! HAHA!
Taka and Tracy's last Purikura in Shibuya!
I love how we look like a "Teenage Dream" HAHA!
Despite the rain... It was still pretty awesome to find a seat in the ever-so-crowded Starbuck in Shibuya Crossing. I have never gotten any chance to find a seat in this place. But may be because of the rain and it was a gloomy weekday Monday then, WE GOT A SEAT! Taka is a coffee addict so we just stayed there until it was time for me to get on the N'EX Train to Narita. I even got some little time to buy my last onigiri snack in Family Mart and  buy magazines by Tsutaya... While Taka saved me a seat in Starbucks. Haha!
Hanging out by Stabucks Shibuya on a Rainy Morning
View from Shibuya Starbuck Crossing!
Eventually, time passed and it was finally time to go... I just kept on smiling and saying jokes and funny things and I was extra talkative may be since I didn't want to feel sad. Taka always wants me smiling so I just kept smiling. But I really wanted to cry because I'm gonna miss him very much again. But every trip must come to an end...

The saddest photo! HUHU! Taka waving goodbye as the N'EX Train Doors closed and started to move... Ittekimasu Tokyo! >_<
Taka took me to the train ramp that the N'EX Train will be picking up passengers. I just kept smiling because I don't want him to see me sad. He made me so happy during this trip and I'll forever treasure this trip with Taka.

After 1 1/2 hours, I got off at Narita Terminal 2. I took a stroll and got some KitKats... But too bad my digicam and my iPhone were already both lowbatt... This was my last photo in Tokyo. Finally... It was time to say goodbye to Tokyo. Itekimasu, Tokyo! 'Til my next visit again!
Time to go back home... Sigh.
It took my just a week to visit Tokyo during this trip. But it took me more than two months to finish uploading and blogging about each fun activities we had. I wanted to edit photos and make each of them as animated as how I felt in each one of them.  i wanted to share the good vibes I felt in my blog so my memories will be kept. It's all good. Thank you, Taka for spending time with me, I had so much fun and I felt your warm welcome to me. It's always fun when you're with me. I hope we could see more of the world together in the coming years.



  1. this is a bitter sweet one but we are sure we had fun. i still remember how you made sound and copied announcements at stations and that is highlight for me haha. thanks for the great time and i am really happy you enjoyed it too

    1. I miss that train station announcement sound... It reminds me I'm in Japan. Haha! I miss Japan again and mochiron I miss youuuuu!


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