Friday, November 02, 2012

Happy 38th Birthday Hello Kitty!

I didn't know it was Hello Kitty's 38th Birthday (November 1, 1974) until I saw it on my newsfeed on FB. Haha! I knew Kuromi's birthday is same as mine (October 31, 2005) But I'm way older than her of course. Haha! 
Happy 38th Birthday, Hello Kitty!
Anyways, I just wanna celebrate Hello Kitty's Birthday with another set of photo-blog I've accumulated the past month. It was so fun last month that it seemed I saw more Hello Kitty things in my shopping adventures haha!

168 Shopping Mall Hello Kitty Haven
October 11, 2012 ~ Well, I don't really know if they're the real thing. But I surely got myself a pink and Hello Kitty overload in 168 Mall. Lots of this kind of stall there~ 󾬘󾬏
It's always fun going to 168 Mall in Divisoria, Manila. There's always cheap and good finds... from clothing Although... I'm totally not sure if these are original Sanrio Hello Kitty items... But nonetheless they're really cute and decent looking. I actually got my Hello Kitty iPhone charger here... It's totally worth it!

Toreishi's Random and Accumulated Hello Kitty Things ♥
Some of my accumulated and random Hello Kitty things at home
Right before my kareshi came for a short trip in Manila... I had a general cleaning of my apartment. I was so happy to find these cute Hello Kitty things I found in my apartment! I even have a very noisy Hello Kitty Lighter that I sat all together with with my complete McDonald's Happy Meal Hello Kitty Toys... And since I really needed an umbrella, I succumbed to get myself a cute Hello Kitty Umbrella in 168 for PhP 250. Not bad~ Haha! 

Hello Kitty Baby Wipes at the Grocery 
October 17, 2012 ~ I'm a sucker for kawaii goods like this! Hello Kitty Baby Wipes! #hellokitty #kawaii #grocery
October 17, 2012~ Hello Kitty Wet Wipes for 25 PhP ~ I like the pastel packaging better though... Hehe. #grocery #hellokitty #kawaii
I kept talking about these cute Hello Kitty Baby/Wet Wipes all the time. They're cute! Other than the packaging nothing is really extra special about it though. Haha! Well, it would still look better and cuter than the regular ones though. 

Choto Stop Japanese Grocery Hello Kitty Good Finds~ 
Hello Kitty Bathroom Tissue 
October 27, 2012 ~ Grocery shopping #hellokitty bathroom tissues in Japan. LOL. Not~ this is just in Choto Grocery in Little Tokyo in Makati! Haha! So many cute things here!
Hello Kitty Biscuits 
October 27, 2012 ~ Oh how I just adore this Hello Kitty Biscuits Packaging!! Pastels are sooo pretty!
I just love finding Hello Kitty things anywhere... especially in groceries! Where else can I find more kawaii Hello Kitty goods than in a Japanese Grocery Store! I've been really planning to write a blog about Choto Stop Japanese Grocery in Little Tokyo in Makati City one of these days. I really enjoy everytime I come here because there are so many kawaii find like these Hello Kitty Bathroom Tissues and Hello Kitty Biscuits!

Tiara by Tracy Dizon's Hello Kitty Bow and Ears 
Made this super kawaii Hello Kitty Bow and Ears for the super kawaii and real life Hello Kitty... Maxene Magalona!
I just have to include my proud creation with this Hello Kitty Photo-blog mochiron! Haha! This has been one of the cutest client-order I've ever made and I'm so proud of it! Haha! Well, I won't repeat myself talking about this since I've already blogged about this... But in homage to Hello Kitty... I'm including this! Haha!

Tracy's BIG 30 Hello Kitty Birthday Gifts from Kareshi ♥
My Hello Kitty Birthday Gifts from Kareshi! ♥
Of course this is my most favorite part!! Haha! I'm so happy to get some Hello Kitty cute things from my kareshi of course! Haha! He already know how to make me extra-happy with gifts! Haha! This pretzel and gift bag are the cutest!! Haha! Thank you my dearest Kareshi 

Well, that's just about it for this Hello Kitty photo-blog. Haha! I actually thought it was alot for a month! Haha! But it was fun finding these cute Hello Kitty things everywhere! I'm so happy that Hello Kitty and I are birthday neighbors! Ain't that cool! Happy birthday again Hello Kitty!! More years to come filled with kawaiiness!


  1. hahaha you are even checking hello kittys' birthday. damn, you are very near with her!haha it makes me remeber the time at Sanrio Puro land hahaah i

    1. Yeah! We re really connected haha! Yeah I miss our Sanrio Puroland adventure!! I had so many photos there!! I hope we can comeback again next time with Atreyu!

  2. Yay! Me and my baby loves Hello Kitty too. :) How did you know her birthday. You're the biggest fan of Hello Kitty.

    1. Oh Hi! sorry I just read your comment now! I found her birthday in the Sanrio Website... although there's a discrepancy if she was born 1974 or 1973


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