Tuesday, November 20, 2012

F.I.E.R.C.E. T o k o n e Misha Janette Tights!

I've always been a stockings/socks/tights-girl. I love them and I need them on cold-weather places. I've spent hours choosing socks and tights in Takeshita Dori and in Shibuya 109... Haha!

What shopping joy did it bring me to see Misha Janette's IG post few weeks ago about a collaboration she designed! OMG! DROOL!
November 5, 2012 ~ Grabbed from MishaJanette's IG: ミーシャ初コラボタイツ!詳細は11日、靴下の日に公開!どう? my first collaboration tights I designed!! Details out on the 11th!!

Well, last week, as To-ko-ne launched their website, I learned more about Misha Janette collaboration design of cool original tights brand from Japan called "Tokone". Tights are so my favorite fashion items nowadays! I'd definitely want this for my still-on-going BIG 30~ (BIG 30 Wish#22) I actually already signed-up for the waiting list for Misha's Sweet Teeth tights!
Check out "Sweet Teeth" by Misha Janette for Tokone here¥ 6,800

I love her tights because it's already a statement piece by itself~ I can wear it with my Paradigm Shift Shredded Shirt but I can also wear it with my kawaii design pieces too! The ornate patterns are so versatile I think I can even wear this on formal events too! Haha! (I love those Oxford shoes, BTW.)
Check out "Sweet Teeth" by Misha Janette for Tokone here¥ 6,800
Check out "Sweet Teeth" by Misha Janette for Tokone here¥ 6,800

I love how Misha put more life into her design when she vividly told her story behind designing "Sweet Teeth" in her blog. I love the small details of rivet finishing too! Those little details makes the a fashion item more special! Misha is also helping out with the international customers interested with availing from To-ko-ne in English. I'm sure fierce orders will be pouring in from all over the world! Count me in of course!

I'm so fascinated with the fashion idea that even tights and hoisery are have more variety and designs. More so, I fell in love with the other designer tights in the To-ko-ne Website! Here are some of my favorite picks... (Actually Misha & I almost have the same picks haha!)

To-ko-ne ¥4,800

One of the top choice is Yumi Fuzuki's Poetry Manuscript Tights! I have never seen any piece of wearable clothing like it... It's like fashion and beyond! Haha! I love how the print design are collection of poems and Yumi Fuzuki is a poet! If this tights were designed few years back I would have matched it with my PFDC 2007 (Philippine Fashion Design Competition) Design Entry... It would have definitely matched it as this piece was all handwritten and entitled "Diary" haha!
February 2007 ~ Tracy Dizon's "Diary"
Philippine Fashion Design Competition 2007
This would have been perfect with the "Poetry Manuscript" tights!

I also love child-like pattern designs of Swimmy Uni and Swimmy Animal designed by SwimmyAnimalLab. I love how playful they are.

¥ 4,800
Swimmy Animal by SwimmyAnimalLab for Tokone¥ 4,800

BTW, Flamingo is my favorite animal. Having said that... It's obvious that I adore Hiraku Cho's "Furamingyo" Tights! Who doesn't want to have those long and slender legs? Haha!
フラミンギョ (Furamingyo) by Hiraku Cho for Tokone¥ 4,800

March 18, 2012 ~ Hehe. I love Flamingoes!!
See? I should have wore that tights going to the zoo! Haha! I love that print!

There are even more to choose from! I love how Tokone collaborated with different artists not only fashion designers but Poets, Illustrators and Stylists like Misha Janette! I wish someday I could have such a cool collaboration like this too! Haha! That would be so cool! I'm so excited to get my own Tokone Tights!!

T o k o n e
Tokone Facebook Page
Misha Janette Tokone Collaboration Blog


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    1. Me too! She's the fusion of Japan Fashion and Couture and her insights are very witty and smart!

  2. believe you can design your own tights with your style haha. and it would be best seller haha because you are a kawaii freak haha

  3. You should really collaborate with Tokone. I know you can draw something nice for them.

    1. now who would want to collaborate with a CRAZY WRECK like me now, right?


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