Friday, November 30, 2012

Dressing up in MONO for Hiroko Takahashi with Imōto-sans

November 24, 2012 ~ Photo by: Theia Dizon at Little Tokyo
I love this pic! Haha!

It's been months since we've anticipated attending Hiroko Takahashi's Design Talk in The Yuchengco Museum last November 24th. I really enjoy dressing up with my sisters (~wish Stacy, my other imoutosan, was here too... but she now lives in New York.) Anyways, I have been figuring out how blog Hiroko Takahashi's Design Talk since I've taken so many photos and photo-ops haha! Well, let me just start with this... My sister's #OOTD and mine.

November 24, 2012 ~ At the Hiroko Takahashi Lecture on Japanese Design: Atreyu and my Imoutosans~ Liley and Theia! Showing off their Paper Cranes!

I think all of us siblings are Japanese Fashion Freaks. Haha! So when I told them about the Hiroko Takahashi's Lecture, they immediately responded they're coming too. Well, since I'm their bossy sister, LOL... I told them to wear and dress-up fitting for Hiroko Takahashi's aesthetics! Haha! (How bossy!? Haha!) Anyways we love her designs. We really liked Hirocoledge! 

We love her prints! Bold dots and colors!

I love this photo of Hiroko Takahashi! This would be so cute as stickers!!
B/W Polka Dots and Stripes Kimono L-O-V-E
Well mochiron I have to put that PINK POLKA DOT Kimono too! I love it!

We love those dots. Actually, I think we have a lot of Polka-Dotted clothes altogether. Haha. Here are some of our collective Black and White Polka-Dotted wardrobe. Don't we love dots? Haha! My sisters even have more Polka-Dotted clothes more than me!

Our B/W Polka Dot wardrobe altogether... Only one here is mine and the rest are Stacy, Liley and Theia's 

Both of my Imoutosans were so excited to wear their Tattoo Tights and Creepers shoes haha. Liley simply likes the color black. Liley always seemed taller than she is in her photos... or may be because of her shoes? Well, generally I like how my imoutosans pose, they're so effortless. 

Liley ~ ライリーさん (Rai-Ri-San)

Theia, my youngest imoutosan, takes the best photos among the us siblings. Haha. She is often mistaken as Korean here in Manila too. Haha. I like taking Theia's photos because she easily fits the frame.

Theia ~ テイーアーさん(Tei-a-San)

Both of them love those tattoo tights and those platform shoes they were wearing... (I do too!) I like Theia's creepy skeleton hand hair clip she's wearing too. Haha! I love those tights but I really wanted to wear something in Polkadots.

November 24, 2012 ~ Photo by: Theia Dizon at Little Tokyo
Me and Atreyu... My favorite accessory. I kept on insisting I look Japanese. Haha!

Of course I loved my new Tsumori Chisato tote bag that my lovely friends from Tokyo gave me. (Haha! Thank you Yuhei & Riho)I wore my pixie black skirt match with a polkadot top. I think my #OOTD fits for Hiroko-san's style. 
November 24, 2012 We met Hiroko Takahashi of Hirocoledge!

I was so ecstatic that Hiroko-san Tweeted me complimenting my "fashion" and my eye-glasses! Whaaa! She definitely remembered me! I'm so smittened! 

Oh I will frame this! A great honor to be complimented by a great designer, Hiroko Takahashi!
It was such a fun fashion experience to dress-up and attend Hiroko Takahashi's Lecture on Japanese Design... I don't know how and where to begin with our experience. But may be, starting off with my imoutosans' #OOTD would be a nice start. Will definitely write more Hiroko Takahashi's Lecture on Japanese Design! More coming soon!


  1. I like photos of you best haha. especially the one with atreyu, fashionable mommy with handsome boy haha. you act like a model on the first pic

    1. It's really hard for me to pose, my sisters were more effortless... All i want is to look Japanese.. LOL

  2. wow your too lucky dear!! all of our have chic look! xx

  3. you all look so fab and harajuku-ish!!!!
    i will forever be in love with those tattoo tights~~ :3


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