Tuesday, November 06, 2012

A (30th Birth) Day in a Life of Tracy

Good morning, birthday girl! Haha! Posted this photo on the birthday morning...
with Atreyu on my way to clients deliveries!
So, my month long anticipation of My BIG 30 has been concluded. Whaa! I miss October and my birthday celebration. Haha. It has only been 5 days since my birthday but I miss it already. Haha! As anti-climatic as it may seem... I spent my real BIRTHDAY on a low-key. I already celebrated my birthday with a very nice picnic and a "romantic" dinner with my kareshi so I'm just glad to celebrate my BIG 30 on a low-key... But mochiron, there are still a lot of unexpected surprise that made it extra-special. Well, let me walk y'all through my (30th Birth) Day in my life last October 31, 2012... 

My BIG 30 started in Japan time when my kareshi greeted me first on my Facebook Wall... Taka already visited and celebrated with me my birthday in advance so I'm happy and appreciative that he stayed up until midnight just to wait for my birthday and greet me. He was really indeed very early... very Japanese Time. Haha!

Lovely first birthday greeting October 31, 2012 Japan Time. Haha!

Of course, Atreyu would be sad if I don't give a big shout-out with his lovely birthday greeting for me. He finally has a Facebook Account so he was so happy to make his first Facebook posts haha!

Sweet message from my little prince... Atreyu

The simple joys in life are having these two boys. I am so blessed. More so, I've realized birthdays should be a day of being grateful for the blessings, lessons and experiences I've gained through-out the years. It really is a nice feeling to find so many things to be grateful about... planned things and unexpected things. Actually, the best things in life comes in big surprises... like this AMAZING greeting from TokyoFashion.com!

WHAAAA! I'm having a TWITTER PARTY!! Haha!

This is one of the most unexpected birthday surprise I've ever got haha! I am both overwhelmed and starstruck. Mochiron, this wouldn't even be possible without my soul-sista... Rainbowholic Kaila-chan. She actually sent out a sweet tweet about my birthday! Wow! I couldn't feel anymore special than this! Haha! 
Arigatou Kaila-chan, even if you're miles away... You still sent out your huge love for your dearest oneechan! Thank you Kaila! You made me so happy!

As the morning came, I needed to deliver my mala-Project-Runway-One-Day-Challenge job order to Elmo Magalona... I actually felt so much relief that the Finn the Human Hat turned out fine. Haha! Atreyu was so happy about it, I actually made him his own Finn the Human Hat too! He even wore it on our train ride going to Manila...
Atreyu as Finn the Human... complete with backpack, blue t-shirt and a hat haha!

After working on Elmo's Hat, Atreyu and I went to a breakfast with my mom and my other siblings... We almost didn't make it since Best Western's Breakfast Buffet was until 10:00am only. We made it past 10. But still got some~ Haha!
My birthday breakfast table!
Bacon and Eggs Breakfast!! Favorite!!
The best Croissants!!

I think I ate a plate of these good stuff! Haha!

The Croissants in Best Western la Corona Manila are the best! They're really very oishii!! I'm craving for it again! Haha! Thank you, Ate Teto for letting us have a nice breakfast and for waiting for me even if the breakfast is until 10:00 am.


Address: 1166 M. H. del Pilar St. corner Arquiza St. Ermita, Manila, 1000 Manila, Philippines
Tel. No.: +6325242631
Email: stephen@bestwesternhotelmanila.com
Website: http://bestwesternhotelmanila.com

Since we were already in Manila Area, I strolled around the mall with my siblings... It's been ages since I've seen Robinson's Place Manila and the first thing I looked for was Saizen. Haha! I'm such a Saizen Shopaholic! LOL!
Whether if it's in Japan or in the Philippines... I love Saizen (Daiso)!!
Fun bargain shopping of kawaii things and more!

Well I couldn't help myself but take a picture of these kawaii My Little Pony toys I passed by the mall. Haha! So irresistible!
My Little Pony Kawaii!!

We found this store named K/2... They actually have cute and interesting Street Wear clothes that me and my sisters liked... 
K/2 Store in Robinson's Place Manila 

... But I got myself a basic black cardigan. Haha. I'm so random!
So happy with my black cardigan! Haha!

After a quick stop and shop in Manila, I delivered Elmo's Finn the Human Hat and realized that I haven't took a photo of my complete OOTD... So Atreyu eagerly took it again for me. haha! Complete with my birthday hat!
Feeling fashionable while working! Haha!

Atreyu treated me to a "MilkTea Party" with his own money. He was so sweet and such a gentleman to take me out on a MilkTea Date... I actually enjoyed it... 'Coz I got a reason to look fancy with a hat while "having tea"~ MILKTEA!
Atreyu even wrote and drew me a sweet letter how he's looking forward to our Tea Party. He's always the sweetest and the funniest kid.

Good thing we got home before the rain came... I actually spent the two hours personally thanking each greeting I got... and may be because of my old-age (LOL) I got a bad headache. Haha. Boo. I didn't even realize I fell asleep like 8:00pm haha! I didn't even got to any Halloween Parties~
Thank you tomodachi's for all the sweet greetings!!

Well, at least I got pizza for dinner, whom my imoutosans treated me! Haha! Well, technically, it's for everyone not just for me. Haha! I just wanted to say it's for me. LOL...
I have so many things to be thankful about on my low-key birthday like having work even on my birthday... I am so thankful for nice clients who believes and trusts my vision. Having nice meals for free! Haha! Feeling so much love pour from all over the world especially from Japan... It kinda felt Japan was closer than it is on my birthday. Having nice memories to remember and to keep me energized... It is those nice memories I feel motivated to work harder and strive harder. For my two boys who means the world to me. For that black cardigan that I always kinda needed but always forget to buy. .. I'm so thankful I finally got one. Haha. 

Today, I feel more thankful, being greeted by many friends and families... You'll never really know when it'd be the last time you'll can talk with anyone... as someone close to my family passed away recently who just greeted me on my birthday. 

More birthday posts... Thanks for sharing my birthday celebration with me!


  1. I was proud of being a part of your 30th bday. and all the foods and occasions were great. you are such a good chef and organizer. hope there is another chance i can have your foods again. happy birthday.

    1. My birthday won't be special if you didn't come and help with everything... So I should really thank you! I hope I can do the same next year for your birthday!

  2. You are not excited with your bday anymore after this, well probably because of me. that is sad.

    1. What's to be happy about? I remember I organised my birthday and you hang out with the bunch of work colleagues on my birthday after this (2013) the next year my mother died (2014) what's there to be happy about getting old, unmarried and lonely? well, may be you wouldn't know either, you've got what you wanted, you swindled your way to MBA in Europe, what's there to be happy about? Actually I am just waiting for the day I get heart attack, I couldn't bring myself to killing myself because I love Atreyu so much and he told I'm the only one who loves him so I shouldn't die. But I can't control how my heart has gotten weaker and my spirits has died. So I will just wait.


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