Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Farmer's Market Trippin

October 28, 2012 ~ Farmer's Market, Cubao, Quezon City
Took Taka on a local wet market here in Quezon City!

I always try to find or plan something interesting when Taka comes to visit Manila. He's such a wanderlust that I worry he'll get bored coming here. I asked him what he wanted to see for this trip (we couldn't go out of town because he just comes here on a short time!) and he said he wanted to see the local wet market... the "palengke". [A "palengke" is defined as a type of public market common throughout the Philippines.] So the first place I thought of taking him is Farmer's Market in Cubao.

Taka is always fun and he makes simple things fun too! I remember him getting excited riding the Tricycle and the Jeepney (PUJ). He always tell me how he wish there were Tricycles in Japan so he doesn't need to walk too far. Haha! It's always nice to see the different views of different cultures. Haha! It sometimes makes me realize and appreciate what I have (and vice versa).

Tricycle ride in Katipunan! We're going to the local wet market... in Farmer's Market

We even brought a very colorful "bayong" for our market trip. Haha! It's so oldskul! But it was fun~ I wanted Taka to have that local wet market shopping experience... complete with shopping basket and all!

Of course I have a colorful version of the "Bayong" haha!

So like a child excited for a kiddie ride... I took Taka to commute in Tricycle and Jeepney (PUJ) going to Cubao. It was an easy Sunday Morning then so thank God it was an easy commute.

Took some photos by the passenger's seat of the Jeepney Ride

Cubao is just nearby, may be around 15 minute jeepney ride from Katipunan. So we just some ample amount of Metro Manila smog and air pollution (J/K) Haha. Taka always says he wanna ride the Tricycle and Jeepney because he wants to ride open-air transportation. May be in Japan, that would be a good idea... but I highly don't recommend that here in Manila. He might inhale all the pollution! Haha! J/K. Luckily, our commute to Araneta Center, Cubao was smooth. We got off nearby and walked going to Farmer's Market.

Welcome to Farmer's Market!

Finally we made it! Haha! I thought to myself this is very different to the other places Taka & I went and explored. Haha! I was even a bit worried he will be grossed out since Taka is obsessed with cleanliness and being neat... I was worried he won't stand it. But he was cool about it, we was so interested with the sights and stores we passed by. It's always fun trippin' with Taka, especially we enjoy mundane things like grocery shopping and sight seeing. Haha!

One of the first things we saw were those Rice Stores and Poultry Good (Eggs and Live Chicken!?) ... We even saw a live chicken store. Yes. I just didn't get to take a decent photo of them upclose! Just the store itself!

We always end up comparing prices of rice in the Philippines and in Japan. Haha! Sound like old people !
Poultry Products~ EGGS! Haha!
Now those are FRESH CHICKENS for sure! Haha!

We also walked by the Fruits Store and Flower Stores... although I didn't have photos from the Flower Stores... I think I was mesmerized again. I actually wanted flowers but I don't wanna ask Taka to get me one haha. 

Some local fruits Bananas and Mangoes!
More Fruits!

There were lots of interesting stores we found in Farmer's Market actually... We found this seafood store that makes California Maki's for One Bilao for just PhP 250, "Alex Sea Delicatessen". I wanted to get a bilao, but it slipped my mind yet again... (But since we were multitasking market trippin' and prepping for my birthday picnic, I easily forgot things. Haha! I'm getting old! But there's always a next time to visit this place anyways!) 

They make Maki Rolls for PhP250/Bilao!
Some of the California Maki on the window display of Alex Sea Delicatessen... They don't have readily made since they make California Maki's as ordered. 

... And beside "Alex Sea Delicatessen" is a nice Korean & Japanese Grocery Store, "Masan Grocery". They have lots of those fun Korean ice creams (but since Taka & I were going to get my pretty birthday cake after our market trippin... I didn't get myself any ice cream haha.  Next time. Haha!)

Masan Grocery Korean & Japanese Products

What Taka & I enjoyed the most is the Seafood Section of the Farmers Market... We love seafood and we found lots of seafood! It smelled fishy but we still enjoyed looking around. We definitely looked like tourists in the middle of the busy market taking photos! Haha! Good thing the vendors were nice and accommodating to us! We were like in a fieldtrip! Haha!

My favorite!! OCTOPUS!!
My favorite seaweeds... "LATO"

Because it was a Sunday Morning, we found the freshest seafood and we found our favorite Salmon and Tuna everywhere! The best deal we found was those fresh 3 dozen mixed Tuna & Salmon Sashimi Slices for just PhP150! OMG!! We are very happy people indeed!

My favorites!! Squid, Salmon, Blue Marlin! Wow!
Those Tuna & Sashimi Slices in a pack is just PhP150!
There were a lot of stalls in the Farmer's Market selling Tuna & Salmon Sashimi but we got ours from "Arview" Stall

Taka was all smiles taking a photo with the Sashimi's haha! Well, he's a tourist so he's excused to have "tourist photos" like this. Haha. I secretly wanna have this kind of photo too! I'm proud to find those sashimi's haha!

October 28, 2012 ~ We were so happy to find those cheap Salmon and Tuna Sashimi! 150PhP just for 3 dozen slices! Haha!

Since that Sunday was a very busy day (for my Epic Picnic BIG 30 celebration and preparations) we only got to try our sashimi the next day... One thing Taka told me how identify fresh sashimi is you don't need to put soy sauce in it and it'd still taste oishii. It was awesome we didn't need soy sauce with our Sashimi loot in the Farmer's Market! Haha! Wish we could wake-up everyday with fresh sashimi for breakfast! 

October 29, 2012 ~ We had a great sashimi breakfast from the good buy we got in Farmer's Market! Haha!
I'm so proud I took Taka in this interesting place. Haha! Even as a local, I didn't realize how fun it was to go around local wet markets! Or may be my kareshi & I are just weird grocery dorks. Haha! But I'm ureshii haha! I even got to appreciate local places like the Farmer's Market and commuting on a Tricycle and Jeepneys (PUJ's) because Taka enjoyed them all!


  1. LOl i also miss using the tricycles too >_<!! ur bf is funny.. hahahahaa It's so annoying that the transportation system in my area sucks.

    1. Haha! Yeah Taka is funny and he enjoys simple things that I also love haha!

  2. Yea, I cannot forget that salmon sashimi. It is even better than japanese ones. And, transportations are my favorite. i wish there is a similar service in tokyo with that cheaper price with breezy air haha

    1. Haha awesome! Sashimi in Farmer's Market is even better than Japanese sashimi! haha!

  3. This blog is so full of positive energy that it made my good morning great!

  4. hi!! this comment is kinda irrelevant to your post...but, i love japan too! haha!!! did you take japanese language classes?

  5. Their salmon is even much better than what I have in Japan

  6. Hello! I'm one of the owners of Alexsea Delicatessen. Thank you so much for featuring our products!! We hope you can stop by our store next time.

  7. Hello! I'm one of the owners of Alexsea Delicatessen. Thank you so much for featuring our products!! We hope you can stop by our store next time.


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