Tuesday, October 23, 2012

UNIQstyling with UNIQLO on a Random Day!

This was one of those random days where I found something interesting happening in Katipunan Road. Hehe. I was actually running my bank errands around Katipunan and living at a nearby village make my life so convinient. LOL. It's always fun in Katipunan!

Anyways, one sunny Thursday afternoon, while I was walking on my way to the bank, I saw this UNIQLO Truck and got invited to try on clothes and join their UNIQSTYLE Contest to get a chance of winning UNIQLO Shopping Spree!
UNIQLO Peeps handing out these flyers around Katipunan Road!

Well, of course I wouldn't miss out a chance just to even play dress up. Especially UNIQLO! Haha! Of course I want that shopping spree prize but I don't think I can be so viral and get some landslide vote so just joining is fun for me... I get to have an OOTD so that's always fun!

October 18, 2012 ~ My LOOK #1 on WEEK #1
I love my pastels of Pink UNIQLO Cardigan and Ado Mizumori Pink UT matched with my Neon Green short dress!
I just love PINK and PASTELS!
Ado Mizumori Pink UT and Pink UNIQLO Cardigan!

Too bad I couldn't figure out how to vote I only got one vote for Week#1. HUHUHU!But it was fun anyways! I love how UNIQLO match my PINK Platform sneakers! Haha! I love that UT!

October 18, 2012 ~ 
LOOK#1, WEEK #1 Entry! Haha! I love Pink and Pastels!!
HUHU! Just ONE lonely vote!

The only regret last week was I didn't get to take much photos as I was just trying and checking things out... I thought it would have been nice if I could blog about how fun it was that afternoon... Oh well... But! What's so funny was as I was accompanying my sister Liley yesterday morning paying some bills, we, yet again, found the UNIQLO Truck parking along Katipunan Road! Haha! What a nice timing! Haha! Finally I can take more pictures and have my imouto-san Liley join in with the dress-up games haha!

Great! UNIQLO was back again! Haha!
Now I can finally take more pics!
Wish my other imouto-sans were here! Stacy & Theia too!
We could have had more fun!

We came in the afternoon so it's a bit crowded inside the UNIQLO Truck. But it was fine! A lot of people thought it's a merchandise bus that they could shop for UNIQLO Items! Haha! Wouldn't that be so much fun? Haha! I'm happy just checking out the UT's! UNIQLO has a wide variety of UT designs... from kawaii styles, kakkoii, simple and even vintagey... That's why I love UNIQLO UT's!

UNIQLO UT's! Sanrio love! Hello Kitty, The Little Twin Stars I think Onegai My Melody was covered haha!
UNIQLO Vintage UT's I'm not sure if this is Laura Ashley or Orla Kelly's though but they look like 

I remember when I went to UNIQLO Flagship Store in Ginza, Tokyo, there was an influx of plain shirts in one whole floor. Haha! It was the most plaids I've seen so far in my life. Haha! Well, it's really the season for plaids anyways... it's Autumn!

UNIQLO Plaid Tops for Women!
UNIQLO Plaid for Men!

It's so much fun that Uniqlo Philippines has been doing fun contests and activities for costumers to appreciate UNIQLO more here in Manila. I'm really excited for the Grand Opening of UNIQLO in SM The Block on November 16th! It'll be more accessible to the QC Peeps like me! Haha!

Sunny Afternoon in Katipunan Road! I love this pic! We're glowing! Haha! Hello Sunshine!
Friendly and fun UNIQLO Gals!
Thanks for inviting me in your UNIQLO Truck! 
Thanks Ryan... one of UNIQLO's Friendly Peeps!
Who took some of our pics in the UNIQLO Truck!

And of course I yet again tried my luck to win it for WEEK#2 round! Haha! Please vote for me and my sister too! Haha!

Toreishi-san & RayRi-san!

This time, I really wanted to try on that "Little Twin Stars" UT! It's such a classic cutie!

UNIQLO Little Twin Stars UT matched with Purple & Mint Green Plaid Women's Longsleeves!
UNIQLO Little Twin Stars UT!! I love this UT!!
I love the Plaid top is so relaxed and comfy too! And the color really pops and it matches my pink platform sneakers and one of my fave purple purse, too!

Toreishi's #OOTD last October 22, 2012 for the
October 22, 2012 ~ 
LOOK#2, WEEK #2 Entry! Haha! Purple and the Little Twin Stars!!
Hehe. I like our own #OOTD Photo better.
Wish this was the Photo Entry we entered. Haha!

I also liked my imouto-san, Liley's look we picked. Since she was wearing her quirky "Hello Kitty" Sunglasses on that sunny afternoon... So we made her look Hello Kitty themed. Haha! Of course I love it! Hello Kitty is adorable!

Liley's #OOTD last October 22, 2012 for the 
UNIQLO UNIQSTYLE Contest~ Hello Kitty Cutie!
Random: I love Liley's Limited Edition Chuck Taylor!
"Bacon and Eggs"
UNIQLO Hello Kitty UT! I can never go wrong with Hello Kitty!
October 22, 2012 ~ Liley's 
LOOK#1, WEEK #2 Entry! Hello Kitty Cutie!
Liley's LOOK#1 for WEEK#2 of  UNIQSTYLE!

Please Vote for us!! 
Haha! So We can win a shopping spree!! Whaaa What a Dream! The VOTING is a bit complicated so I made a simple step by step procedures... 

How to Vote:
1) "Like" the Uniqlo Philippines Facebook Page.
2) Install the application "UNIQSTYLE"
3) Register by scrolling down the Mechanics Tab in the "UNIQSTYLE" App Tabs
4) Finally vote for me and my sister! Please!
5) You can vote once every 8 hours for a week! So please please help us out! Haha! 
6) If you're feeling EXTRA-HELPFUL... Please SHARE our ENTRIES TOO!  


  1. i didn't know uniqlo collaborated with hello kitty haha. they work on something you really like all the time. i have never seen this kind of promotion from uniqlo in japan but filipino loves photos so it must be fun hahaha

    1. Haha! UNIQLO doesn't need to be promoted in Japan anymore that's why! It's a basic staple clothing for Japanese!

      It's so fun that UNIQLO has fun collaborations with Hello Kitty and that anime artist Ado Mizumori... And of course my dream LULU GUINNESS Shirt that I still want! Haha!

  2. I found you not enjoying uniqlo like before anymore...


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